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What works against TLTs?
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Author:  Darth_Jim [ Tue Nov 17, 2015 8:55 am ]
Post subject:  What works against TLTs?

I've been running an Imperial list I created about 4 months ago. Here it is:

Vader with Predator, Stealth Device, Tie/X1, Advanced Targeting Computer-36pts

Soontir with Push the Limit, Autothrusters, Royal Guard Tie, Stealth Device-35pts

Omicron Shuttle, Emperor Palpatine-29pts

We have a store in the area that is quite generous with their prize support...20$ store credit for fourth and third places. 40$ store credit for second, and 100$ cash for first. In those 4 months I've won 120$ in store credit and 100$ cash...which, if you subtract the cost of the ship Palpatine comes with and the entry fees, more than pays for that ship. I've tabled all B Wing swarm variants as well as Brobots. What I am starting to lose to, though, are TLT (Twin Laser Turrets) builds. The Scum and Villainy Y Wing swarm with TLTs I don't think I can beat unless I play mistake free and outfly my opponent. We just saw Paul Heaver win his third straight Worlds Title with Poe, 2 Ys with TLTs, and a Z.

I play Imperials in general and Interceptors specifically because I enjoy them...my recent success is just icing on the cake. Assuming I want to continue with a variant of this build, does anyone have any suggestions? I just won a tournament Saturday where I replaced Vader with Carnor Jax with Push the Limit, Royal Guard Tie, Autothrusters and Stealth Device and added an Ion Projector to the shuttle. I thought Carnor would help against Poe (I have to guess his maneuver right to prevent him from doing a focus action) but didn't see any Poe builds. I beat a couple of builds with 2 TLT ships, but no Y Wing swarms. For the Y swarms I thought Zertik Strom with Predator, Tie/X1, Advanced Targeting Computer and Engine Upgrade would be better, but I haven't tried that yet.

I have practice Wednesday and another 100$ tournament Saturday and would appreciate anyone's input.

Author:  Darth_Jim [ Thu Nov 26, 2015 8:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: What works against TLTs?

I finished third in this month's 100$ tournament, winning 20$ in store credit. I inserted Zertik Strom into the vacant Vader spot. I lost my first game against the eventual 4rth place player, a good player running a wonky Rebel build. In the second round I faced our group's best player running a Scum Y-Wing TLT build...the standard scum build exploiting TLTs. Surprisingly to both of us, I tabled him. Zertik Strom really is that good...I plan on putting him on the table more often.

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