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 Post subject: VassalCon 2021, a SWM experience
PostPosted: Wed Jun 16, 2021 10:25 am 
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From Bloomilk.com with the original post since some of the users here don't visit that website. hope we can get a large turn out this year again!

Well, we may not get to play minis at physical Gen Con this year, but that won't stop us from trying to organize some events. We will be hosting events on Vassal beginning on July 22, 2021 and ending July 25, 2021. All times are Gen Con Standard time (Eastern Time Zone). Times may be subject to change. To register for events, please contact UrbanJedi on Bloomilk or on SWMGamers. We will be attempting some prize support (and the prize support from last year WILL be forthcoming), details TBA.

Without further ado, here is the schedule of events:

Jedi Challenge

10 AM 100-pt tournament
Details: WOTC-Only Dynamic Duo. Squads must contain exactly two pieces totaling UP TO 100 points. NO GOWK or FLObi, and Disintegration does not work.

2:30 PM 150-pt tournament
Details: Standard competitive format. All sets legal up to V-set 21. Current floor rules in effect.

7:30 PM 200-pt tournament
Details: Squads must be faction pure, with no Fringe pieces allowed. You may NOT play an all-Fringe squad. Affinity works normally.

All Jedi Challenge events will be three rounds. The overall winner will be the player with the most tournament points over all three events. Tiebreakers are: 1. most tournaments won, 2. head to head, 3. lowest combined placing totals, 4. best of three Vassal dice rolloff.


10 AM Tile Wars
Details: 200 point squads, 8th Cortex Shaper is banned, Three rounds of Swiss.

2:30 PM 150-pt tournament
Details: WOTC-only, current tournament rules

7:30 PM Team Tournament
Details: Two player teams, 200 point squads. One player must play a Light-side squad (rebel, Republic, New Republic, Old Republic, All Fringe), and one must play a Dark-side squad (Sith, Imperial, Separatist, Mandalorian, Yuuzhan Vong). Each match-up will be light vs dark.


10AM Sealed Tournament
Details: Each player will receive the contents of two boosters from a WOTC set (TBD). Construct a squad at the specified point level.

4:00PM Championships
Details: The main event. We will play four rounds of Swiss, then cut to a top 4 if there are 12 or fewer players, a top 6 if there are 20 or fewer players, and a top 8 if there are more than 20 players. Standard format with all current V-sets, floor rules, and errata.


10 AM Sealed Tournament
Details: Each player will receive the contents of two boosters of In the Trenches, V-set 22. Build a squad to the specified point level. PLEASE NOTE: Urbanjedi and I are NOT available to run this event. We will require a volunteer to hand out the boosters (which we will construct in advance) and run the tournament software.

2:30 PM Royal Rumble

Details: Construct three two-character squads, each totaling up to 100 points. Players will be separated into groups of three, each of which will play on the Arena map. Standard Royal Rumble rules. Winners of the first round matches will play in a final match to determine supremacy. PLEASE NOTE: As with the sealed, we will need someone to volunteer to run this event.


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