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 Post subject: Nom Bomb 2016
PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2016 1:54 pm 
Death Star Designers
Death Star Designers
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--Nom Bomb 2016--
34 Nom Anor
30 Supreme Overlord Quorreal
75 Nightsister Hunter x3
20 Yuuzhan Vong Hunter on Quednak
15 Jabba, Crime Lord
4 Salacious Crumb
16 Yuuzhan Vong Worker x4
6 Mouse Droid x2

Preferred Reinforcements:
(S. O. Quorreal) 10 Zonoma Sekot Scout x2
(S. O. Quorreal) 16 Yuuzhan Vong Worker x4

(200pts. 20 activations)

After listening to SHNN last week, felt a need to look at Nom bombs again. Here is my solution. Nightsister Hunters seem to be a good answer to what the meta is showing right now (tanks, shooter counters, Vong with their +4 to saves) and they also answer one of the common counters to the Nom Bomb squad from being good. Treadwell droids only have 30 HP and so a Nightsister hunter should be able to take one out with her Accurate and Twin for 20 (maybe 40-60 dmg) and Burst Lightning, which by the way doesn't target and can be used on anything within 6. 20+10=30...not a bad counter to get rid of their treadwell droid. I put the quednak in the main squad to answer swarms but also as a way to set off the worker bombs (crowd them around beefy targets and then Plasa Eel the target and hope the Vong workers fail the saves). Needless to say, the squad does well vs lancers. Something I like about the Nightsister Hunters is that Bludgeon makes it so that their shots all of a sudden turn into melee when adjacent to targets, so it perfectly gets around Shien style (Vader I'm looking at you!)

Would love to get everyones input on this squad! any improvements you would suggest?


Aliit ori'shya tal'din ("Family is more than Blood")
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