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 Post subject: New Game For Casual Play & GenCon
PostPosted: Tue Oct 07, 2014 4:04 pm 
Death Star Designers
Death Star Designers
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Check it out and see what you think and if it's enjoyable.

I have been working on a scenario game for 3 players (in addition to the GM playing as the enemies.) It is a relay race to the finish and features random minis introduced by the GM (from a set list but determined by dice rolls by the competing players.) I am hoping it will take from 60-75 minutes tops and I think it will be a lot of fun. We are endeavoring to play this week(end) and hope you will and let me know how the games go. I will set/adjust the rolls until the Spring and then finalize them as a gameplay format. I have purchased sci-fi walls for the dividing of sectors but you could use anything straight edged and a yardstick. Enjoy.

THE GAUNTLET (Play time 60-70 minutes)
3 Minis worth 150 points total or less…Faction rules apply

Star Forge Map divided into 3 equal and walled lengthwise sectors.

Each player chooses their first miniature after setup location roll. Highest roll sets up in a sector which they will start from. Next highest roll sets up next and the lowest sets up last. The player that set up first reveals their first miniature followed by the second highest roll and finally the lowest roll. After the initiative check, the highest roll may go first followed in the person on their right (after the player on the far right plays it cycles to the player on the very left. NOTE: The GM rolls for initiative (moving where their initiative roll fit in among the other 3 players’ rolls. The GM controls all enemy miniatures with the goal of doing so in an impartial manner. On the GM’s turn, they will activate and perform actions with all “scenario miniatures.”

Each player’s miniature starts within 3 squares from the right side of the map. Player 1 in corridor A needs to get his miniature to the (as do all players,) and simply touch it to activate it for that miniature. They then must run the gauntlet down corridor B towards his next miniature that is ready to run the gauntlet. If any miniature is killed during play they will spawn back at the last waypoint they passed.

In this example when player 1’s miniature is heading down corridor B and passes the last waypoint the next round his next miniature can join the game. They can be used to fight off enemies so their miniature reaches the start/finish in corridor B or simply take off assuming their “partner” will make it on his own. The 2nd miniature heads back down corridor B and enters into corridor C after activating the (beacon) and heads to the start/finish of corridor C. As with the first miniature, when they pass the waypoint midway in corridor C, their last miniature may join the fray at the beginning of the next round.

Next, the last miniature in corridor C must journey back down C and activate the beacon and continue downward into corridor A. Finally, they must advance all the way to the start/finish line to be declared the winner. The winner is the team that runs all 3 of their gauntlets and finishes before their opponents.

After initiative is determined as well as corridor starting positions, the team who wins the first initiative rolls a six-sided dice to determine the beast which will spawn near their starting location. The player to their right rolls the same six-sided dice for the same purpose and finally the third player does likewise.
The dice numbers will spawn… * Rolled by the player for their lane (BEFORE ROUND 1) 6-sided dice :
1. Reek
2. Krayt Dragon
3. Rancor
4. Acklay
5. Knobby Spider
6. Sarlaac

NOTE: A killed enemy may re-spawn at predetermined times and will do so without advanced notice. They will re-spawn just as players miniature(s) will. Players can attack other players if they see them, thus slowing down their movement but also slowing down their own advance. Also, at times unknown to the participating players, other troops/aliens/droids/creatures will join play at various predetermined areas on the map. They will join with a GM 20 sided dice roll and see the following enter play on these rolls ((FIRST GROUP) 25 points max first entry, (SECOND GROUP) one of 6 pushing/pulling Jedi and an accompanying spirit, (THIRD GROUP) 40 points max next entry, and (FOURTH GROUP) 60 points max on final entry.)
FIRST GROUP (AFTER ROUND 1) 1 20-sided dice rolled :
1. Rebel Troopers x 3
2. Non-unique Republic Jedi
3. Stormtroopers x 3
4. Old Republic trooper x 3
5. Snowtroopers x 3
6. Fringe x 2
7. Vong x 2
8. Mandolorian troopers x 2
9. Separatist droids x 3
10. New Republic non-unique troopers x 2
11. Sith Jedi
12. Sith troopers x 2
13. Separatist droid melee fighter
14. Fringe x 3
15. Rebel troopers x 2
16. Imperial Jedi x 1
17. New Republic Jedi
18. Old Republic Jedi
19. Vong
20. Mandolorian

SECOND GROUP (FAR LEFT – After ROUND 2) (1) 6-sided dice roll – :
1. Luke Skywalker Push (with Yoda Spirit)
2. Apprentice Redeemed Push (with Spirit)
3. Kyp Durron, JM (with Spirit)
4. Kota Repulse (with Spirit)
5. Palpatine on Throne
6. General Skywalker (with Spirit)

THIRD GROUP (3/4 LEFT – After ROUND 3) (2) 6-sided dice rolled – :
2. Leia and Lando
3. 2xStormtroopers and 2xRebel Troopers
4. C-3PO, Wicket, Chirpa, and Ewoks
5. R2 Astro, Geonosian Drones, Elite, TWIN ATTACK?
6. Gungans with Atlatl and Battle Droids
7. 2xMandos Double Twin
8. Vong x2 Charging
9. O/R Droid and 24< Jedi
10. Sidious Hologram and Jedi without Renewal
11. Amidala and Droid with Kohuun
12. Tauntaun, Probe Droid, Snowtroopers, Hoth Troopers

FOURTH GROUP (Far LEFT – After Round 4) (2) 6-sided dice rolled - :
2. Skiff and Boba Fett and Mighty Swing miniature
3. 4-LOM (21), Zuckuss (35)
4. Han Solo (44<), Greedo
5. Luke Skywalker (28 or higher) and Wampa(s)
6. Grievous and IG-86
7. Palpatine and Mara Jade
8. Cheapest Maul and cheapest Anakin
9. Luke Skywalker and Tusken Raiders
10. Anakin, 4 or 5 Younglings
11. Chewbacca & 4 Mynocks
12. Obi-Wan (44), Ponda Boba

LANE A (team)  to lane B finish, lane B starter (A team) to lane C finish, lane C starter (A team all the way back to original LANE A and TEAM A start/finish to win.
LANE B (team)  to lane C finish, lane B starter (B team) to lane A finish, lane B team starter in lane A (team B) all the way back to original LANE B and TEAM B start/finish to win.
LANE C (team)  to lane A finish, lane A starter (C team) to lane B finish, lane B starter (team C and lane B) all the way back to original LANE C and TEAM C start/finish to win.

1. Speed greater than 8
2. Master Tactician
3. Soresu Style/Soresu Style Mastery
4. MOTF 2, 3, or 4 for any of the 3 participating teams (you may use a piece with it, just may not use it in the game to spend the Force more than once/turn.)
5. Use of Knight Speed
6. Use of Master Speed

1. Commander Effects in play for allies or followers (whatever is specified in the CE) as long as the Commander and any mini that is benefitting are activated and on the board.

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 Post subject: Re: New Game For Casual Play & GenCon
PostPosted: Tue Oct 07, 2014 4:14 pm 
Death Star Designers
Death Star Designers
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Group 2 (Force Pushers) actually comes in at spot 4 and not 2.

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