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Author:  dvader831 [ Mon Oct 06, 2008 1:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Forum Cleanup

I agree with Tribal Wars, for sure. Other than that, I will try to look around and see what else is rarely used, and do some clean up in that respect.

Author:  Ruhk [ Mon Oct 06, 2008 6:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Forum Cleanup

Rules and Information:
Announcement: Helping with new rating system

Lots of threads that are old announcements, could be moved to Archived Forum Info
Galatci Commerce Guild

update if all swag is still available

Competitive Mini forum:
4 stickies... are all still neccessary?
The Gencon threads still have stickies/announcements, not really necessary, but not a big deal

has an announcement from last year

"Vote!" announcement.. not needed?
PfP mini thread.. still stickied?

Articles Forum .. used not often, still needed?
News -> has it been usurped by the spoiler forum? not too many posts
Podcasts... need I say anything? 1 thread thats almost a year since anyone posted there.

100 point squads
"squads to beat thread" - not current, can be de-stickified

is perfect, end of story :D

Custom Figs and Stats
keep an eye on SWM All-star thread.. if it doesn't pregress.. give it the boot :P

Custom Scenarios
UM:Redux - is it still on the table? Is it needed?
SWM learnering campaign - 2nd scenario coming soonish :P

Customs Comp
ANnouncement about spaceballs.. why an announcement? :)

Play by Post- Boris, comments? not used recently..

Trade Forum
Stickie 'relative trade value index' - looks like its a year out of date..
2 stickies 'Basics' and 'Rules' could be compiled into one.

SSB and WK Pocket Models...
Does anyone use them.. ever? Does anyone play them?

annoucement about the Kotor vassal release tourney.. is it on hold still?

halloween 2007, I think it can be de stickied, same with the Music and Mysapce threads.

JHC <--- worst stickie offender!
dunno whats still needed.. 'All wings report in' can go

SP also has a pile of stickies, i imagine some can go.

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