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Author:  Fox [ Wed Jul 02, 2008 3:41 am ]
Post subject:  Testing Server is ONLINE, FINAL ROUND OF TESTING!

First, this is a replacement thread, GOD knows what happened to the original one.
secondly, Sorry to everyone who got the mass mail directing them to a non existent thread, it WAS there when i went to bed at 9pmest.

Okay Folks, Times come. With all the issues we had trying to bring about the latest greatest batch of upgrades to enhance all your lives, It's been decided that a proper 24/7 beta version needs to be up For everyone to go muck with and uncover all the nasty little bugs and to get it working 100% before brining the upgrades here (the permanent server) and wreaking havoc on all your lives again.

Few things to note.

  1. upgrades will be made 1 at a time, every 24hrs, so when it breaks, I'll know what caused it.
  2. FORUM AND WEBSITE login's are NOT THE SAME, you must register for either separate
  3. PLEASE use the submit news link on the Beta server's website to let me know about any issues you encounter. and PLEASE, be Detailed. I need at least the following in a bug report

    - the page being accessed
    - browser and version.
    - Any Errors messages you encounter, most helpful if you can copy and paste them in to boot.

The Beta test server is located at


Please go check it out and play with it, i've disabled account registration to speed things up (aka no need to wait for that pesky activation email.)

Thanks for all your time Folks.

Also the official discussion thread can be found HERE

Latest Upgrade July 2 2k8
User integration installed. the entire Test server should NOW be using the Forums user list.

Author:  Fox [ Fri Jul 18, 2008 4:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Testing Server is ONLINE, FINAL ROUND OF TESTING!

Okay, The Time has Finally arrived.

I've imported the ENTIRE database from our boards into the Beta Server.

Meaning anyone registered as of 10pm yesterday will be there.

SO GO try logging in, putz with the forums etc, try out the new blogging etc.. Play with it and if no bugs(network errors are not bugs, there a pain, but not releated to us) are found by Sunday, I will be then shutting down the website for a few hours while i put ALL these changes into place and take down the beta server.

Were almost there people. Big thanks to the few who so far have been helping us reach this goal.

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