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Shattered Universe RP thread
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Author:  Jedi_Master [ Sun Aug 12, 2012 9:22 am ]
Post subject:  Shattered Universe RP thread

Note: This thread is for the shattered universe RP I am running. Please post in the following format - Description of actions "talking" (out of character/rp information)

Example: Blurb walks up to the barkeep, "One bluemilk please." (is it bluemilk or bloomilk?)

Example 2: Blurb points his blaster at the prisoners head, "Tell me what I want to know, NOW!" (it is a persuasion check right? (4 persuasion + 2 roll = 6))

To do a URL embedded text, do the following: Type in, using [] instead of () (the blue () are suppose to be what they are)

(color=blue)((url=the url invisible castle shows after you roll dice)The ability and the modifier attached to it plus the roll = whatever(/url))(/color)

Always use () and blue for a color so it is easier for me to find rolls. When in doubt, pm me and I will tell you how to format it or send you the correct format.

Also of note, in the second example I would give a modifier to the check biased on the situation. I also will not tell you how much of a modifier it is but suffice it to say that if you have a gun to somebodies head, the modifier would be rather large, and even that 6 would probably be a success. Never assume success or failure, even if you roll a 1 or a 20 on a check.

Last up, if you do something that requires a roll but do not post a roll for it, I will roll it for you and you will never know what that roll is (I roll in person, not on invisible castle because you guys could look it up then :obi: ) This might be more fun for you, and you are welcome to do that if you wish.


Almost forgot, if you are going to talk in another language aside from basic, post in the following format using spoilers:

Blurb addresses the hutt directly,

Spoiler: show
I'm a pretty girl and I deserve better payment

After which he turns and leaves.

Author:  Jedi_Master [ Sun Aug 12, 2012 10:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Shattered Universe RP thread

(The universe today, all of the following is considered general Knowledge)

The planet you all are on is designated -third slated for survival- by the old sith empire. That is a rather raw designation for its meaning. Third slated for survival means that, of the systems destroyed after the second sith war by Revan's fleet, it was the third habitable planet that was spared along the border of the great divide. Less raw and more commonly used is the system nickname, Power. The old sith nickname is from the sith code. Passion, Strength, Power, Victory, and Freedom. Each is a nickname of one of the five spared systems along the great divide. They are also a constant reminder that each of these systems exist solely because the sith allowed them to. The more active reminder was the garrison of sith troops placed on each planet. You see, each planet also served as a military base of the sith along the divide.

Still, that was all nearly 4,000 years ago, simply a history lesson every child is taught. The old sith bases are all disbanded today, virtually nothing is left of them on any of the worlds. The sith long ago returned back to the star forge system to bolster their defenses against some unknown threat. The same threat that stopped them from completing the great divide.

Today, Power is a very ironic name. The system is impoverished and far to close to the gravimetric distortions and debris in the divide. Most abandoned the system with the sith, leaving behind a single, infrequently used, spaceport and a somewhat respectable settlement surrounding it. The only reason any spacer stops at this world is to get away from the inter-galactic trade rout for a few days. Those who want off the trade rout tend to be of a more devious manner. Pirates, smugglers, anybody who is trying to get away from the powers that be. This makes the local militia quite paranoid of any newcomers to town.

The main city, Midwan, is the only significant population center on the planet. Surrounding it are several farm communities that trade with the city. All of you are from the same community, the township of Vor. Vor is less a town than a meeting place for the surrounding farmlands. The town proper is where all of you met originally. Remal, Jinn, and Ryuu -who insists on being called Dr.- all hit it off well. Bruce and the Dr also got along well thanks to their similar interest/abilities with the outdoors. Doran met the group after being on the wrong end of various exploits and was eventually coerced into joining them, thanks to his position in the militia. The last member to join in was Jorus -often refereed to as slug-, the noble who lived with Borga the Hutt at the time (trevor, try not to explode with excitement). After Slug gained his freedom and his property, he began to plan out how to increase his fortunes. Borga owned a section of the spaceport and had need of a loyal force to help increase his own fortune. With Slag's praise, the group began work for the Hutt.

"Ah, you must be Slug's friends," bellows the hutt in perfect, if not oddly hyper for a hutt, basic. "Come in, come in." The hutt motions for you to enter his dusty office attached to the spaceport. It is a simple, wooden structure, something built on the cheap ages ago. The structure shows its wear as light dances through the holes in the ceiling onto the warped floorboards. It is an empty building, roughly large enough for a couple speeders to park inside of, with one entrance and a door behind the hutt. "And please forgive the appearance of the building. It may not look like much but it is best to keep a low profile in my line of work. I am sure you all understand." The hutt lets three low laughs escape his lips.

(Random Information if you care)
Spoiler: show
Planet/system info:
Double Star System, 2 planets in system (our planet and another, more arid planet, habitable though), Our planet has 2 moons (neither populated), other planet has 10 moons, mostly unexplored, both planets have breathable atmosphere, our planet 24 hour days, other planet 12 hour days, 350 days per year, 600 days per year other planet, our planet is temperate, other is arid, our planet is often foggy and has a lot of water, other planet is mostly desert, Gravity standard for both, millions on our planet, hundreds of thousands (primitive population) other planet, Very high waterfalls on our planet (causes the fog),
Our Planet: 2 unpopulated moons (vacuum)
Breathable atmosphere, large waterfalls that blanket the planet in fog most of the year, 24 hour days, 347 days/year, temperate climate, Standard gravity, Population in the millions (mostly in one city)
Native Life: Humans (48%), Duros (8%), Ithorian (10%), Rodian (8%), Twi’lek (14%), Klatooinian (6%), Nikto (6%), Animals: Bantha, Bantha hunters (Nexu), Critters (Wamp Rats)
Other Planet in system: 10 moons, 2 major moons, 8 minor ones. Largest has an atmosphere, volcanic in nature, toxic to life. Rest are vacuum with low gravity.
Breathable atmosphere, very arid climate, vast deserts, 12 hour days, 603 days/year, standard gravity, population in the hundreds of thousands.
Native life: Bantha, Krayt Dragon, Sand People

Author:  Azavander [ Wed Aug 15, 2012 1:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shattered Universe RP thread

Remal arrived at the spaceport with his friends, a critical eye scanning the surroundings, looking for anything that could catch them by surprise later. [Perception 6+1= 7]

The heat today was unbearable, and he was going to need to take a shower and get some clean clothes before he hit the catina tonight, after all you can not show up shabby when there could be some cute outlanders in the area today. As the group move towards the wooded structure, Remal hangs back slightly, allowing Slug to take the lead since he knew the slimeball they were going to talk with.

Author:  jonnyb815 [ Wed Aug 15, 2012 2:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shattered Universe RP thread

Dr. Ryuu joins the whole group at the spaceport.
The Dr. listens to the Hutt and walks into the building. He looks around a little to see whats all in the building before he goes in too deep.
(Perception roll=1d20+10=28)
Dr. looks at the Hutt and says "how are you doing today? Its a pretty hot one today isnt it."

Author:  obikenobi1 [ Wed Aug 15, 2012 5:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shattered Universe RP thread

Bruce Billex joins the group as they leave the cantina together. Bruce starts thinking to himself:

Looks like I'm in good company at the moment. Man it is hot out today! I've never been so close to the big city. I wonder what opportunities await me and my new friends.

Following 'Slug' to the spaceport building he catches sight of their employer. A large slug like creature called a Hutt. Listening intently to what the Hutt is saying, he waits for what seems like seconds as the Hutt speaks basic very quickly. Walking up to the Hutt, Bruce introduces himself in Huttese.

Spoiler: show
"Greetings. My name is Bruce Billex and I look forward to working with you. I am a 'jack-of-all-trades' so hopefully we can make a nice bit of profit working together. Let me know what job would you like for me to get started on, and I'll get to it right away after I have settled in here and taken a look around the city a bit. I'll be setting up a bank account locally so that my pay can be directly transfered or unless you prefer to pay in person, that is fine also. Would you happen to know about a reputable bank around these parts? (gather information check ((1d20+0=5))http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3655594/)
I'd also like to know where I can find an information center is so I can find out where places are in town here."

Author:  Raylinthegreat [ Wed Aug 15, 2012 7:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shattered Universe RP thread

Doran notices Remal sake a few steps off the pace of the group and smiles, thinking to himself that it is always better to be cautious. The notices the Dr. walk right into the Hutt's hut and sighs under his breath. "Always thinks he knows best." He mutters. With his rifle at the ready Doran walks up to the threshhold and looks in. (perception check: mod 7+roll 10 = 17) After a quick survey of his surroundings and analyzing any possible threats, (knowledge tactics check = mod 7 + roll 17 = 24) (So I see anything that makes me cautious?) Then the rather large and muscled for a duros steps just inside the door, the light through the openings in the ceiling relecting off his grey-blue skin, and angles slightly to the right. Shouldering his rifle pulling up the tattered sleeve on his arm to reveal an old military academy tatoo and a patchwork of scars he refused to have fixed as they remind him more of his honor and battle prowless than any of the awards he recieved in active duty, he relaxes, yet noticablly rests his hand on the butt of his blaster pistol and says, "Borga the Hutt I presume. Forgive my trepedatoin, but one can never be to careful these days."

Then more subtly he adds:

Spoiler: show
I assume I was recruited into this opporation based upon recomendation from some of your hutt brethern, might I inquire whom? its always good to know who gives possitive references and who doesnt in my line of work.

Just then Bruce either brazenly or ignorantly barges right up to the Hutt and begins his introduction and exchange. Waiting till the human is done, the Duros gruffly and pointedly asks, "So what's this job?"

Author:  Jedi_Master [ Wed Aug 15, 2012 8:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shattered Universe RP thread

Remal notices very little danger on the way to the building, only that the area the structure is in is fairly run down and mostly abandoned.

The Dr. notices very little of interest in the room aside from the entrance, the door behind the hutt, and two boarded up windows. It is positioned between two other similar structures in a style not dissimilar to a strip mall. The adjoining buildings are all empty even on further inspection. Borga laughs again slightly at the comment about the weather, again in a near hyper and giddy tone, "Yes, so much like my home world, lots of heat, lots of humidity. Isn't it wonderful?"

When Bruce approached the hutt, Borga rises some from his more relaxed position. After hearing the familiar huttese, he relaxes some and continues in his previous tone, "Oh, do all of your friends speak my tongue? That would help smooth things over a little with the other hutts should business go sour." He doesn't continue the line of conversation beyond that, seeming to ignore the particulars of business.

(ray, don't put spaces between the url = whatever)
When the Duros enters, Borga immediately addresses him, "Ah, sporting blaster rifle. Nice to see slug's associates are armed themselves. Makes me think you are more capable and saves me the paperwork of giving you something to defend yourselves with." He nods as the Duros speaks then his face lights up again when huttese comes up again, "Perfect, at least half of you speak the language." He sighs a little then returns to his perky tone, "You are all wondering what I want you to do I see. Well, this industry revolves around trust. I trust Slug and his word is that you are all good men. So let us begin with a test. I have a shipment behind this door I want you to deliver to the cantina. No questions, no comments, and the fee for your delivery is 1,000 credits. You can keep 10% of the profits." The hutt slides to the side, clearing a path to the door and opening it. Behind it lies a small, white plasteel box about the side of a brick with a digital lock on it. "It isn't very delicate and nobody really knows about the shipment so you shouldn't encounter any difficulties. Just make sure it gets there and I get the credits. I will give you your share when you get back. It is a simple thing, try not to make it to complicated," the hutt chirps with a smile.

Author:  Azavander [ Thu Aug 16, 2012 9:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Shattered Universe RP thread

Remal stands back and listens as Borga speaks, he notices the almost back and forth nature of his tone, almost a little introspective as if something has happen between him and the Hutt Cartel. Filing that away in the back of his mind, Remal finally speaks up when he is finished. Putting his right arm across his chest fist over shoulder. He make a small nod and bow of his head.

“Thank you Borga for the opportunity to work with you, my name is Remal Revino, I apologize I cannot speak in your beautiful natural language. Despite this deficiency in my own language skills please be assured that we will not make you look bad in front of rest of the hutts. While I cannot speak for the rest of my friends, I accept your test."

Author:  Raylinthegreat [ Thu Aug 16, 2012 1:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shattered Universe RP thread

(Ok thanks I was wondering what I was doing wrong)

Doran walks towards the door, crouches down and readies his rifle. He sweeps the exterion of the building visually, looking for anybody whom might ambush them. (perception roll = mod 7 + roll 5 = 12)

"Well Slug, you are the one that lives here...is there only one cantina in town? And if so, where and how far is it from our current location?" Doran asks.

Looking down at the container but not touching it the Duros continues, "Either Bill or Remal will one of you volenteer to scout ahead and report back any threats?" he scans the comlink for the third unused frequency. "This channel should suit our puroposes nicely." he says showing them the display. "I'll take point, who wants to be the mule? We can set up a protective perimater around you and with that and whomever ends up being the scout, the carrier should be in the least threat should we encounter any resistance."

Doran seems to concider at that point while looking around. "Has any of you had any military training? I know the dr. has been around long enough to understand what I am saying, but I just realized that the rest of you might not..."

(sorry guys, +0 charisma...he only knows military life, not how to interact is public life)

Author:  DieAndBeMetal [ Thu Aug 16, 2012 6:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shattered Universe RP thread

Jinn watches the Hutt in with a small amount of nervousness. Ever since his reckless assault on the last hutt he met, the thought of certain death that he felt that day still haunts him. After his mini daydream/nightmare, he turns his attention to Doran. "Slow down, bud. Just because we don't have military training doesn't mean we have the brain capacity of a bantha. But, to be clear, the credits do interest me. If you want to lead, just point me in the direction you want me to go."

(Just so you all know, I've been out for a week and a half or so because i moved and just got internet turned on. Sorry for the wait.)

Author:  Raylinthegreat [ Thu Aug 16, 2012 9:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shattered Universe RP thread

Doran smirks, "I said Id take point, not lead. Think of it more like this...if something goes wrong I will be the first target because I am out in the front. What I proposed is basic procedures for transporting sensitive information or materials. Basically you surround it on all sides."

Author:  jonnyb815 [ Thu Aug 16, 2012 9:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shattered Universe RP thread

Dr looks around
" So we have few gunslingers, a solider, some type of survivialist, and slug ."

" I think we will all work well together even if we don't all have formal training." looking at doran

Dr talks to the whole group
"well I think the plan is solid. I think me being the mule could workt.I am not every quick on my feet but don't look like a fighter. So I think that takes me out of the running for scout or backup. So that leaves spotter or mule.

Why don't we put the item in my backpack(medkit)?odds are they are not going to shoot the medic and I should be able to talk my way out if need be. "

The dr looks over at doran

"I was in the Military but know nothing about combat so what's your point(laughed hehehee).
"yes I have been around ....."

Dr. Keeps laughing softly.

Author:  Grand Moff Boris [ Sun Aug 19, 2012 5:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shattered Universe RP thread

Slug says nothing. He simply points out the window toward the sign that says Bakkar's Bar, and turns back to Borga, nods, and then heads out to get the ship ready for departure.

Author:  Jedi_Master [ Tue Aug 21, 2012 6:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shattered Universe RP thread

"Slug, wait a moment" Chirps the hutt. "I need to speak with you a moment. The rest of you, hurry up."

When the other members leave, Borga lets a deep laugh slip. "It would not be much of a test for your friends if you came along, now would it Slug? You know the bartender and where we are heading, they will be back shortly."

(let me know when you guys get to the bar, I will give you a good description and whatnot then. For now it seems you have an argument about the party :P Also, I don't want to go to far without DabM)

Author:  Raylinthegreat [ Wed Aug 22, 2012 12:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Shattered Universe RP thread

(backtracking slightly)

Doran replies, "no disrespect intended doc...one of you probably saved my life once." He pats a particularly nasty looking scar. "I think that the medical core in some ways are the bravest and most strong to deal with what they have to on the battlefield." Then gives a little salute.

He then notes slug's exchange...nods and sets up defensively, sweeping the rifle back and forth in the opening, still not touching the container. "Your up doc."

Then heads back to check the other enterence and the way to the ship. Once outside out of earshot of slug and the hutt he inquires to the rest of the group, "Does this seem alittle odd to anyone else? Something seems off to me. Why would we need a ship to go to a cantina that we can see the sign for from the window? And why does this particular hutt keep illuding to making amends with the other hutts if things go wrong and not saying anything else about his relations with them, even when I asked who it was that recommended me? Am I just being paranoid or did anybody else get a weird feeling in there?"

He shrugs and walks to the ship. "Anybody else a pilot?" Standing at the enterance ramp waiting til the rest board before entering himself.

Author:  jonnyb815 [ Wed Aug 22, 2012 1:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Shattered Universe RP thread

(no from my understanding we are going somewhere after the mission and slug is just getting the ship ready but we really don't know what's going on)

Before the doc picks up the container. He looks around to make sure it's save to pick(check?)

While the others walk away the doc stays in the room with the container making sure its ok to touch.

Author:  DieAndBeMetal [ Wed Aug 22, 2012 5:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shattered Universe RP thread

(Also backtracking a little bit)

Jinn answers Doran, "I've not flown a ship in years. But, if you need a pilot for the ship and no one else has any experience, I'll take the reins." Jinn cracks his knuckles in anticipation; he's always had an interest in flying, but hasn't had many chances in his life to do so.

Author:  obikenobi1 [ Wed Aug 22, 2012 5:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shattered Universe RP thread

Replying to Doran, Bruce says "I have no millitary training, but I don't think we'll need any for this job."

Bruce speaks to everyone and says "I didn't think we had a ship. As far as this job goes, I get the feeling this is just a simple delivery, and you are all over-reacting."

Motioning to his droid to come over to him, he continues.

"If we want a low profile delivery system, I can hide the package in my droids internal compartment. That way it would seem to everyone outside that I am just escorting my droid to the cantina running some errands. I;ll have him carrying my tools so that it will seem I'm just there during a break from business. I can drop off the package, get the credits and then get back. I think it would be best to not travel as a group and attract attention to ourselves. If we all split up and meet at the cantina at seperate intervals, we will seem like ordinary customers in for a drink. I can take my droid and go to a seperate part of town and do a repair job on something and meet at the cantina after work, that way if someone is following me at first, then they will be less suspicious since it will seem I am merely heading to repair something and then coming back for a quick break. How does this all sound to you?"

Author:  Azavander [ Wed Aug 22, 2012 7:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shattered Universe RP thread

Remal listened as the group went back and forth not sure what they were all doing most of them had lived here most of their lives. The bar was right down the street, he'll he had his first drink in that same bar. You could see it when Slug pulled back the curtain.

But not wanting to mess with anyone's plan Remal
Looked at the group saying. "I will wait out front and watch to make sure nothing is coming down the street"

Checking his blaster at his hip and the subrepeater he gave his trademark scoundrel rogue smile and walked out the door casually leaning against the outside wall watching the street.

Author:  Raylinthegreat [ Wed Aug 22, 2012 9:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shattered Universe RP thread

Doran addresses Jinn, "Good to see I'mnot the only pilot."

To the group as a whole, "Tell you what you guys decide on a plan...I'll work security. I assume its what I was recruited for anyway."

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