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Dawn of Defiance: A Wretched Hive
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Author:  TreebeardTheEnt [ Wed Sep 21, 2011 4:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Dawn of Defiance: A Wretched Hive

Posting Guidelines:
Please post your characters words and actions in third person so it reads like a story.

Use Italic text for thoughts that you want to add to the story, but may not want to say in character.

Spoiler text box should be used when speaking in a language other than basic. Please preface the spoiler with what language the character is using. Also, please do not read a spoiler box if your character does not know the language.
For example: Vil walks up to the solder, asking a question in Highglatic.
Spoiler: show
"Good morning. Would you be able to point me to a good place to get breakfast?"

Use the quote box for game mechanics or out of character questions/information that is related to the rules or the world the characters are in. Example:
Skill check: Knowledge (world lore) [12]+8=20

I'm sure I missed some things so I will updated this post as questions come up. Enjoy.

Author:  TreebeardTheEnt [ Sun Oct 02, 2011 7:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dawn of Defiance: A Wretched Hive


As the opening crawl vanishes into deep space the camera pans down to a lone Nebulon-B frigate in rout to an unknown destination. As the ship slowly passes your vantage point it singles out one of the passing windows zooming in, through the glass to a clean white briefing room with several benches wrapping smoothly round a holographic projector seated on a riser in the center of the room. Next to the projector is a man standing at attention dressed in an Alderaanuan ship officer's uniform, and a small yellow-and-silver astromech droid that whistles softly as it interfaces with the computer system. Standing in front of the projector is Captain Verana (a man that you have all met with individually prior to the beefing). Sitting in the benches are a mix of creatures that appear to have come from across the Galaxy.

The Captain begins, "Thank you all for coming. You have been gathered be here today because each of you has expressed your distrust of the newly formed Empire and have taken action,” he says as he makes eye contact with each creature in the briefing room, “to restore the freedoms that we have lost.” He pauses for a moment before continuing, “Our benefactor shares your distrust and has begun organizing individuals like yourselves into a resistance against the Empire.” Pausing once again to consider his words carefully, “If you wish to continue your fight, not as individuals, but as the beginning of a movement that will change the fate of the Galaxy, I present you this opportunity. If you are willing to help relay that groundwork of freedom, at the risk of great peril possibly even death coupled with the potential of great rewards, please stay seated. If what I ask of you is beyond your willingness to be involved, please see the lieutenant who is waiting out in the hallway.”

The Captain folds his hands behind his back and stands at attention for a few minutes allowing any the opportunity to leave. As he waits one human gets up and exits the room leaving seven creatures seated around the projector. A short time later the Captain continues motioning with his hand to the man standing behind him, “This is former Imperial Admiral Gilder Varth. He has just recently joined us here. Varth is in possession of valuable information pertaining to the clandestine activities of the Empire.” Turning to the formal Admiral, “you have the floor.”

With a brusque clearing of his throat, Gilder Varth begins to speak, wasting no time on pleasantries. “Before the Empire decided my conscience was a liability,” he says, “I was involved peripherally in a top-secret plan known as the Sarlacc Project. While the details of the project are unknown to me, I was involved in the transfer of large sums of credits and resources to the project. Whatever the project entails, it is taking up a lot of the Empire’s time and effort. Moreover, I believe that this Sarlacc Project is destroying the lives of thousands of sentient beings; casualty reports crossed my desk on a regular basis.

“Unfortunately, I don’t know much more than that. However, during my brief brushes with the project, I discovered that the Imperial Navy was hiding the program’s existence from the Senate by transferring resources through secondary sources. Resources were routed through the Corporate Sector, through fake contractors, and through the criminal underworld to keep a trail from leading back to the project.

From some unseen queue the projector springs to life, and the blue-tinted hologram of a Hutt appears to hover a few inches away from the projector’s three curved prongs. “One such secondary source was a Hutt crime lord named Darga. Like all Hutts, Darga is a slimy gangster whose love of credits is exceeded only by his love of power. Part of my job involved transferring resources to Darga, and in turn arranging for Imperial agents to take control of other resources from the Hutt’s organization. These were not simply transfers of credits. The items being traded were not specified, but physical resources were definitely being exchanged. Though it’s not much, this is the only lead we have.

“Captain Verana has charged me with helping to uncover more about the Sarlacc Project, and he has authorized me to use you as my agents. We need you to travel to the planet of Cato Neimoidia and find Darga the Hutt. See if you can learn what he is trading in and how it relates to the Sarlacc Project.”


Author:  Jedi_Master [ Tue Oct 04, 2011 11:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dawn of Defiance: A Wretched Hive

I am posting the following assuming my back story is in effect and has a little to do with why I am here. If I over step my assumptions, let me know and I will change things around a little.

Dorian gives a quick look around the room before responding. "Yes, I have a couple." He motions to the others in the room. "Who are they and why are they here? I was given a short briefing as to why Elanor and I were here, that is the only reason we came in the first place, and I was given the impression that we were going to handle the hutt on our own under the guise of a weapons deal. If I show up with a half dozen guards, Darga is going to be a little weary of my intentions."

Author:  Jester007 [ Tue Oct 04, 2011 11:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dawn of Defiance: A Wretched Hive

Action: Cleans his finger nails with a utility knife while casually paying attention

Author:  jonnyb815 [ Tue Oct 04, 2011 1:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dawn of Defiance: A Wretched Hive

In Basic and loud
"Hmmmmm we all have to be good at something or we wouldnt be here right............. (skills,Talents) Hmmmm".
He pauses starts to get up......

He looks around and just shakes his head back and forth.
In Houk
Spoiler: show
Why are there so many humans Arrgggggggggg? I feel out numbered this cant be good"

He says "wait we have to travel somewhere......"(small voice)with(small voice) back to normal" and Hutts". "ArRRGGGGGG" "what did I get myself in"

He gets ups and tries to throw his chair at the wall.

Action throw check(I dont have a clue what this is)

Author:  TreebeardTheEnt [ Tue Oct 04, 2011 5:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dawn of Defiance: A Wretched Hive

The bench seats are part of the floor like in some outdoor auditoriums. It would be a strength check with a very high DC to break a section free.

Varth's attention is quickly focused on the Houk. In a polite, but firm voice he says, "Mr. Skad, no one is making you do anything. If you do not wish to be here leave. If you wish to remain, take your seat."

After the Houk has made his decision he addresses the question. "Mr. Evern, Mr. Skad is correct. Each creature in this room brings different skills to the table that you may need to acquire additional information on the Sarlacc Project. You and your wife were asked here because of your background and connections, Captain Okeefe is here to provide transportation to and from the planet." Realizing that he did not answer the original question, "Also, at this time we have no connections with Darga, you are hereto make that connection."

Author:  jonnyb815 [ Tue Oct 04, 2011 5:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dawn of Defiance: A Wretched Hive

"Still not too happy about the hutt and traveling with these people". IN houk a loud noise comes out of him
Spoiler: show

He goes and gets his chair and sits down for the time being.
Then he starts up speaking again

"Ok So if you dont mind anyway we could get an idea what every ones skill sets are before we go any where and who is that mando type character in the corner."
In a low voice he says "really wish we knew what kind of credits we are gets for this even if its for taking dow...."

Author:  TreebeardTheEnt [ Tue Oct 04, 2011 6:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dawn of Defiance: A Wretched Hive

Answering the Houks indirect comment, "Captain Verana has authorized me to pay each of you a modest sum in exchange for your services. Additionally, this may be a chance to discover what the Empire is planning with the Sarlacc Project - which could have bid repercussions, if I am right."

Author:  sweeteyes55 [ Tue Oct 04, 2011 8:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dawn of Defiance: A Wretched Hive

Elanor gently removes her hand from Dorian’s arm and grabs her rifle in one swift action in response to the sound of Skad’s outbursts. Her face remains calm as her finger slightly twitches along the trigger. Realizing there was Houk among the crowd of misfits, she rolls her eyes and removes her hand from the trigger. She looks back at Dorian with a tender smile and then turns her attention to the stage. With a raised hand, she asks, “You mentioned that there is a potential for great rewards in this venture, what might that entail?”

Author:  Jedi_Master [ Tue Oct 04, 2011 8:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dawn of Defiance: A Wretched Hive

Dorian looks over at the loud being and lets out a little sigh. "And I am expected to work with this...thing? I am sure if we run into anything we can not handle he will be useful to throw in the way while we retreat. That aside, if he doesn't learn to pipe down he will make getting any sort of contact impossible." His tone softens slightly "Not to mention he will likely get arrested for the first outburst like that he makes on an imperial world." Dorian nods to the others in the room. "They all seem calm enough. Perhaps introductions are in order." He bows a little. "My name is Dorian Evern, heir to Evern enterprises and occasional" he pauses for a moment, trying to find just the right word, "occasional financier of the more illicit goods that can be found throughout the galaxy." He stands upright again and motions to Elanor, "and this is my wife, Elanor. She is my" another brief pause "business partner for most of my endeavors. She is also quite familiar with the more...combustible objects of the Galaxy."

Author:  Jester007 [ Tue Oct 04, 2011 11:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dawn of Defiance: A Wretched Hive

Action: Puts his knife down and glances up to meet everyones' eyes

"You can just call me 'Cander',"

Action: He goes back to cleaning his finger nails.

Author:  TreebeardTheEnt [ Wed Oct 05, 2011 4:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dawn of Defiance: A Wretched Hive

Seeing the performance of Skad, Captain Verana enters the conversation, "Forgive the intrusion on your briefing, but I must address Skad's actions," he says as he nods in recognition of the former admiral's authority in the discussion. "Skad, I don't know what this performance is about," he says as razor sharp gaze focuses on Skad, "but I suggest you end the shenanigans now. As Dorian has indicated, if you act like this once you are off this vessel you will be a danger to yourself and those around you. And We cannot afford that with this important mission."

Comment to Jonny moved to OOC thread

Author:  jonnyb815 [ Wed Oct 05, 2011 11:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dawn of Defiance: A Wretched Hive

what are you talking about Walter? I have been speaking in sentences as good as my species would. Second just because I have a high Int doesnt mean I cant get angry often and have to speak in basic as good as a human would.
There are many people in the US that are smart that dont speak English very well. Really I am speaking basic a till too well for my liking.

He is angry that he has to be with humans and travel with people he doesnt know. If you dont like how my character is acting thats fine. I am going to role play that he has a high temper most the time and will go off at any time. If this is a problem I dont have to play with you guys. He is not acting its just how the character would be. Think Wookiee but one that can speak and understand basic.

My Skills are wrong I cant have lore starting as a solider. So Ill be changing to a Wis of 0 and a Int of 12.

Ill add a back story maybe this will help how the character acts.

Author:  sweeteyes55 [ Wed Oct 05, 2011 6:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dawn of Defiance: A Wretched Hive

Elanor wrinkles her brow in slight aggravation.

I swear to god, if he tries to rip out another chair out of this auditorium I’m going to pull out my grenade launcher and blow the motherfucker up. And why the hell isn’t this Captain paying any attention to me? It’s because I’m a woman, isn’t it? Bastard…

She smiles politely at Dorian and strokes his hand with her fingers to soothe his outburst. “Oh, I’m sure he won’t be too much trouble, darling. We will just make sure he is well informed before we enter a serious situation. If he isn’t capable of performing his duties for the task at hand, I’m sure we have ways to remove him from the equation.” She scolds her husband in a playful manner, “And don’t discriminate darling, I’m sure he’s only being misunderstood.” Elanor whips her head towards Skad’s direction and gives him a wink.

She returns her attention back to the stage and forces a cough while she raises her hand once again, ” Captain, if we’re being sent out to find contacts, I’m sure we will be provided with the means to do so, thus could you be more specific when you mention the potential of great rewards for taking on this venture?“

Author:  Jedi_Master [ Wed Oct 05, 2011 6:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dawn of Defiance: A Wretched Hive

Dorian lets out a little laugh at his wife's comments. "You are right dear, I should pay him no mind at the moment."

In a near whisper, in Jawa, to Elanor.
Spoiler: show
Make sure to prepare a remote mine we can attach to something inconspicuous on his body just in case he gets out of hand at the wrong time

Back to a normal tone, Dorian continues "Yes, I am also curious as to what this reward could be. As nobody else seems ready to introduce themselves, carry on."

Author:  jonnyb815 [ Wed Oct 05, 2011 7:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dawn of Defiance: A Wretched Hive

Skad starts to get up after what the captain said with his arms up in the air looking not too happy. Then for some reason he sits right back down. A few seconds go back

"Captain Can I speak to everyone else after what has happened?"

few Seconds go by and he just starts speaking again.

"Well since everyone thinks I am going to burst at any moment maybe I should tell a little about myself before its too late."
Well " I am Skad and dont worry about me." "I just get a little out a little confused at times Sorry about my little outburst"
"There is nothing to worry here I am just a big bald headed teddy bear that looks scary hehehehe"

"Well I am a survivalist and out to find who killed my father this last month which has led me here for some reason."

"sorry about a few mins ago just a little on edge the past few weeks".

Author:  spacemanspiff [ Wed Oct 05, 2011 10:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dawn of Defiance: A Wretched Hive

"If anyone wonders about who I am and what I am doing here, my name is Avran Jenko, I was told that joining this project would save the galaxy from oppression and corruption, though I have my doubts that some in the audience are capable of that", stares at Dorian Evern with a slight pause "I am willing to offer my services as a medic as needed."

Author:  TreebeardTheEnt [ Thu Oct 06, 2011 4:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dawn of Defiance: A Wretched Hive

"Thank you Skad for calming down."

"Captain, as you can see everything is once again under control. I can finish the briefing if you have other matters to attend to," the former Admiral say to regain the floor.

"Thank you," responds Captain Verana, "If you need any thing I will be on the bridge." Then he exits the room.

After the boor closes behind the Captain you see Gilder Varth solders relax slightly. "Mrs. Evern, I did hear your question... both times," he says allowing a smile. "The 'potential of great rewards' that the Captain spoke of before introducing me are varied. In addition to the modest sum the we will pay you on completion of your mission, there is the 'spoils of war' that will be encountered along the way, and if you maintain your cover the valuable contacts that can be gained. But I believe that Captain Verana is a idealist so he was most likely referring to the potential ramifications of exposing the Sarlacc Project."

"Mr. Nuhaatyc you are the last to introduce your self."

Author:  obikenobi1 [ Thu Oct 06, 2011 2:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dawn of Defiance: A Wretched Hive

Nuuhaytyc sits in his seat with an amused smile on his face as he sees the commotion unfolding in front of him. I bet they still think I'm a human. he thinks to himself. The metnion of a reward piques his interest. I could use some credits to further my cause. However, I am no fool. What is this Imperial Admiral defecting for? A bothered concience? I don't buy it. There is always more to a persons actions. After thinking to himself in deep thoughm his ears catch that his name is called by none other that Gilder Varth. yeah I bet you'd like to know all about me. Well, I don't trust you that much yet. Your still an Imperial, even though you seem to have a change of heart. I don't buy it. Imperials are always after power and that is why I despise them. Those scum support the very people enslaving my own race and treating them like 3rd class citizens. And for what? Trade agreements and military support.

Forceing a smile, Nuuhatyc turns his attention to Gilder Varth and says "Of course. I am a Mandalorian. I oppose the brutality that Imperials and everyone working for them impose upon others. My father taught me much about combat. I'm here to get the job done and to accomplish our goals as non-violently as possible. With that said, I hold nothing personally agaisnt those more violently inclined." I avert my gaze to Skad for a second, then return my attention to the group. "I'm happy to work with all of you, and I'm sure we all are skilled at certain things."

Author:  obikenobi1 [ Thu Oct 06, 2011 6:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dawn of Defiance: A Wretched Hive

Nuuhatyc looks around at each person in the group intently. The first person he notices (of course) is the stunningly beautiful woman standing before him. The next thing he notices is that her hand is in a certain mans hand. Blast! So much for that possibility! Lucky bastard..... He then turns his gaze to the man who's enjoying the company of such a delightful woman. He seems alright. A little scrawny, but looks can be decieving. I'm sure he will be very useful. I wonder if he's rich. And whats with the brightly colored cape? Is he nobility or something? I guess I'll find out more about him latter. He seems like interesting fellow.

Nuuhatyc turns his gaze to Skad. Wow, I've never met one of his kind before. I wonder what his problem is. He seems rather preturbed. Is it because most of us are humans? Maybe I should show up to our next breifing as a Houk to throw everyone off....Nah scratch that idea. He looks like a soldier to me. I wonder whose side he fought on during the war.

Now my gaze turns to Avran. Another soldier. Wow....am I in the wrong outfit? Is this a mercenary mission? A quick look at Dorian to study his weapons, reveals that he at least isn't alone. I guess they need some non-combatants also. Phew! This is another intersting fellow. I wonder what his deal is with Dorain? Didn't we all just meet today for the first time? Maybe they have some sort of history.

Looking now at Cander, Nuuhatyc begins to think to himself. Those are some nice blasters. I wonder if they have a stun setting. He seems to be a man of few words aparantly. Most likely he was a soldier. War does strange things to people. I hope he's not the kind that will make my job more difficult. Going in guns blazing will get us all killed or captured, and I'm not about to rot in a Imperial prison the rest of my life. He's a soldier alright. Just look at his steely eyes gazing intently at his knife. Its like that's been his companion through tough times all his life. War. What is it good for? Absolutley nothing!

Well, i suppose I should maintain my human form for a while longer. No need showing what I am yet. I hardly know them and for all I know, someone could be a Imperial agent sent to infiltrate our ranks. No way am I giving up my chances to rescue my people from the Zolanders control! I heard some important leaders among my people were captured recently for attempting to forment some kind of rebellion against the Zolanders. I wish there was something I could do at the moment. I'll have to gather more information on this development and figure out some way to help them. They hold the key for our future, I'm sure of it!

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