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Kit Fisto & Nahdar Vebb Swap
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Author:  LandShark [ Wed Nov 04, 2009 5:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Kit Fisto & Nahdar Vebb Swap

I was kind of dissapointed after pulling Nahdar Vebb, I didn't really want him as much as I wanted all the other VRs from the new set, but I made a squad using him anyway. I've ran this squad twice now, tweaking it a little after the first try. It really isn't that bad provided you get into swapping position without making any mistakes.

Jedi Master, Kit Fisto
Captain Panaka
Snowbunny Padme
Nahdar Vebb
R7, Astromech Droid
Mas Ameda
Gran Raider X2
Uggie Demo

Map: Muunlist

Use the Gran Raiders and Nahdar Vebb for swapping around Kit Fisto. The R7's Override ability is best used to lock doors in order to move up on your opponent safley. Once in position, Swap in Kit and use Padme to give Kit Fisto and extra Twin Attack. Shii-Cho Style after being swapped in to a pile of enemies is amazing!!! Finally, Keep a Gran Raider adjacent to Panaka at all times. When Kit Fisto gets banged up, swap him out adjacent to Panaka in order to Bodyguard him for additional health.

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