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Run & Gun Version 2.0
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Author:  darth greedus [ Thu Dec 25, 2008 11:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Run & Gun Version 2.0

This is the slight adjustment to my mildly successful squad run and gun over on bloo milk.

Captain Rex -33
R2-DOOMBOT!!! -9
Aurra Sing -37
Lando Calrissian, DS -18
Ugnaught Demo -3

The main complaint's i hear about my squad are that i lack door control and dont have enough activation's for 100 points, well this is a fix for both problems, 5 activations instead of 4 isnt a huge improvement, but it can make a difference, and adding the ugg also gives me a touch more door control. Swapping out boba enforcer for aurra is a little rough, since it makes the squad less mobile
but aurra compensate's with durability that the squad needed. I think this has some real potential in the 100 point format, especially in competent hands. (Mine are competent, but they roll lousy.)

So feedback eh?

Author:  SirStevee [ Fri Dec 26, 2008 7:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Run & Gun Version 2.0

It looks fairly simple, but it could be pretty good at 100.

Author:  Luke_Skywalker [ Fri Dec 26, 2008 7:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Run & Gun Version 2.0

Aurra accounts for Rex's biggest weakness, characters with really high defense. I really like it.

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