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Author:  dnemiller [ Fri May 22, 2009 11:47 am ]
Post subject:  Hall of Fame Policies

This thread is to clarify the rules that will be used by the Hall of Fame in determining the eligibility of members of the Star Wars Miniatures community. These procedures will be published so that all may understand how things are handled when it is time to induct new members. The procedure will be broken into three steps:

1. Voting to establish the Nominees for each calender year.

2. Voting for the Nominees.

3. Induction into the Hall of Fame

1. Every calender year a new list of nominees will be established by a vote of the community. Each community member will have 5 people they can nominate. This vote will be open to all members of the Star Wars Miniatures community that has registered at either Wizards or SWM Gamers.com. Each person will receive only one chance to vote for 5 people. Anyone who votes more than once will nulify their voting rights for that year. In other words if you vote more than once none of you votes count. The voting will occur over the period of 7-14 days (this will be determined interest if there is barely any response after 7 days the voting will be stopped) in the month of December. Voting will occur by members of the community posting in a thread on either Wizards or Gamers and listing their five choices (if for some reason people get a the thread locked on Wizards all voting will then be moved to Gamers -- sorry if this does not please everyone but I have control over Gmaers and none over Wizards.). At the end of the specified voting period All votes will be tallied by Members of the Hall of Fame. The top 15 vote getters will then be considered nominated for the Hall of Fame with the top 3 vote getters each getting one community vote for induction. The list of the top 15 will be published for all members to see and comment on threads on both sites (again if the wizards thread gets locked all commentary will revert to Gamers.)

2. In January of the following the year the members of the Hall of Fame will then review the list of 15 nominees. The members will discuss each nominee and their qualifications extensively. Nominees will aksed to submit a short biography about themselves and what they have done for the SWM community. Hall of Fame Members will then vote on the nominees. Each Hall of Fame member will receive 3 votes. A nominee must receive 65% of the votes (this number maybe changed at the discretion of the Hall of Fame) to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. At the end of the voting the results for the voting will be published for all of the community to see (individuals members ballot will not be published due to the sensitive nature of it.)

3. Following the voting the new members of the Hall of Fame will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. The new members will receive full voting rights for the next year's class and will also have a full say in Hall of Fame policy and procedure. The members of the Hall of Fame will reserve the right to auto induct one international Star Wars Community member based of the recommendations of the international community. The Hall of Fame will also reserve the right to auto induct any member of the Wizards staff that directly works with Star Wars Miniatures product or any Gencon/Championship winner it deems worthy of induction.

These policies and procedures will be governed by the Hall of Fame members. The Star Wars Miniatures Hall of Fame maybe found at the following web address http://swmhof.swmgamers.com/news.php

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