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PostPosted: Fri Apr 25, 2008 8:39 am 
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I hope I'm posting this properly.

I wanted to thank alot of people for this wonderful honor. It blows me away that I was an automatic inductee.

So let me thank those people first. Whoever was involved in that process thank you.

Thank you to Dean Miller for being a staunch supporter of my projects.

Thanks to all the moderators of SWMGamers.com for helping during the initial planning of the Map Pack.

Thank you to Rundummy from WOTC forums, he was thie first person to tell me my maps sucked, a month later I created Theed.
Sometimes you need criticism to improve.

Thank you to Jason Tanner for hosting my original maps, and also Impart wisdom from time to time.

Thanks you to BOBA52, my number one guy. Some day my little map pack will flourish into a gaming empire, and boba52 will be the CEO.

Thanks to FOXW for being a friendly guy, and hosting my maps at SWMgamers.

Thanks to Cyberdragon for being a good pal, and someone who is going to be the next great map maker.

Thanks to the personnel from the failed Utapau project. We all learned alot nontheless.

Thanks to the gamers at Atomic Comics, they get the most use out of my maps.

Thank you to all the other map pakers out there. I was not the original, and I hope to see other names in this hallowed hall someday. I owe all my map making success to 2 people: Josh Derkson(Armoredgear7) and Chris Preksta. They are truely the map makers I aspire to be, and deserver to be in the hall of fame very soon.

And of course My wife Amanda. If she ever once told me to get out of the office and stop making maps I would do it in a heartbeat. but she incouraged me to express myself, supported my wacky career change, and at the very least tolerated the massive ammounts of Star Was Crap piling up everywhere.

To all the Star Wars miniatures players out there, see you at the gaming table.

Thanks! God bless, and may the Force be with You , always.



"Micro-managment Breeds Incompetence"

Being a Star Wars Miniatures Hall of Famer is a Responsibilty Not a Priveledge.

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