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TILE WARS (An alternate Star Wars Miniatures format)
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Author:  TimmerB123 [ Thu May 10, 2012 8:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: TILE WARS (An alternate Star Wars Miniatures format)

I think I will use my self perceived power to declare the Friday June 1st TILE WARS tournament in Kokomo IN to be an official TILE WARS regional championship!

Strongly encourage other regionals to have a TILE WARS regional too!

Author:  TimmerB123 [ Sun May 13, 2012 12:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TILE WARS (An alternate Star Wars Miniatures format)

Speaking of . . .


Chicago TILE WARS Regional championship 2012 - will be after the Swiss Rounds of the Chicago SWM Regional (May 19th, 2012). Those not in the top four, and anyone else wanting to attend are welcome! It will begin at approximately 5:00pm

Sorry top 4, you'll have to sit this one out. We were going to do it after it all finished, but I think that would hurt attendance too greatly. So I really hope everyone brings a TILE WARS squad to play, and if you make the top 4 you can give it to a friend to play. Let's keep the gaming going!

I will have TILES available for use.

Chicagoland Games (Dice Dojo)
5550 N Broadway, Chicago

Cost: FREE!
5550 N

Author:  TimmerB123 [ Tue Jun 05, 2012 12:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TILE WARS (An alternate Star Wars Miniatures format)

Congrats to Bryan Hole - winner of the highly contested 2012 INDIANA TILE WARS Regional!!!

Here's his report:

DarkDracul wrote:
I really struggled with my squad design for the 2012 Indiana Regional. I play Sith squads exclusively and my favorite faction is unable to handle the diversity of squads currently out there. So, for several weeks I specifically designed and play tested against the Mace in Your Face squad, believing it would be my most prevalent opponent. I was still working on my squad the night before the regional as the New York and Atlanta players started showing up for the tile wars tournament. Which reminded me, I still needed to make a Tile Wars squad! So, I grabbed my regional squad and quickly threw together one of my Sith squad ideas.

I had no expectations of doing well.

Tile: Detention Block
62 Darth Revan DLotS
48 Darth Zannah
36 Lord Kann
14 Exar Kun, Dark Force Spirit
11 Darth Sideous
13 Kel Dor Bounty Hunter
10 Defel Pirate
3 Mouse Droid x2

Game 1 v.s Graham
Graham was running a massive damage shooter Rebel Pilot squad.
Squad; mostly all living, no force users, no force immunity, less than 80 hit points each. I went first and ran Revan into the middle of his tile then tried to swap, and he said, “No, I have disruptive.” At which point I turned two shades of red in embarrassment at my mistake. It was then his turn and he defeated Revan. I activated Exar’s Dark Aura and my Kel Dor. Kel Dor and Defel were killed and Zannah took a ton of damage. I think I made one lightsaber expert roll. On my last turn I open the lower right detention cell with a mouse droid and ran Lord Kann into the middle of his squad. Luckily, I won initiative and Thought Bombed his entire squad, needing save of 15 or 80 damage. Afterward, only two pilots with a few hit points remained. Zannah (saves) or adjacent pilots miss and then Zannah corrupts to kill the two pilots and herself. Sideous Holo remains for the win.

Game 2 v.s Steve
Steve was running an IG droid squad with T-1, giving attacks after initiative was determined. Squad; mostly droid, no force users, no force immunity, less than 80 hit points each. He opened the door and killed my defel. I ran my Kel Dor towards his commanders and he took the AoO which put 40 damage on couple of his droids. Revan master sped, assaulted, and swapped in Zannah. Steve’s turn and he rolled several ones and I made a couple lightsaber expert rolls. Lord Kann joined the battle and somehow, I survived his barrage of attacks and my Sith lords cut down his droids.

Game 3 v.s Randy
Randy was running Palpatine on throne with several Imperial Sovereigns. 700+ HPS
Squad; mostly all living, all force users, no force immunity, more than 80 hit points each. Randy set up Palps in the front row of his tile and I put Exar spirt in front row of my tile. I went first and activated Exar’s Dark Aura and moved him in the middle of Randy’s tile. Two Imperial sovereigns moved away from Palps towards me. I based Palps with the Kel Dor and ran Revan into the middle of his tile and assaulted a Sovereign and Palps then swapped in Lord Kann. Sovereign attacked Kann, and Imperial Inquisitor used Turn to the Dark Side on Kann. I took the 20 damage and used Thought Bomb to kill most of his squad, my own Kel Dor, and his Palpatine. Revan and Zannah assalted and finished off the remaining 20 HP sovereigns.

Game 4 v.s Mike
Mike running Mandos Captain, Scouts with Cassus Fett
Squad; mostly all living, no force users, no immunity, less than 80 hitpoints.
Exar Spirit went first and moved out to Dark Aura. Scouts moved up and shot up Zannah. Revan ran to the middle of his tile and swapped in Lord Kann for Thought Bomb. Afterward, two scouts with 10 HP remained. Revan and Zannah finished off scouts.

Ironically, the squad I threw together in a minute won a regional event and the squad I spent a month designing and play testing faced nothing but shooters who shot it up all day!

Author:  TimmerB123 [ Tue Jun 19, 2012 1:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TILE WARS (An alternate Star Wars Miniatures format)

hinkbert wrote:
Fantastic Four Tile Wars Results

On Friday night we ran a Tile Wars tourny with 5 players. The squads were:

Hinkbert: Marka Ragnos, Revan, Zannah, Exar DFS on Control Car
Darph Nader: GMLS, Ganner, Kyp, HK-47 on Detention Block
Jak: GMLS, Vergere, Jacen, R2-P0 on Empty Car
Juiceman: 2x Nightsister Rancors, Durge, Whorm on Detention Block
Nader's Son: Vader Legacy, Anteres Drace, AT-ST, Blizzard Scout

I won the tourny and here's a quick rundown.

1st round vs Jak
I set up Dark Aura first round, and at the beginning of round 2 I killed R2-P0 and Vergere, then I started on Jacen. By the end of the 3rd round he only had GMLS left, and his ability to Djem was severly nerfed by Exar so my guys took him down easily.

2nd round vs Juiceman
With my guys only being melee Joe was able to keep Whorm and Durge behind his 2 Rancors. So I set up Dark Aura again and have to wear down his Rancors with my guys, while surviving his durge assault. He was able to get Ragnos, while I killed the first Rancor. I then corrupted the rest of his guys and continued to wear down his 2nd rancor. Thankfully Zannah sent a shot back to Durge with LCE and I was able to kill Durge with a severly wounded Zannah and Revan.

3rd (final) round vs Nader
I made a huge error by putting Zannah and Marka next to each other at the edge of my tile. Nader had set up his 4 guys together, so I was gonna use sith sorcery, then trigger a corruption with Zannah via Marka's ce. I forgot that HK had disruptive (even though I suggested the piece to Nader, d'oh). So I just did corruption (which proved to be huge). He then activated Kyp and used FP5 doing 30 to Zannah (she used bubble) and 50 to Marka who was then activated. I then screwed up again and sent Revan to far in, and he levitated GMLS adjacent to Revan and tore him up. Thankfully through out the game GMLS failed his corruption save (thanks Dark Aura) and took a total of 120 damage. So at the end it comes down to Luke with 30 left, HK with 40, Zannah with i think half health and Exar. I decided to take down HK (I don't know why, I guess I thought GMLS would get corrupted again). So I took out HK, Nader won init, made his save and went after Zannah. She used soresu on the first attack, and then GMLS rolled a 20. Then, wait for it.......Zannah rolls a 20 right back, triggering LCE, and Luke goes down.

So, that was Fantastic Four Tile Wars, and this was the first time I played TW irl and it was super fun. Fantastic Four was a superb choice for this format imo, and I hope to play it again soon.

Author:  TimmerB123 [ Mon Jul 23, 2012 11:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: TILE WARS (An alternate Star Wars Miniatures format)

So - I am impressed. I got smoked at the 4th Annual Chicago League 1670 GenCon prep mini Jedi Challenge/Sith Trials/Championship tournament.

Well, I lost in TILE WARS anyway. Man, that squad is tough. I won't say what the squad was, but it is a doozy. I have not seen ANYTHING like it from anyone else yet, and man it is SICK.

My prediction for the GenCon TILE WARS World Championship 2012 is this squad.

If you missed out on the 4th Annual Chicago League 1670 GenCon prep mini Jedi Challenge/Sith Trials/Championship tournament, you missed a lot.

Those who were there have some keen insight on what to watch out for at GenCon in TILE WARS!

Author:  TimmerB123 [ Mon Jul 23, 2012 2:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TILE WARS (An alternate Star Wars Miniatures format)

Added new TILES to the legal list!
(All pretty basic and/or variants of existing ones - so certainly nothing game breaking)


"Railway Station Tiles" (5x8) Terrain Card Set:
(Most of these tiles are 2 sided, so I put them in pairs to make it easier.)
Cargo Loading Dock/Engineering Bay (both sides are legal)
Control Car/Control Car Rooftop (both sides are legal)
Empty Freight Car/Empty Freight Car Rooftop (both sides are legal)
Freight Car/Freight Car Rooftop (both sides are legal)
Passenger Car/Passenger Car Rooftop (both sides are legal)
Extension Bridge (Retracted Bridge on reverse side is NOT legal)
Railway Line (reverse side is not a tile)

"Alien Starship Tiles" (5x8) Terrain Card Set:
(Most of these tiles are 2 sided, so I put them in pairs to make it easier.)
Abdominal Structure (Biogel Chamber on reverse side is NOT legal)
Alien Floor (Biomechanical Starfighter on reverse side is NOT legal)
Audience Chamber/Command Pod (both sides are legal)
Empty Chamber (Alcoves on reverse side is NOT legal)

Author:  Mapmaker [ Mon Jul 23, 2012 5:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TILE WARS (An alternate Star Wars Miniatures format)

Cool! Good choices. :)

Author:  TimmerB123 [ Wed Aug 15, 2012 1:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TILE WARS (An alternate Star Wars Miniatures format)


TILE WARS at GenCon - 5:00pm Sat night!
it will be epic and awesome.

Here is a pic of the tile box for the champion, made by last year's champ and his wife - Chris and Amanda Pulis


Author:  TimmerB123 [ Mon Aug 20, 2012 8:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TILE WARS (An alternate Star Wars Miniatures format)

Congratulations to JAKE Koleczek from Chicago for going undefeated and winning the 2012 TILE WARS World Championship!!!

He ran OR with Beth Allusis, Bastilla, 2 Wookie Jedi, Wicket, and several mice.

This squad is so amazing. It has such great synergy that isn't immediately apparent.

I correctly predicted (pats self on back) that Jake would be the only one to run anything like this, shock everyone with it as they overlooked it, and win the TILE WARS world championship.

We look forward to your report Jake!

Author:  TimmerB123 [ Mon Aug 20, 2012 8:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TILE WARS (An alternate Star Wars Miniatures format)

Also of note - I also correctly predicted that I would go 2-2. Lol.

Jake beat me in TILE WARS to end up in a tie with me in overall record and head-to-head (I beat him in Dynamic Duo) in the Sith Trials. The powers that be deemed him the Sith Lord and me the apprentice.

So congrats to Jake on being the new Sith Trials champion!

Author:  sthlrd2 [ Tue Aug 21, 2012 3:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TILE WARS (An alternate Star Wars Miniatures format)

Thanx Tim, I thought for sure that you jinxed me when you predicted that I would win the 2012 tile wars world championship. I'm glad that wasn't the case and I went on to win the 2012 tile wars world championship with my "super secret squad"

Well without any further delay here is my tile wars championship squad and the play reports.

"These wookies will win" (even if you don't let them)

Bastilla JM
Belth Allusis JM
Wookie Jedi x2
Covenant consular
Mouse droid x5

Round 1 vs Mike Giles

Mike ran Jar Jar
Crit Mace
Yoda (free rerolls)
HK assassin
And I think like 3-4 of the gungans with cesta

Not worried about Jar Jar cause the wookies have sweep. Activate ABM and run a wookie adjacent to HK and Jar Jar and I sweep, atk HK with twin @ 30 each, atk Jar Jar with twin @ 30 each. Jar Jar dies and I cleave on HK. Just like that HK and Jar Jar are dead. Mace and Yoda can't handle my twinning wookies with indiscriminate raging death shots.
Wookies win

Round 2 vs Deri

Deri ran
Maul SI
Reven SL
Exar dfs

He wins init and has me go first, I activate ABM, he runs Kaan up to my door to open it and get close to my guys. I run my wookies past him to base Maul and atk. It took the lives of both wookies to kill Maul (due to some bad rolling) and put some damage on Reven due to splash. I based Kaan with the consular and hit him for 40 due to sith hunter and ABM. Belth then ran all the way to the end of his map to deal with Bandon. Anticipating a thought bomb I moved my mice out of the room, locking Bastilla in the room and safe from a thought bomb. He moved reven up to open the door. After init he let's me go first and kill Bandon, the he runs reven out of bomb range and thought bombs killing wicket and damaging Bastilla for 40. The game ended up super close and I thought I was going to lose. Belth and a couple mice was all I had left against Reven. Belth has 40 left and no force points. Against Reven who I thought had 40 left as well. He wins init with master tactician and goes first with reven. Djem so save and atk hits reven and kills him. Boy am I glad I read the damage on reven wrong.
Wookies win again

Round 3 vs Tim
Tim ran
Firebreather x2
Dr E

Auto damage galore. I've played Tim before with this squad and knew that every move had to be carefully thought out and every init was important espicially the first one. I lost that init and thought I was going to lose the game due to it. After careful consideration I moved one mouse not adjacent to anyone else to open the door and block a big flame 40 on a group of my guys. He goes with T3M4 to flame him and override the door open. He then tries to flame 40 a group but I call him out on savage and force him to base a single wookie just dealing 40 to only him. I activate ABM and move my other wookie in to deal damage. He did mange to roll under 6 for homicidal surgery which hurt him but I'm not sure it would have made a difference as I was dealing heavy damage and splashing. After that single firebreather died I moved a wookie to base the other one and bossk. With me hitting both and cleaving the firebreather it didn't take long for him to go down and the rest was clean up.
Wookies win and on to the finals

Finals vs Spry

Spry ran

HK assassin
Droidika series 2
Ig 86 x2
A series
Bodyguard droid
And 2 mice (I think)

I activate ABM first he opens the door and shoots a wookie. I run my wookies past the droidika to base a mouse, HK, and an IG. I remember the wookie dying and me saying ill atk with my death shot and Spry saying, nope, disruptive and pointing to HK, and me saying Disciplined leader and pointing to Belth. With my wookies twinning at 30 each and his droids only having 60 hp, it turned into a clean up game fast. I got a little carried away and lost everyone except a few mice, Bastilla, and Belth who had 80 damage on him. But finished it off for the win and the 2012 tile wars world championship!!!!

Wookies win.

I remember calling Tim back in like March or April and telling him this idea for a Tile Wars squad with Belth Allusis. He said it was brilliant and clever. After trying it out and beating him he told me to keep this squad under wraps and not to let anyone know or reveal anything until Gen Con. I did just that. It worked because no one ran anything even remotely similar and I won due to the crazy synergy that is hidden at first glance. It doesn't look all the great at first look but looks can be very decieving cause it's really strong and can wipe out squads before they even know what is happening.

Thanx Tim for the strong compitition and for not spoiling my squad.

And now my young apprentice,...

Author:  DarthJawa [ Tue Aug 21, 2012 4:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TILE WARS (An alternate Star Wars Miniatures format)

great job jake. ANd i hope you enjoy your box that you earned this year.

Author:  TimmerB123 [ Thu Aug 23, 2012 2:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TILE WARS (An alternate Star Wars Miniatures format)

TILE WARS Hall of Fame updated! Congrats to our newest inductees!

2012 - Ben Johnson (aka buttcabbge) Major supporter, 2012 Missouri TILE WARS regional champion
2012 - Amanda Pulis (aka mammathehutt here and blainesmom on Bloomilk) Major supporter, Artwork guru for prize support

Congrats to you both, and thanks for your support!

Also - on the radar for 2013 induction, here are two more outstanding players:

Ian Cunningham (aka LukeHatesThrawn) (Perennial TILE WARS GenCon top finisher)
Bryan Hole (aka DarkDracul) (Kokomo TILE WARS regional champ - largest TW Regional ever!)

Author:  mammathehutt [ Sat Aug 25, 2012 10:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: TILE WARS (An alternate Star Wars Miniatures format)

This is Amanda (I can never seem to get my other account to work I just made a new one.) So I am no longer DarthBlaine.

Thank you for the induction.

Tim I have an awesome suggestion for Gen Con next year that I will message you about.

And the tip for the day: Never whip your lightsaber out in public, you never know who is watching .:saber: :oops:

Author:  TimmerB123 [ Tue Sep 01, 2015 11:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: TILE WARS (An alternate Star Wars Miniatures format)

I will be updating this at some point.

Thanks for input

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