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 Post subject: An idea for a post- Order 66 story. : )
PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2008 10:42 pm 
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Here's an idea for a story:

Immediately following the Battle above Coruscant in which General Grievous was repelled, the plans for a droid foundry in the far Outer Rim were discovered. A Jedi Knight and his apprentice were sent, along with 4 Acclamators and 2 Venators, full of Clone Troopers.
In order to get to the planet, Krykos, one must take a perilous journey. The planet is in the center of an asteroid field. However, the planet has powerful shields, and can repel the asteroids. Not to mention, the asteroids are teeming with useful resources, perfect for a droid factory. The factory also has a very powerful communications center, allowing it to break through the asteroid barrier.

Anyway, the 6 Republic ships were able to land on the South Pole of Krykos, and then began the search for the droid foundry. After the Republic base was set up and friendly relations were set with the natives, the small army found and attacked the droid foundry. They took a good amount of casualties, and were repelled.

During this time, Order 66 was set in motion. However, since Krykos was surrounded by an asteroid field, transmissions did not get through and the battles continued. Also, the Separatist droids did not get notice of the immediate shut-down set in motion by Darth Vader.

Eventually, a war of attrition began between the Republic, the Krykosian natives, and their opponent, the Separatists, with neither side being able to budge.

Approximately a year after the events of Order 66, with the Empire somewhat settling down, a top adviser was putting together all the squads that reported that their Jedi leader had been eliminated- and one of the squads that did not report back was the one sent to Krykos. He then told Palpatine, who had 3 Star Destroyers go there- besides Krykos, there were other planets that needed to be 'converted'.

Finding the same shield generator gap, the Star Destroyers touched down, and unloaded their mechanized forces. The Imperials came upon a mass trench network, and found dead clones and destroyed droids.

Not knowing who the Imperials were, the Separatist droids and the Jedi and their clones joined forces and attacked the Imperials.

Not surprisingly, the Imperials had to fall back. However, they issued another Order 66 code; the Clone Troopers turned on their former Jedi allies, but the Jedi narrowly escaped. They also issued the order for the Separatist droid shut-down, but the new factory droids did not have the same shut-down codes, as it was a relatively new droid factory.

Thus, the two Jedi had to join up with the Separatists, an uneasy alliance.

I'll think up more, later.

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