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Number 1 Squad For Each Faction
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Author:  FlyingArrow [ Sat Jun 17, 2017 11:48 am ]
Post subject:  Number 1 Squad For Each Faction

What do you suppose is the number one squad in each faction right now (i.e. as of Vset 13)?

Author:  DarkDracul [ Sat Jun 17, 2017 1:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Number 1 Squad For Each Faction

Old Republic (below average options especially Uniques)
Bastila w/ Pilots (Teir 1.5)
Some other NU focused builds (Teir 2)

Sith (below average options in both Uniques and NU.)
Caedus SL Tank (Teir 1.5)
Some other Unique focused builds (Teir 2)

Republic (above average in NU and tons of Uniques)
Yoda on Kybuck build (Teir 1)
Cin & Serra squads (Teir 1)
Obi-Ani squads (Teir 1.5)
Mace / Gowk (Teir 1.5)

Separatist (above average in NU.. a few powerful UN)
Durge Speeder (Teir 1)
Grevious Bike (Teir 1)
Bounty Hunters (Teir 1)
BX-Sniper/ Spotters (Teir 1.5)
Black Sun (Teir 1.5)

Rebel (average number of NU and tons of Unique options)
Luke n Leia Speeder (Teir 1)
Ghost Crew (Teir 1.5)
Older competitive builds (Teir 1.5)

Imperials (above average in Uniques and tons of NU)
Thrawn Swap (Teir 1)
Daala squads (Teir 1)
Vader of Lothal (Teir 1.5)

New Republic (Unique focused with few NU options)
Resistance (Teir 1.5)
Some other Unique focused builds (Teir 2)

Fringe (Tons of options, which they share)
Talon Karde (Teir 1)
Black Sun (Teir 1.5)
Father Squads (Teir 1.5)

Mandalorian (Way more NU options than Unique)
Jangalore (Teir 1.5)
Some other NU focused Builds (Teir 1.5)

Yuuzhan Vong (NU focused with few Unique options)
Charging Vong (Teir 1)
Blast Bug (Teir 1)
Nom Bombs (Teir 1.5)
Other NU focused squads (Teir 1.5)

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