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Chicago Regional 2015
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Author:  sthlrd2 [ Thu Mar 05, 2015 12:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Chicago Regional 2015

2015 Chicago Regional - April 25th

Hey everyone, I'm running the tournament this year.

We are on the calendar at Chicagoland Games (Dice Dojo). Same place we've had the Regional the last several years.

5550 N Broadway St Chicago, IL 60640

$15 Entry

Registration begins at 10am,
Registration ENDS at 10:45am

Rounds begin promptly at 11AM

Gameplay in each round will last exactly 1 hour. 10 minutes of set-up time will be given before the game clock begins each round (we will start the game clock when everyone is set and ready if it is before 10 minute set-up time is done).

Number of Swiss (initial) rounds depend on number of participants.
<8 = 3 rounds
9-16 = 4 rounds
17-32 = 5 rounds
33-64 = 6 rounds (very optimistic here)

For any number of participants above 8, cut to the top 4 and play 2 rounds of single elimination finals.

Prize support will depend on number of entries. GenCon badge to 1st place (minimum 12 entries) + Store credit and other prizes to the top finishers. Draft prizes for all participants!

Short 30 minute break between rounds 3 and 4. We will get subs delivered, cost tba.

The whole event should be done by 7:30pm to give everyone plenty of time to get home. (Estimating 4 Swiss rounds)

This will be an official Star Wars™ Miniatures SWMGPA (Star Wars Miniatures Gamers Players Association) sacnctioned event. The SWM GPA Floor Rules will be in effect.
(The Star Wars Miniatures SWMGPA (Star Wars Miniatures Gamers Players Association) Floor Rules and the Star Wars Miniatures Game Rules should be read and understood by all players wishing to compete in sanctioned events. All SWMGPA members participating in SWMGPA-sanctioned Star Wars™ Miniatures events must abide by these rules.)

Legal Map Lists will be:

Restricted A
(The Civilian Sector)

Cloud City (WotC)
Theed Palace JC
Offworld Shipping (MoM)
Mining Colony:Upper (MoM)


Restricted D
(Force Locales)

Dark Academy (JC)
Great Library (JC)
Rhen Var Citadel (JC)


Chicago TILE WARS Regional, the night before at Tim's place. Along with Friday night Follies!

Room to crash at Tim's place! PM TimmerB123 for details.

More info to follow.

Author:  sthlrd2 [ Mon Mar 09, 2015 12:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Chicago Regional 2015

I edited map lists to match the new floor rules update. We will now be using Map list A and Map list D.

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