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Author:  DarthJawa [ Mon Feb 02, 2015 9:49 am ]

V-SET 9 Play Testers: We are going to need as many play-testers as we can get. We need all the volunteers we can get to play test as always and we hope you can assist in this task.

So here is the plan:

(1) I will send you a single miniature to play test from one of your preferred faction(s).
(2) When you have submitted a thorough play test of a 200 point game on a map from the restricted list against a capable opponent, you will:
(3) Receive 2 miniatures to playtest from your preferred faction(s).
(4) After you have performed at least one thorough play test of each miniature – again both 200 point games on a map from the restricted list and against a capable opponent – you will:
(5) Receive 3 miniatures to playtest from your preferred faction(s).

A viable play test should include the above ingredients as well as:
(1) List the opponent (board name and actual name)
(2) List the map
(3) Be sure it is a 60 minute timed game
(4) List the VSET 9 mini(s) used
(5) List the # of activations
(6) List the total point cost
(7) List Reinforcements/Reserves if any are used
(8) Answer:
(a) How did the characters abilities interact with each other?
(b) Did you understand how the SA/CE interactions work after reading them just once?
(c) Did the abilities on the character(s) make sense? Was anything out of place and/or missing?
(d) Does the mini(s) work?
(e) Is the cost accurate?
(f) Any suggestions for it/them?
(g) Analysis/Description of the game – Detailed accounting of the game

In the Initial comment please let me Know what your Preferred faction is as well as a secondary. We hope you will volunteer your time and effort.

Chris Pulis: Darkeagle91602@yahoo.com
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