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Well done.
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Author:  SenateCommando [ Sat Mar 09, 2013 5:02 am ]
Post subject:  Well done.

I gotta say guys, I love what you did with the new Imperial Knights.

That Strike team leader gives the knights some nice defense vs ranged, previously a very serious problem for them. And Rapport is nice as well.

That new Roan Fel though....

Comaraderie to make Marasiah playable, Rapport again, Dark Temptation is of course very fitting, Rival is something I never saw coming but is an excellent addition to the character. It helps to distinguish the Imperial Knights from other elements of the Imperial faction, Cloaked is a good answer to ranged as it helps him avoid ranged attacks without having to spend any of his precious force points doing it, True Emperor is a neat one. Shuts up enemy commanders and of course his own commander effect makes imperial knights actually pretty formidable.

Only criticism I have is I might have given him Blaster 20 in homage to his fight with Darth Kruhl and the obligatory Imperial Knight +4 attack synergy but that should not detract from the top notch job on this figure overall. I can't wait to set up a new Imperial knight squad!

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