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 Post subject: V-Set 5 Vassal Extension ready to be downloaded
PostPosted: Fri Mar 08, 2013 10:44 pm 
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Hey everyone, I've just finished updating the Vassal Extension to include all the new V-Set 5 pieces. Daniel will have the file loaded on SWMResources soon.

--> Before you download the new file, you'll want to first delete the CURRENT file on your computer called "Virtual Sets.mdx". It is likely found in your "Program Files/VASSAL/SWMinis_ext" folder. If you're having problems, send me a PM and I'll respond asap.

I've made a few cool new updates to the file this time:

--I've finally found a way to easily designate if Bastilla's ABM is ON or OFF. Highlight her mini and press CTRL-A to turn it "on," and press CTRL-A again to turn it "off." I figured this would be simpler than typing "ABM On" in her "Condition" bar every-other round.

--I've designed some Condition markers to mark pieces as Corrupted, Burning, Mined, etc. Again, it might be easier to use these than it is to write "Corrupted" in a piece's "Condition" bar. Use them or not as you please.

--For fun, I've added some sounds. For several of the V-Set minis (I'm not done with the WotC pieces yet, but that's coming soon), you can highlight the mini and press CTRL-S to play a sound. If the other players synched to your game have the newest Vassal Extension, they'll be able to hear the sound too. Obviously, I don't have anything for most of the characters that were either not in the movies or had no lines in the movies, but I think I've got something for every V-Set piece that has a line in the movies. This is the case for all the Epic Minis too. If I can say so myself, some of the lines are pretty funny! :lol:

--I've also made some minor cosmetic adjustments all around, to make the minis look better. For example, check out the Tonnika Sisters, who are now plural. Or take a look at the OR Smuggler from V-Set 5, who is crouching behind a "cover screen," just like in the TOR game. Mandalore on Basilisk is now differentiated from his non-unique Basilisks by the blaster-fire coming out of the front of the beast. Stuff like that can add a bit of sparkle, to make your SWM Vassal experience just a little bit more fun.

I plan to upload a new mod (version 11.0 to replace the 10.2 you've got now) in the future (April or so), which will have some other semi-significant improvements: a Squad-Loading feature, sounds for the WotC pieces (I can't wait until you hear the Ugnaught Demolitionist's sound!), and more.

Have fun with it, and may the Force be with you!

"Don't give the tool more credit than the master." --Weeks

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