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Minis-Mania II Previews and WINNER!
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Author:  ultrastar [ Sat Nov 03, 2012 7:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Minis-Mania II Previews and WINNER!

Big congrats to David Weeks who won Minis-Mania II!

The two pieces previewed at Minis-Mania II was.....

Imperial Knight Strike Team Leader 27 pts.
100 Hit Points
17 Defense
+10 Attack
20 Damage

Special Abilities
Unique. Melee Attack. Double Attack
Cortosis Gauntlet 18
Rapport (Non-unique Imperial Knight followers cost 1 less)
Synergy (+4 Atk when within 6 of an Imperial Knight ally)

Force Powers
Force 2
Lightsaber Block

Commander Effect
Imperial Knight followers gain Evade.


Darth Caedus, Sith Lord -54

Hit Points 110
Defense 18
Attack 12
Damage 20

Unique, melee attack, double attack
Cunning Attack (+4 Attack and +10 Damage against an enemy who has not activated this round)
Embrace of Pain (+1 Attack and +1 Defense for every 10 points of damage currently on this character)
Makashi Style Mastery (When hit by a melee attack, this character takes no damage with a save of 11. Shii-Cho, Soresu, Ataru, and Niman Style cannot be used against this character.)
Force Ascetic (Cannot spend Force points to reroll or move faster)
Affinity (Characters who's name contains Galactic Alliance may be in a squad with this character regardless of faction)
Rapport 1 (Characters who's name contains Galactic Alliance cost 1 less when in a squad with this character)

Force 2, Force Renewal 2, Master of the Force 2
Aing Ti flow walk - (Force 3: Once per round, after initiative is determined, this character can take an immediate turn. This does not count as activating the character this round.)
Lightsaber Riposte (Force 1: When hit by a melee attack, this character can make an immediate attack against that attacker)
Master Illusion - (Force 2: When hit by an attack, this character takes no damage unless the attacker makes a save of 16)
Sith Battle Manipulation - (force 3 - usable on this characters turn, sight, choose one target character within line of sight, Cadeus may move that character and all characters (enemies and allies alike) within 6 squares of the target character up to 3 spaces. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity. This character cannot be moved by this force power.)

CE: Galactic Alliance followers gain +3 attack and +3 defense

so there you have it, once again congrats to David Weeks!

Author:  FlyingArrow [ Sat Nov 03, 2012 8:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Minis-Mania II Previews and WINNER!

Cost is negative 54 points? I declare this piece broken.

Author:  thereisnotry [ Sat Nov 03, 2012 9:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Minis-Mania II Previews and WINNER!

ultrastar wrote:
Big congrats to David Weeks who won Minis-Mania II!

I called it! :D
From this post on Bloomilk: http://www.bloomilk.com/Forums/default.aspx?g=posts&t=11581
If all the people show up who we're expecting, then this'll be an excellent competition. My expectation is that Weeks will win it, though. The guy is a SWM Samurai!

David Weeks is a SWM Samurai. I called it; he proved it. 8-)

Way to go Dave! Congrats!

Author:  Sithborg [ Sat Nov 03, 2012 9:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Minis-Mania II Previews and WINNER!

Caedus is 7/60
Imperial Knight is 33/60

Author:  Grand Moff Boris [ Sun Nov 04, 2012 1:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Minis-Mania II Previews and WINNER!

Had a great time at the event, and learned something very important.... the things most people tend to describe as NPE's (negative play experiences) weren't even seen at the tournament, and the stuff that seemed overpowered got little to no attention (meaning playtime). Even the stuff that did see play didn't do well overall. I didn't observe anything that was of great concern, but some very powerful combos that haven't been discussed to my knowledge.

I count that as a good thing. :)

Author:  Sithborg [ Sun Nov 04, 2012 2:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Minis-Mania II Previews and WINNER!

I look forward to seeing some detailed reports. I wish I could've made it.

Author:  Echo [ Mon Nov 05, 2012 9:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Minis-Mania II Previews and WINNER!

I played

37 Satele Shan
36 Atton "Jaq" Rand
33 Bastila Shan, Jedi Master
29 Carth Onasi, Old Republic Soldier
27 Lobot
18 Klatooinian Captain
14 Old Republic Senator
6 Mouse Droid x2

(200pts. 9 activations)

My map was Rancor Pen.

Round 1 I played against Lou; I won map roll and got the right side of Rancor Pen. He had Mace, GOWK, Lobot, HK-47, R2, and an Ugnaught. He brought in Dr. Evazan and another Ugnaught, I brought in Wicket and a Human BG. This game was lightning fast; round 1 I ran Carth 16 squares out to get a bead on HK-47 and take a shot with the Senator. On a won init I was able to take more shots on him with Cunning now, and all in all did 80 damage to him bringing him to just 10 HP left. Lou towed Mace up after that and started attacking Carth, who was adjacent to both Satele and the Human BG. All 3 attacks hit but none were crits, so he spent one FP on the last one to reroll and still didn't get a crit, so the Human BG took 20 damage, Satele took 20, and Carth took 20. I turned ABM on now, moved Wicket up to within 6 of Mace, and started unloading on him. Carth got the OR Senator's shot and rolled a 20 after Mace was down to just 1 FP so he couldn't Reflect it, getting 60 damage through, plus the attacks from Jaq and Satele brought Mace down in that round. GOWK had ran up and put another 20 damage on Carth, but that's it. Next round he was able to tow HK around to kill Wicket and take a shot on Atton (which he evaded), then lost R2 and HK. After that it was simply throwing shots at GOWK until he went down. Evazan healed him once, but once he did that he got taken down by Jaq. Lou rolled lower than average on SSM saves so I still had Jaq and Bastila at full HP and Satele at 40 at the end.

Round 2 I played against Matt Spry, won map roll again but got the left side of Rancor Pen this time. He was playing IG-88A, IG-88 Assassin Droid, HK-47, one BX Spotter, one BX Sniper, Lobot, Gha, 2 Ugnaughts and San Hill. He brought in the MTB and Mice, I brought in Wicket and some 3 pointers. The whole story of this game was incredibly crappy positioning by me that let him get a Pulse Cannon on a Mouse Droid, an Ugnaught, Wicket, and the Klatooinian Captain early in round 2. Wicket and the Captain both failed their saves and died, and that basically lost me the game. Losing the Speed 8 and more importantly the Evade was too much to come back from. I lost Carth for very little because he had a wall of Mouse Droids moving up and without GMA Carth couldn't both attack and get away, so being Evade-less he went down quickly. I managed to get a fair amount of damage on both the IG-88s and HK, and killed the Spotter and the Sniper, but couldn't quite recover from losing the Captain that early. If I played this game again I think I would have an alright chance of winning just because I would be much more conservative with him and not make that mistake again.

Round 3 I played Eric Larson. I brought in Wicket and the Human BG again. He won map roll so we played on the Cantina map; he took the right side so I got the left. He was playing IG-88A, IG-88 Assassin Droid, Luke Rebel Commando, Dodonna, Princess Leia Commando, an ERC, Crix Madine, Juno Eclipse, and some fodder. Round 1 was just positioning, but round 2 I got some Cunning shots with Carth on his IG-88A by shooting past his Stealthy characters. That weakened him quite a bit so he had to shoot and retreat or else I'd kill him that round. Going into round 3 I set up so Satele was within 6 squares of his Luke Rebel Commando, and she was able to go Lightsaber Assault him with Cunning and ABM on and kill him in one turn while taking no damage back due to parrying the Evade. IG-88A used his Double on Satele, but she was able to Absorb Energy the second shot and take no damage. Since most of the rest of his squad had Cunning Attack he couldn't do much more to her that round. I was also able to run Carth 16 squares and get the Senator shot on an unactivated IG-88A who had retreated around a corner by going around the long way across the bottom of the map, but unfortunately both of his attacks missed. Atton came in and killed the ERC that around also. Round 3 Satele used Intuition to move up and start killing IG-88 Assassin Droid (but took lots of damage back and got down to 10 HP that round) while Atton kept picking off the other characters like Juno and Leia. Carth chased down the very hurt IG-88A so next round I could kill him. Round 4 he won init but was in a situation that whichever IG-88 he didn't activate would immediately die. He used Assassin Droid to move away and Pulse Cannon Satele to auto-kill her as well as an adjacent Rodian Brute of mine, also hitting my Atton (who made the save) and his Crix Madine who failed the save and died. Carth finally caught back up with IG-88A to kill him, and Atton was able to finish off IG-88 Assassin Droid despite being awful at shooting Droids, and that was basically the game.

Round 4 was the really fun game against Christian Threet. He played Morrigan Corde, 3 BX Snipers, 3 BX Spotters, San Hill, Lobot, a Commando Droid Captain, and some Mouse Droids. He brought in the MTB and Mice, I brought the Human BG and some 3 pointers. I won map roll so he took the right of Rancor Pen and I took the left. Going into this I knew that Morrigan was the biggest threat just because of Suppressive Fire. If she so much as attacked one of my characters they would be easy pickings for the Snipers. So right at setup I started with a very high-risk high-reward play and set Carth Onasi up all but alone right in the Rancor Pen. He couldn't help but take the bait, and ran Morrigan out to kill Carth Onasi in his first phase of the game (he used the MTB to kill San Hill). This exposed Morrigan, though, so Atton came out on my turn and started trying to take her down. I needed her to fail 2 Evade saves, but he only failed one so she was down to 30 HP. If Atton had been able to finish her off then I'm pretty confident I would have had the game, because that would be both a points advantage for me and his biggest threat to me would have been eliminated. I still had options, though, so I ran Satele up into Gambit and the Human BG next to Atton. He moved a Spotter next to Morrigan, but left a spot adjacent to her open. Round 2 he went first and used intuition just to shift around but still left a spot open next to Morrigan, so I did another risky move and had Satele intuition right into the middle and within 6 of Morrigan. I knew this would force his hand to use her first and gave him an interesting choice. He could have shot at Satele and down 80 damage at most, or used Charging Fire to go attack Atton. He attacked Atton, combined with a Spotter on the first attack, but rolled a 1. This was fortunate, but since I had the Human BG next to Atton anyway it really only saved me from 20 damage there. The next shot hit and the Human BG took the shot. Now Satele was able to move up and Assault one of his Snipers to kill it with Cunning. He started unloading on Satele now, but she made some Absorb Energy saves to stay alive with 50 HP by the end of the round. Atton killed Morrigan, but Christian had surrounded Satele with Mouse Droids so she couldn't try to get away with Intuition. I moved a Mouse Droid of mine up, though, and gave Satele a shot with the Senator to attack a Mouse, but didn't get the 8 that I really needed. On init he used the Commando Droid Captain to shoot at Satele and got both shots through needing 10s (the dice were really against me this game, this was the second set of 2 shots the Captain got through on her needing 10s), killing her. He now advanced aggressively with his Snipers and Spotters, and eventually had Atton based by a Sniper and a Spotter with another Sniper not far and the other 2 Spotters. Atton being based by them, though, gave me a good chance to do damage without having to worry about the Energy Shield. So Atton starts unloading 30 damage shots and... missed every single one. Using both of his Force Points and the Senator shot, he made 5 rolls needing 9s and missed every single shot, with the Spotter just laughing at him. On init he killed Atton with the Sniper and he failed his Avoid Defeat save of course (the Human BG got killed by a Vibroblade attack from a Spotter). I still had a chance for victory, though, because I had moved up Bastila and the Klatooinian up and had done some Splash damage to one of his Snipers and 2 Spotters. He had a group of a 40 HP Sniper, 30 HP Spotter, and another 20 HP Spotter. I needed Bastila to use Lightsaber Assault to kill the Sniper, use the Klatooinian to kill one of the Spotters, and use the OR Senator's shot with Bastila to kill the other spotter and I would win the game by a few points. Just needed the dice to come through for me here. Unfortunately both Bastila and the Captain missed attacks and it wasn't meant to be, so Christian gets the win. It's just a 2 point win so he gets 5th instead of the top 4, but I don't think that matchup could ever result in a 3 point win for either side because Bastila cuts so much of his damage output and the Spotters forced me to play so cagey and carefully or else I'd just kill my own characters.

Overall a great day, thanks to Bronson for setting everything up. I finished 7th but felt alright because I knew that in my round 4 game I did everything I could to get a win but just couldn't get the rolls, so the only real big mistake I made that day was losing my Captain so early to Spry. I got lots of Rare and Very Rare minis I didn't have yet as prizes, as well as a Kenner Scout Trooper on Speeder Bike action figure that I used to have as a kid so I was stoked to win. :D

As always, it was fun seeing everyone and playing a good day of minis.

Author:  Weeks [ Mon Nov 05, 2012 9:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Minis-Mania II Previews and WINNER!

--Hero of Hyperbole--
42 General Grievous, Hero of Hypori
36 Darth Sidious
31 IG Lancer Droid
27 Lobot
10 San Hill
9 Battle Droid Officer
9 Poggle the Lesser
36 Geonosian Drone x18

(200pts. 25 activations)

So in my practice sessions for this tourney I was playing a Cad Bane/Arica team that had a twist I really really liked. After I saw Tim had decided to make the trek to Tenn I changed my mind. I truly despise having to play mirror matches and I figured he would play his Cad and Arica squad. So I did what I usually do and read about past tourneys and find stuf I liked. A guy in the Atlanta group had been playing this squad but with Assaj Assassin for a year or so and I've been spanked by it a few times. So with the new Grievous I liked the option of Strafe + Spinning Blades'ing stuff to death with a bunch of drones to blow up stuff in the way. I liked the challenge of the squad's only shooting being Poggle and the BDO. It meant I had to play extremely careful and be both able to plan out safe paths for every single character in the squad (cause you cant put drones next to each other) and also do that very very fast to get 3 point wins. I did end up 6-0 with all 3 point wins, so mission accomplished.

Round 1 vs Melinda (Lawful Evil Bastilla, Zannah, Atton, both Sith Ghosts, Gary, fodder)
I won map roll, chose my map: Rancor Pit.
Lobot (r7, 4 uggies)

Melinda had been playing minis for all of 1 day. So she needed some help on the rules. I did what I could to help, but teaching how to play vs my squad is a lot harder then I thought. Round 1 Zannah and Bastilla ran into gambit, by round 2 a bunch of drones had bear hugged them and killed them. Traded the Lancer for Atton (Worth IT!) and Grievous killed the leftovers.

Round 2 vs Graham (Sideous, Lancer, Lobot, Whorm, 2 IG86's, Overseer, filler)
I won map roll, chose his map: Ravaged Base.
Lobot (r7, 4 uggies)

Remember how much I love mirror matches? I chose his map because on mine he would of had completely shut down my strafe path's by taking the right side. On his map it's also much easier to make a minefield that cant be shot and is impossible for his lancer to go through. After about 15 minutes of the game he decided the only way to win was to have enough luck that I make the saves and my bombs dont blow up and score a crit on poggle with his lancer. He got the first part, didnt get the crit so he called it there.

Round 3 vs Richard (Mandalore the Vindicated, Training Sergent, x2 scouts, x2 scientists, x2 sabatuers, fodder.)
He won map, chose his map: Jabba's Palace.
Lobot (Muun Tactics Broker, 4 uggies)

So this is about one of the worst possible matches I could have drawn. Mandalore + Black Ops training vs my dudes who need Poggle's CE and my guys who have to move......he chose to give mandalore Parry too which made it even worse. First round I totally forget the movement thing training sergent has and have to recount my lancer path i had planned. He moves his dudes up and even is nice enough to open a door for me to strafe through (what a nice guy!). I send the Lancer through after I pawn it to get there and go ahead and count my run away landing spot next round. Between black ops, parry, and misses I didn't do a ton of damage but I got some through. I kept this going every round, pawn strafe, win init, strafe again and hide. And kept my 18 drones in the way to slow down Mandalore who was still advancing every round. I finally have to sell out the lancer to get all the way in his backfield to kill his r7 who is being annoying, this also lets me not worry about it and let grievous step in and start beating on guys. Finally I get some damage onto the black ops training guy and actually get damage on mandalore. After that I have 2 drones score crits on mandalore (score!) and the lancer makes it back across the map to help pound on him. He finally drops to a sideous Lightning. Lost every bomb and exactly 0 blew up. Good job targetting rules!

Round 4 vs Spry (IG88A, IG88 Assassin, Hk-47, Spotter droid, sniper droid, gha, lots of acts.)
I won map, chose his map:Peaceful City
Lobot (Muun Tactics Broker, 4 uggies)

This game was weird. I would hit all his guys and miss gha naught on strafes and then he would repair them back up, so annoying. I had to find a way to kill HK quickly or I'd kill my own squad with my MTB. So I keep strafing, and strafing, and strafing and get him down to 20, before I make a bone head move and land the lancer next to a door. He finds a LOS to it and boom, dead lancer. Now I send in grievous for a death run to do as much as he can. Grievous drops hk, gha, some punks who got in the way and threw some damage on the IGGY's. Then it was all drones chasing dudes down and sid lightning guys. I got down to Sid, 4 drones, Poggle, and the MTB before I finally dropped IG-88 Assassin. Those stupid shields and great play from spry made it really tough.

Semi-Final vs Jason (Atris, Thrawn, x3 echanis, veers, jaaba, Mas, r7, x2 brutes, uggie)
I won map, chose my map: Rancor Pit.
Lobot (Muun Tactics Broker, r7, uggie)

I knew that I would get blasted like crazy in this game on my map, but screw playing on his map. He just completely dominated Graham's Lancer on his map so I knew I map to play out of my mind to get my 0 shooter squad to beat Super echani's. Round 1 he blows up a few drones and advances. I did my best to give him shots that would make him have to move out into strafeable zones. He gives me 2 strafeable echanis and I take it. I end up trading the lancer for two of the handmaidens (WORTH IT!) and then try and figure out how to win the game from there. The game came down to his having to move an echani via swap over to my end of the table to get some shots needing 6's to kill grievous. He hits em all and I'll have a hard time cutting through all of his Hp fast enough with my dwindling amount of drones. He misses just one and grievous can at least kill the last handmaiden and maybe get a little damage on guys before he dies. Thankfully (for me anyway) he misses two. Grievous is still in spinning blades shape and takes out the echani. Jason sends Atris after grievous but misses the fact grievous has Parry. At the next init Grievous kills Atris and parries away the riposte. From there drones bear hugged thrawn and veers and grievous and sideous finished them off.

Final vs Spry....again.
He won map, chose his map: Peaceful City.

Cntl + C, Cntl + P all of what happened in game 1 onto this one with just a few changes. In this one I played great until the end part where I let grievous get shot down to 30 HP (duh!). The only damage my Lancer took was from pawn damage, and it died from taking pawn damage. I finally got him down to just IG88A and the end game was IG88A + 7 mice vs San Hill, BDO, Poggle, 1 drone, and grievous. San Hill on my side helped a lot, even in end game activating 1 is HUGE!!!!! He kills poggle wisely with 88A and San Hill, and the BDO each kill a mouse a piece. Grievous kills the mouse in front of 88A and sid runs up to tank and zap him. At init sid Zaps again and 88A shoots and moves back. Grievous spends his force point to wall climb over the mice and smack 88A once, which got him down to 30HP. i won the last init and grievous finshed him off on the last hit after I use sid's force point to reroll it.

So I won, really fun tourney. Got to run a faction I don't use a lot, using a piece I helped design. Felt pretty good. Grievous only killed 2 jedi all day (evil Bastilla and Atris) but spinning blades is still crazy effective even with only a +10 attack.

Thanks to Bronson for putting on the event and to everyone that came out to play (except nick, screw you). I was able to buy some old NES games my wife wanted for christmas and now I have a snazy new trophy I get to show off to family who still isn't sure what exactly I do on these trips. Now I just show them the trophy lol.

Here's looking forward to Minis Mania 3!

Author:  thereisnotry [ Mon Nov 05, 2012 1:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Minis-Mania II Previews and WINNER!

Weeks wrote:
Final vs Spry

See, Matt? I told you the squad was good! :D

Author:  urbanjedi [ Mon Nov 05, 2012 9:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Minis-Mania II Previews and WINNER!

I played Maxed out Maidens
3x Echanis
General Veers
Jabba Crime Lord
Mas Amedda
2x rodians

Rd 1 against Christian and his energy shields.
We sat down, looked at the matchup and both determined that this game would come down to whether I made my shield rolls. He outactivated me and had the MTB with his guys with intuition so I had no choice but to shoot his guys and hope to make the saves. I failed 4 out of the first 5 to lose 2 echanis without killing anything then finally killed a couple dudes but too little to late. If I roll hot I have a chance in this matchup otherwise it is game over. 0-1 0pts.

Rd 2 against Adam with a variant of Tim's Stealth and Blue with Ozzel
I win map again and I am on the side without the protected gambit. I use the fact he has Ozzel to set up all kinds of shots and Kill 3 rodians his R7 and Arica in round 1 in exchange for my R7. It goes down hill fast for him after that and I win the game in short order as it doesn't take too much longer to drop Cad Bane and then run down Thrawn and Mas in the back. 1-1 3 pts.

Rd 3 against Dennis and his OR Bodyguard squad.
I win map again and am on the same side. I unload on Shada Dukal before she can do anything and then he pops Bastilla in rd 1. I then just run dudes up. In round 2 I just outactivate him so I manage to get 20 damage to stick to Satele before Bastilla wears off and then I swap in an Echani and unload and he makes his absorb with a re-roll but with a crit I get her down to 10 left with init coming. And then I roll the dreaded 1 for init. He has to assault and then move away to not just lose Satele. That lets me drop a ton on Atton (he makes the avoid defeat) and then he pops bastilla again. I run play a little defense and try and wait him out until I get me CEs back again. Then I get to drop bastilla (she failed the defense) and Finish off Carth and finally do the last 10 to Satele. Then finally I get to Zam and finish her off with about 2 minutes to go for the 3 point win. 2-1 6 pts.

Rd 4 against Graham and his Lancer with San squad
I win map again and he picks the side I have been playing so I get the side with the protected gambit. This game reminds me why Graham is so much fun to play as he has a running commentary throughout the game that is both accurate and funny. As round 1 progresses he laments that there are lines everywhere and I have set up so he can't shut them all off. So he has to waste the first couple moves moving his lancer to safety and his 86s to safety. I use San against him and finally get situated and take out his HBG and another activation leaving my R7 vulnerable to 1 set of shots from his 86 needing 7s. He misses 1 so doesn't kill it which lets me kill the 86 on the next init. He has to keep the lancer hidden as his current hiding spot isn't safe anymore. I just kill his last 2 mouse droids to take away twin as he has already moved whorm and he is out hiding so he doesn't get shot. It does allow him to get to 2 echanis. Strafe the first with pawn and then strafe them both and then land next to the second and make his regular attack. This could have made the game closer, but he misses 1 of the attacks leaving the echani alive and then I win init and smoke the lancer. Use the other echani to pick off the last 86 and he scoops up his dudes with no damage dealers left against my 2 echanis.

Finished the Swiss in 4th place and sneak into the top 4. Would probably have been out if Daniel and Christian had been able to finish their game. I draw Weeks in the playoffs.

Rd 5 Weeks and his Poggle Lancer Hypori squad
I finally lose map and take the side with the rooms. He spreads way out. I shoot and shoot and shoot and shoot drones and move up the board. He makes some saves and some drones die. I lock a bunch of his drones in the rancor pen but that is just so I don't have to deal with them right away. We go to round 2 where I do the same thing. He has set up the lancer to move pawn and then move on the won init (with MTB) and is able to take out 2 Echanis. The other Echani kills the lancer but now it is game on. I keep shooting drones with everyone (Thrawn and Veers were mowin them down). I still have Weeks on the MTB clock so he makes the move. Moves Grevious up. I swap and maneuver to get a line and need 4 6s to probably win the game but I only hit 2 of 4 and the game is essentially over at that point. I try a last ditch effort but forget about parry and he parries both attacks and closes out the game with some bear hugs.

Overall had a great time and a fun tournament.

Author:  TimmerB123 [ Thu Nov 08, 2012 8:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Minis-Mania II Previews and WINNER!

Daniel (echo) won a special prize at the tournament.


Make sure to ask him about it!


Author:  R5Don4 [ Thu Nov 08, 2012 8:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Minis-Mania II Previews and WINNER!

Tim, some things that happen in Tennessee need to stay in Tennessee.

Author:  Echo [ Thu Nov 08, 2012 9:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Minis-Mania II Previews and WINNER!

You know, I had just started to forget about that..... :?

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