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Author:  KYLEwalker [ Fri Sep 21, 2012 2:21 am ]
Post subject:  Star Wars MiniManager

Hi, I am a new member on SWMGamers.com (and I'm Hungarian; in Europe, you know :-)), and I have a question for you.
My brother made an AddOn for the SW MiniManager which contains the all V-Sets which came out (Destiny, Renegade, Vengeance, Theed, Epic, Cantina).
Okay, I know there is a downloadable addon somewhere on the web (made by Swinefeld) which contains the new V-Sets, but my problem with this:
- You can only see the V-Sets character, if you click on the 'Display all sets' button
- The Query Builder doesn't display the V-Sets character (for example, if you type on the 'Search Phrase' box 'Han Solo', it doesn't display 'Han Solo, Gambler' from Destiny of the Force)
- And so on... there is a lot of bug or missing option in this AddOn.

But now, my brother made another AddOn, and fix this problems.
- All V-Sets character get in the Supplemental section, and now you can see there if you click on the 'Display Supplemental miniatures'
- The Query Builder is working very well now for V-Sets character too.
- New or remastered picture for some characters (for example, Exar Kun Dark Force Spirit now looks like Spirit :-))
- And many bug fixes and modifications

Okay, there is my(/our) question:
We wish to contact Chuck Monarch who made the famous Star Wars MiniManager, but I don't know his email in the MiniManager at the About section is valid at this time?
How can publish this new MiniManager?
We appreciate Chuck Monarch's workmanship, and we don't want 'boast with foreign feathers' (as the proverb says). And we don't need any rights or credits, it belongs to Chuck Monarch (you can't find our (me and brother) name in the new MiniManager, but you can find Chuck Monarch's name; so it doesn't changed, and never will change).
We want just help anybody who wish to use a new MiniManager with the new V-Set characters, and that's all!
So, what is the method to publicate this MiniManager?

Thanks for any answers, comments, helps, supports, critiques, and so on!

And repeat: we don't need any donates, rights, credits, mention or something. It's just a fan made creation for us and anybody who needs it.

Yours sincerely:

Author:  Sithborg [ Fri Sep 21, 2012 8:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Star Wars MiniManager

Chuck hasn't done anything with Minimanager in quite some time. Swinefield has pretty much done all the Vset additions, so you should talk to him.

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