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SWMGPA Rankings: How Does it Work?!
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Author:  kezzamachine [ Mon Jul 16, 2012 6:24 pm ]
Post subject:  SWMGPA Rankings: How Does it Work?!

So, I am aware that I have spoken lots about the Rankings on BlooMilk and thought I needed make sure that the SWMgamers guys had access to that same info. My goal is to get as many folk using the system as I can so we can a) have lots of nice rankings b) everyone is comfortable with how to put results in and read them (and what it means) and c) so folk can tell me how to improve those systems.

How does it work? Well, the ranking system is essentially based on your average game. Do you often win in under an hour? Do you often go to time? The system takes a game you play against a given opponent and score from that game and ranks it. It uses the 3-2-1 scoring system which differs slightly from the 3-2 scoring in that you can be awarded 1pt for losing but by taking half your opponents points in that loss. (That gives you something more to play for.) When you enter your game scores into the system (ie. 200-45 in a 200pt game), it will award you and your opponent ranking points (3,2,1 or 0). (It also allows you to record squads and maps and eventually I'd like to use that in statistics etc.)

Your average score is multiplied by 100... that's because 239pts looks cooler than 2.39pts.

It matters who you play against. It's no good to simply plug in your results by themselves. There is no way of showing if you've just beaten the same guy 20 times or 20 different folk. You are only as good as you last game against a given opponent. That is, if you play Daniel and beat him (sorry, Daniel) you gain the points for that victory (either 3 or 2) but if he turns around and beats you the next week, both of your scores will change.

Your scores don't live forever, either. They depreciate over time. For the first 6 months, they sit at their full value and then over the next 6 months, they depreciate towards zero. The weighting of that result also diminishes too so your not penalised by those points dwindling away. That result simply disappears. This means that you are encouraged to keep playing and registering scores - you can't win 5 games on the trot and stay #1 forever.

You need a minimum of 5 games/opponents to get full access to your ranking. Otherwise you will sit at a % of your full score. (ThereIsNoTry has just won against 4 opponents at the Vassal Regional but his score is at 240pts (80% of the full 300pts).

Playing a big tournament matters. Your score is effectively 67% of its full possible score unless you play at a US Regional or a National Level tournament. This does two things. It stops someone beating up on the same 5-6 people at his LGS and being #1 in the world, and it encourages people to enter the big tournaments - to test themselves against the best and to justify their score. Hinkbert was #1 with eight 3pt wins, but this could only net him a score of 200pts (67% of a perfect 300) and so, when theHutts won the New Zealand Tournament, his 239pt (which included 5 2pt wins and a loss) was high enough to see him overtake. (This unlocking of Top Tier access will depreciate too.)

Your ranking is recorded against your email address. Once a tournament organiser has your address they can put your details in against it. It will either assign you a spot on the rankings (which you can later on go in and fully register, change your name etc.) or tag those results to your existing address.

You can register games, multiple games or enter in tournaments.

(That doesn't mean you need to start scoring Tournaments/LGS nights as 3-2-1 either. But it does mean you need to record the scores of the games. The website will help you assign points.)

I hope this helps. I'll answer any questions, but I do encourage you to get your results in.

Author:  kezzamachine [ Mon Jul 16, 2012 6:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SWMGPA Rankings: How Does it Work?!

I especially want Regional results as, although I like seeing Kiwis at the top of the list, I don't fully believe that they are really as high as that in the world (with the exception of theHutts who is really that good). I understand that the results recorded from the Regionals may be in varying states - some may not have recorded maps, some may not have recorded 3/2pt wins, some may not have recorded the information necessary to allocate 1pt losses, and some may not have even collected email addresses. That is fine, we'll work with what we got!

Its been suggested I put together a form so that the info needed for the tournaments is easy to record and then transfer across. I also am going to try and contact and work with the scoring software folk to get a fancy little button to add to simply dump the info from the software into the website.

(I actually need to get you guys using the site so I can convince my programmer friend that people are using this for him to do more!)

You rule. Especially you.

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