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Floor Rules Playtesting
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Author:  The_Celestial_Warrior [ Wed Oct 05, 2011 11:22 am ]
Post subject:  Floor Rules Playtesting

Ok, it's that time of year again where I start looking at all the new maps to add to next years floor rules update. This thread will be for your playtesting results. Anyone with a playtest report can post here and it will be a stickied thread. YOU CAN ONLY POST OPINIONS OR THOUGHTS IF IT IS ACCOMPANIED BY A PLAYTEST. I am not afraid to routinely go through and delete posts/rants that do not contain this.

The New Maps:

Chris West:

Mass Transit III

Matt Francella-Josh Derksen:

Remote Listening Post-Commercial Spaceport

Outlaw City-Sinkhole

Also being considered is a revert back to the old Soresu Style Mastery. Please abuse and put any reports here as well. Thanks.

Author:  R5Don4 [ Wed Oct 05, 2011 1:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Floor Rules Playtesting

What this thread needs are some pics of the maps!


Having played on Remote Listening Post once and only once (against Josh Derksen) it was clear to me it was not designed with competitive play in mind. The outside (right), the side I started on, is at a real disadvantage. The huge pits dividing up the startinga area really stink for scrambling commanders to safety. The map from the right not only lacks a safe set up area it also lacks protected paths to the gambit area that were not isolated or possibly dead ends leading directly to my opponents waiting grasp.
:saber: 1 out of 5


Commercial Spaceport I have played on a number of times and I really enjoy this map. This map was designed and redesigned with competitive play in mind. It has cover to approach Gambit from both sides. It is very open while at the same time not a shooters paradise. I have not played/played against Lancer/Yobuck squads on this map but I would think they would do fairly well on it, at the same time other squad types should do alright as well. Very fun map.

:saber: :saber: :saber: :saber: 4 out of 5


I have only played on this map a few times but it seems to be fairly balanced from both sides. The rooms/pathways in the center are meant to be somewhat unfavorable to the large based Lancer, while I think Yobuck would enjoy this map. This map is a bit more shooty, with a couple of long lines of sight but can be avoided by a player that is aware of them. Small beefcake squads will have no problem approaching engagement on this map.

:saber: :saber: :saber: :saber: 4 out of 5


I only played on this map once with a heavy Melee Sith/Mando squad against a Sep Shooter Squad. It didn't go so well for me. Having a bit of door control was the only thing that kept the match from being a first round slaughter. This map seems fairly balanced from both sides, but door control is a must to prevent having your opponent have their way with you. The two square shooting lane that opens up when those three lined up doors are open can be hard to overcome.

:fight: 2 out of 5

Having not played on Mass Transit III I will decline to comment at this time.

In Lieu may I present this photo of Chewbacca's wife Mala on Life Day Morning.


So that is what was under Mala's fur. Too bad Chewie couldn't fit enough bic razors in her Lifeday stocking to finish the job.

:saber: :saber: :saber: :saber: :saber: 5 out of 5

Author:  Grand Moff Boris [ Wed Oct 05, 2011 2:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Floor Rules Playtesting

The_Celestial_Warrior wrote:
Also being considered is a revert back to the old Soresu Style Mastery. Please abuse and put any reports here as well. Thanks.

To take this a step further, with the advent of Darth Zannah and the anticipation of more Obi-Wans with Soresu Style Mastery, I began about 3 or 4 months ago looking at what the new V-sets offered to the game and one of those things is easy kill with on-the-move melee figures. Specifically the new Mace, Jaina, and a couple that you may or may not have seen yet. We've also pushed the envelope on Force powers that deal direct damage and I think many of those are seeing more play these days. So the question is, can SSM figures still fall - or finish the game in total victory - within an hour time limit? I believe that they can and I am looking for specific details about games that test that theory.

Please do NOT just post, yeah we played it and it was okay. Please provide specific details. How long did you play? Who won? How many saves did your SSM character make (or have to make)? Was it a full win or did the game go to time (just another way of reiterating the question HOW LONG DID YOU PLAY?)? What map(s) were you on.

And of course, more games provide better information. One game is not a test. Thanks for your help with this project. I know TCW needs all the help he can get. :P

Author:  urbanjedi [ Wed Nov 02, 2011 9:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Floor Rules Playtesting

Played a couple of games on remote listening post and Commercial Spaceport. It was Maul, holosid, Treya, Bandon, filler (150) vs Maul, 2x A-series Assassin droids, bdo, whorm, Oom-9 filler.

The remote listening center had horrible set-up for the one side and limited advance options. Basically ran to the center and fought it out, with no where for the shooters to get any good lines because there weren't many good spots to advance to as shooters. This map also favors override as there are many key doors to open and close.

Would recommend for Standard list but not for restricted list.

As for the spaceport. Gambit was bad news. You can't move from one side to the other of it in a turn because it is all difficult terrain. One player had something like 9 rounds of gambit while the other had none and spent the whole game trying to pick off and set up to keep the game from getting out of hand. IT is also very wide open and Lancer/Yobuck/even Swap would have a field day as there aren't really any safe spots on the map.

Again would probably recommend for standard but say no way for restricted.

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