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 Post subject: Game you should have all seen!
PostPosted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 4:21 pm 
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I'm not sure of the best place to post this, so I'll just stick it here.
Jason (Nickname) and I just played what could be called the craziest Vassal Game ever (okay, that's a little over-dramatic). He isn't in the League, so we just played a quick 100 point game.
I wasn't sure what to play, so I threw something together real quick. I'm not sure, but he may have done something similar:
Jabba, Crime Lord *********************Commander Gree
Rodian Hunt Master ******************* Wookiee FF x2
Rodian Scoundrel x3 ****************** Wookiee Berserker x2
Mas Amedda ************************ Wookiee Soldier
Uggie x2 **************************** Wookiee Commando x2
Wicket ****************************** Uggie
************************************* Wookiee Scout

We played on Starship, he took pit side, I stuck my troops in the room.
--First round, we traded some Uggies, and Gree Mobiled out to hit Jabba.
--Next round, we moved some troops around, and a few Scoundrels got off some Twin Opportunist Deadeye shots. No dead fur yet, but some of them got singed. Another Mobile by Gree hits Jabba! He was amazing!
--I won init, moved Wicket up, and picked off both WFF's before they ever got to run up. We traded lots of shots and hits this round, many casualties.
--Beginning of round 5, Jabba was based by some Wookiees, I won init, and smacked for 40. Even Mas got in a kill before he went down!
--For round 6, all that was left was his Gree and Scout, and I had one Scoundrel and my Hunt Master. It went back and forth, I killed Gree, and had his scout and my two Rodians
--I ran up with Scoundrel, shot, missed. I tucked H.M. in behind. He ran up and hit, killing the Scoundrel. Initiative . . .
--I won, lined up the shot, his 30 HP vs. my 10. I hit with Deadeye! It was one of my favorite games I can remember. So back and forth with two fun gimmick squads! I loved it!

Jason, I thank you very much for the game!

That's right, it's always the one in the middle you would least expect to be the most dangerous!

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