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 Post subject: So what's been going on?
PostPosted: Sat Dec 08, 2007 11:10 pm 
Unnamed Stormtrooper
Unnamed Stormtrooper

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I haven't really posted over here at all since the move which was months ago, and I hardly post at the Wizards boards, but I have heard that Bill has been perma-banned? What the heck?

(I have removed my rambling over the WizO's and the Wizards boards that was originally here in the section of my post, because I have just read the new rule regarding WizO bashing.)

Anyways, I would like to show my support for Bill. I've been a proud member of the SWM community since September of 2006, and I never had a negative experience with Bill. He's been a great member to the community, and even though I have not played him, he is also an awesome player, from what I read and what I have seen on Vassal.

Well, in an update with what I have been up to... well, nothing really. Just work and family... or family and work? I dunno. Oh, and I have been playing Halo 3 a lot with DarkLordVerjal and basalisk/Gareth Lorn. Fun stuff. But not so much recently.

Also, to stay on topic of SWM, I only bought 2 packs of TFU. I pulled a PROXY, a Kazdan, an Uggernaught, and a Junk Golem. Meh. I am hoping for a case for Christmas. I really want the Classic Trilogy minis from that set, especially a Han Sickle.

I hope everybody has been doing well. I'll see you all around, mainly here, as I will be staying away from the Wizards boards a lot more.

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