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2015 Indiana Regional - West Lafayette
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Author:  LESHIPPY [ Sat Jan 24, 2015 9:02 pm ]
Post subject:  2015 Indiana Regional - West Lafayette

Yes we have a new location for the regional this year. We will be holding the regional at the lovely campus of Purdue University. We will be playing in the Purdue Memorial Union. Parking in Grant Street parking garage (map) is free.

Friday June -12 7pm
Imperial Assault Skirmish
Cost $5
Prizes - First place - 3-day pass to Indy Pop Con. The contents of a core set will be split up and used as prize support.
Rules - 40 point squad, 15 car/15 point command deck. 45 minute rounds

Rules - 40 point squad, 15 car/15 point command deck. 45 minute rounds

Saturady - June 13 10am
Indiana Regional
Cost $15
Main Prize GenCon Badge (provided we have enough players) Star Wars Trivia Pursuit Saga Edition (sealed), Maps and tiles from Chris West, Framed Star Wars Art, and customs by Lily_Wan
Squad size 200 points
Map list:
Restricted B (Tatooine) and D
Swiss to get to top for then playoff 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3

To uphold our tradition we will play two rounds and then go have Margaritas as big as your head. Then return for the rest of swiss

During top 4
Royal Rumble
Cost $5
First Place - Yoda Goblet - Three boosters will be divided up and used as prize support for this event.
Rules to be posted

Sunday - June 14 10am
Cost $5
Prizes - Most Wanted Expansion Pack, IG-2000 Expansion Pack, StarViper Expansion Pack, M3-A Interceptor Expansion Pack

For non xwingers - Geonosis Mass Battle - 8 Players Max

Author:  DarkDracul [ Sat Jan 24, 2015 10:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2015 Indiana Regional - West Lafayette

Another tradition, group picture. :ugeek:

Author:  DarthJawa [ Thu Jan 29, 2015 8:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2015 Indiana Regional - West Lafayette

Should be there with amanda

Author:  LESHIPPY [ Thu Jan 29, 2015 5:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2015 Indiana Regional - West Lafayette

Note date change

Author:  LESHIPPY [ Mon Mar 16, 2015 8:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2015 Indiana Regional - West Lafayette

Map list will be B and D

Restricted B

Rancor Pen (WotC)
Jabba's Palace (JC
Anchorhead (JC)
Cantina (JC)

Restricted D
(Force Locales)
Dark Academy (JC)
Great Library (JC)
Rhen Var Citadel (JC)

Author:  LESHIPPY [ Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2015 Indiana Regional - West Lafayette

The Imperial Assault tournament has picked up a sponsor. Indy Pop Con will be providing a 3 day pass for first place.

Author:  LESHIPPY [ Fri Apr 17, 2015 10:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2015 Indiana Regional - West Lafayette

Some of the prize support has been posted.

Author:  LESHIPPY [ Mon Apr 20, 2015 1:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2015 Indiana Regional - West Lafayette

We picked up a new sponsor today.
Chris West will be providing maps for prize support.

Author:  LESHIPPY [ Tue Apr 28, 2015 8:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2015 Indiana Regional - West Lafayette

If you are planning on playing the Geonosis Battle on Sunday, please let me know. It only plays 8 players and spots are filling up. Thanks.

Author:  LESHIPPY [ Mon May 04, 2015 1:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2015 Indiana Regional - West Lafayette

Royal Rumble Rules -
Each player must bring 3 2-man (100 pts or less) squads and will have 1 squad in play at a time.
Each 2-character team is 100 pts or less and has NO faction restrictions. All games are played in the Rattatak Arena

A fun format that a couple of friends and I put together designed for 3-4 players. We were thinking of a way for multiple people can all play against one another. I think you'll find that the 'royal rumble' is a fitting name.

To start out, everthing is played on the rattatak arena map (the asajj map pack, I think). Everything is played in the arena floor it's considered wall all the way around. The 4 doors are your phase in points (I'll get to that a little later). Everyone makes three seperate 100 pnt (or under) teams of 2 characters each with no faction restriction (so 6 figures total). Unique rules still apply. You may only have 1 uniquely named character amongst all 6 of your characters. IE, if you have Han G.H. in 1 of your squads you can not have another Han in any other of your teams. Everything is played on the interior of the arena, doors are considered closed for the whole game and no one may exit the arena in anyway. Doors are your starting/phase in point. Roll for set up. Highest roll chooses door, second highest chooses second, etc... Choose 1 of your squads, all players reveal their first squads at the same time and set up with both characters adjacent to your phase in door in the same order your phase in door was chosen. Your other two squads can enter later in the game. Roll init. Winner chooses who goes first, play proceeds to the left. (clockwise) Each player will only activate 1 character per phase. When any players team of 2 is defeated, that character can phase in his next team at the start of next init. (players may choose either 1 of their remaining teams). Player collects points equal to the characters point cost that he or she defeated. Once a players final character is defeated, he or she is out of the game and shall add up there total points scored. When only 1 player remains he or she receives points equal to the point cost total of all their undefeated characters, including those who may not have been phased in. Winner is the player with the highest point total. Tie breaker goes to the player with the last defeated character of the players tied.

Special Rules:

- targeting: every player may target the nearest character of each players squad. Adjaceny still trumps.

- Emplacement: characters with emplacement must set up with its entire base within 6 squares of that players phase in door.

- Master Tacticion and Tacticion +(#) work as normal.

- lasting effects: (ie - dark force spirit, impulsive abilitys, etc...) lasting effects only apply to the characters currently on the board at the time the ability takes effect.

- additional characters: no additional characters may be added to the board for any squad. ( reinforcements, reserves, alchemy, dismount, etc...). Abilitys that cause characters to switch teams are allowed. ( betrayal, internal strife, turn to the dark side, master of pain, etc...).

- defeating own characters: if you defeat your own character due to repulse, grenades, use the force, etc... All other players split that characters points. (rounded down).

- Bombad Gungan: if bombad gungan cause you to target a different enemy. The player doing the attacking/targeting will get the points if that enemy is defeated. If bombad gungan causes you to target yourself thus resulting in your players defeat all other players will split those points (see defeating own characters above).

- force suppression: In the event of more than one character with force suppression on the board at the same time, you will still only have to pay 1 extra force as this will fall under the general rule of stacking. A character can't be affected by the same ability multiple times unless it specifically says "this ability stacks" (which force suppression does not).

[Game going to time] We should all know by now that if you are the last man standing in a game that ends BEFORE time, you add the points of the characters you have left (even those that may not have been on the board yet).
Well in the event of a game going to time, players still remaining, add ONLY THE POINTS FROM THIER CHARACTERS IN PLAY.
We are trying to push aggression and action here, if we have 4 guys dancing around and still only on their 1st or 2nd duo then there is not a lot of conflict going on, so to repeat in a game that goes to time players remaining can only add the points from their characters in play.

Hostage Shield - I will rule this the same way I rule Jar Jar. Points will be awarded to the player that did the attacking.

Replication - Replication will work as normal. You still cannot have another IG88 in one of your other squads and a teammate still can not have an Ig88 on one of their teams. It will work for that 1 pair.

Resol'nare - this will work the way it currently works in the normal game. If you have the Kelborn pair based to the same enemy and move away using Resol'nare, that enemy will get 1 AoO and will have to pick which character to take the AoO on.

Author:  Lou [ Mon May 04, 2015 10:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2015 Indiana Regional - West Lafayette

I cant wait to attend.

Author:  LESHIPPY [ Wed May 13, 2015 9:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2015 Indiana Regional - West Lafayette

Just got word from Chris Pulis. He will be donating at least one star wars themes dice tower and dice bag for prize support. Thanks Chris.

Author:  LESHIPPY [ Fri May 22, 2015 10:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2015 Indiana Regional - West Lafayette

Prize support from Lilly_Wan


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