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Can the Rebels run more then 4
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Author:  LESHIPPY [ Thu Oct 22, 2015 7:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Can the Rebels run more then 4

So I have been playing the Imperials and running a campaign as well as participating in one as a rebel player. Do you think that it is possible for the Rebels to run more then 4 characters and still keep the game a challenge?

Author:  thereisnotry [ Thu Oct 22, 2015 9:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Can the Rebels run more then 4

Yes, it's possible. However, you'll have to develop some kind of house rule, and houserules can be very difficult to balance properly. You might want to increase the threat level by 1 per mission. Or maybe the Imperial player gets more threat to start a mission...similar to how it works when using an Ally like Han or Chewie.

So it's definitely do-able. The important thing is that you do it in a way what is fun for all the players (including the Imperial player)...if that is successful then yes, I don't think there's any reason not to add an extra player.

Just recognize that it may skew the balance of some missions, that's all.

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