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Delaware Regional results
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Author:  thereisnotry [ Mon Jul 29, 2013 8:46 am ]
Post subject:  Delaware Regional results

Six of us turned up at Days of Knights in Newark, De, on Saturday, July 27. I was serving as the main judge, with Hinkbert being the back-up judge in case one of my games needed a ruling. We were going to use the Pairing Software, but we had a miscommunication about who would bring the computer, and so we had to do it manually--thankfully, it wasn't very complicated since we only had 6 people.

I had everyone write down their squads, but then I airheadedly forgot the papers at the game store. :roll: So here is my best recollection of what people were playing, and the standings at the end of 3 rounds of Swiss:

1. TJ (FlyingArrow)--3-0 (8pts)
Sith: Caedus, Zannah, Zam Wesell BH, Lobot, Klat Assassin x2, Ug (Cantina)

2. Josh Hinkel (Hinkbert)--2-1 (6pts)
Sith: Marka Ragnos, Caedus, Vergere, Exar DFS, Recruit x4, Ug x3 (Rancor Pit)

3. Trevor Payton (thereisnotry)--2-1 (6pts)
Mandos: MtV, Kelborn, Mando Tactician, Mando Captain, Mando Scout x2, DW Saboteur, Mouse x3, Ug x3 (Anchorhead)

4. Andy (AndyHatton)--1-2 (3pts)
NR: Luke GH, Jaden Korr, Ganner, Lobot, Anakin Solo, Jarael, Dodonna, R7

5. Ari (Darth Ivlis)--1-2 (2pts)
Imperials: Thrawn, Weir, Veers, Nyna, Storm Commando x2, Pellaeon, Ozzel, Mas, Ug x2, Rodian Brute x2 (Anchorhead)

6. Tim (CorranHorn)--0-3 (0pts)
Sith: Caedus, Jaq, Vergere, Bandon, Lobot, Exar DFS, and Recruits (Simulation Deck)

Yes, that's 3 Caedus squads in a field of 6! :o I'm sorry that I don't have all the squad info or all the names. I did the best I could from memory and the small records that I did keep.

TJ vs Andy = TJ wins
Trevor vs Josh = Josh wins

TJ vs Trevor = Trevor wins

Final standings:
1. Trevor -- 4-1
2. TJ -- 4-1
3. Josh -- 2-2
4. Andy -- 1-3
5. Ari -- 1-2
6. Tim -- 0-3

I'll post my own report later on.

Author:  TimmerB123 [ Mon Jul 29, 2013 11:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Delaware Regional results

Congrats Trevor - does that make 3 regional wins for you?

Author:  thereisnotry [ Mon Jul 29, 2013 6:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Delaware Regional results

No, just 2. I've played in the finals four times: I lost twice (the first Vassal Regional, the first Ontario Regional) and won twice (Vassal Regional last year, Delaware Regional this year).

Author:  TimmerB123 [ Tue Jul 30, 2013 12:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Delaware Regional results

And a little old world championship.

Author:  Darth_Jim [ Tue Jul 30, 2013 4:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Delaware Regional results

Congratulations, Trevor! If I had been there...you would have won lol. My squad can't handle that one, as I think we found out on Vassal. Thanks and kudos to Tim (Corranhorn) for organizing the event.

Author:  thereisnotry [ Tue Jul 30, 2013 7:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Delaware Regional results

TimmerB123 wrote:
And a little old world championship.

Oh yes, I guess there is that too. :oops:

Darth_Jim wrote:
Congratulations, Trevor! If I had been there...you would have won lol. My squad can't handle that one, as I think we found out on Vassal. Thanks and kudos to Tim (Corranhorn) for organizing the event.

Yes, we had much thanks for Tim. Cool guy.

What I've found when playing this squad is that there aren't a lot of squads that it really has to fear. Some matchups are obviously more difficult than others, but I've found that, unless my opponent has ABM or beefy disruptive, I can handle most squads fairly well. I lost to Minitank's MtV/Fenn/Kelborn squad in the vassal regional because he disrupted my Twin CE and still had his own Twin from the Scientist. But even against ABM, I've got cloaked and lots of pre-round movement, which will cause headaches for the movement-impaired OR. I had some trouble with tank squads (Zannah is always a pain, and Marka's 25 Def in cover after I've lost my Traps fig is also a pain), but even then, a well-timed crit (Deadly Atk with Ruthless) can turn the tables pretty quickly. If I was going to Gencon this year, I think I'd probably play this one for the Championship. It has plenty of damage output and its a pile of fun to play, with all of the tactical options that it gives you.

I expect that I'll probably post my play report tonight.

Author:  AndyHatton [ Wed Jul 31, 2013 2:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Delaware Regional results

Ari's username was Moff Ivlis. I dragged him out of retirement for this event

the only other piece I used mainsquad was an R7. My typical reinforcements were a Felucian, 2 Mice, and 2 Uggies.

Had a great time and glad folks could come out :saber:

Author:  FlyingArrow [ Wed Jul 31, 2013 3:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Delaware Regional results

My map was Cantina. corranhorn's was Simulation Deck.

Crossposting my play report from bloomilk...
http://www.bloomilk.com/Forums/default. ... ts&t=12905
I took the following squad to Delaware Regionals:

--ZZ Caedus--
54 Darth Caedus, Sith Lord
48 Darth Zannah
44 Zam Wesell, Bounty Hunter
27 Lobot
24 Klatooinian Assassin x2
3 Ugnaught Demolitionist

Preferred Reinforcements:
(Lobot) 12 Klatooinian Assassin
(Lobot) 8 R7 Astromech Droid

(200pts. 9 activations)

MAP: Cantina

Reports are to the best of my memory. I'm sure I'm misremembering things. I used those same reinforcements for every match but the finals.

Round 1: Versus corranhorn - Sith
Darth Caedus, SL
Darth Bandon
Exar Kun FS
Lobot (Klat Assassin + fodder)

Played on Simulation Deck

I started in the bottom left lift. corranhorn's squad was in the upper right. Early on, he left Jaq exposed, which swung the game in my direction pretty early. I overrode a door open and Zam was able to shoot in place. One of the shots was a crit, so Jaq was taken out in one activation, along with Exar Kun.

After that, Zannah and a Klatooinian moved into gambit. Bandon and ch's Klat were also there. Putting Zannah in the center of the room, Caedus from the bottom of the map near the observation deck targeted Zannah and double-manipulated Bandon and his Klat into the nearby pit. Some combination of Bandon and his Klat had killed my Klatooinian in gambit. Meanwhile, one of my other Klatooinians tracked down Vergere. They traded blows - the Klat hit twice and it took Vergere two hits to kill the Klat. The self-destruct killed Vergere, too. Corranhorn's Caedus faced off with Zannah and they were trading blows. My Caedus manipulated his Caedus into the gambit room adjacent to low objects and my Klatooinian Assassin. Zam missiled Caedus - both Caedus and the Klat auto-failed the saves, dealing 50dmg to Caedus, killing him.

Round 2: Versus Hinkbert - Sith
Marka Ragnos
Darth Caedus, SL
Exar Kun FS
fodder (no lobot)

Played on Cantina

He started in the back rooms, I started at the front door. He advanced through the center room. I set up with Zannah blocking the small door and the other door Overridden closed. I got an early hit on Caedus by manipulating him out of his corner and then Corrupting and attacking him with Zam and 2 Klats. (I don't remember him rolling future corruption saves - not sure if we forgot that. I sure did.) It did a lot of damage, but Vergere healed him a couple of times over the next two rounds while he hid. Meanwhile, Marka Ragnos moved forward to take the point. Zannah made a lot of saves (even with Kun's -4), but eventually was down to her last legs. All the while, the Klats and Zam were shooting at Ragnos with moderate success. Eventually, his Caedus was healed enough to come back into the fray and manipulated everyone to his liking. I think Ragnos was set up to Sith Sorcery my entire squad at the start of the next round, but I won initiative and Cunning Caedus was able to take Ragnos down - his Spirit appeared and haunted Caedus. Zannah might have hit his Caedus once, but she was so weak from Ragnos that she went down very quickly. His Caedus retreated to charge force points. I manipulated Vergere adjacent to my Caedus in a spot that let Zam attack her even though Vergere was cloaked. If Zam missed, my Caedus' force would have been severed, but fortunately Zam made it. My Caedus eventually tracked his Caedus down and took some
damage but ended up beating him.

Round 3: Versus thereisnotry - Mandalorians
Mandalore the Vindicated
Mando Scout x2
Mando Tactician
Mando Captain
Death Watch Saboteur (with Traps)
Bunch of mice and ugnaughts

Played on: Desert Outpost (Anchorhead)

I started outside the gate. He started inside. We both came through the northern buildings very slowly. I had a hard time advancing against his Cloaked monsters. He got to gambit first. I lost Caedus early in the northern hallway straight up from gambit, but he was able to get up next to Vindicated along with Zannah and Zam. Together, they took out Vindicated. Zam was down to 10 HP, so she sprinted to the back to wait for a Caedus manipulation that would never come since he died. The timer indicated it was the last round. I was behind at the time, but Zannah had not activated and was within striking distance of the Tactician. She made both attacks, and that put me over the top for a 2-point win by 11 points.

We played it out anyway just to see... he had two guys heading toward Zam. I figured it would come down to the init because Zam was almost dead, but if she got another turn she could kill both of them with Final Shot. He won that init - Zam was gone and I figured that was it. But Zannah was incredible with her saves... she headed to gambit and took all comers. The remaining Klats did a little damage, too, before blowing up on someone, but Zannah was the star by far. The Captain never did show his face, but I had enough gambit to get to 200 without him.

Semi-Finals: Versus AndyHatton - New Republic
Luke, GH
Jaden Korr
Anakin Solo (original version)
Lobot + fodder

Played on Cantina

I set up in the back rooms. He set up outside. I started on the bottom of the map and came up through the bottom hallway. He came in through the main entrance. I planted Caedus in gambit behind a closed door. A nice levitation let Jaden Korr open a door, lightning Caedus for 30 and then run away unscathed. My R7 then locked the door to keep that from happening again. Meanwhile, a very bloody exchange of fire occurred in the south hallway. It left Zam, Zannah, 2 Klats, Luke, the Felucian, and Ganner all dead. I don't remember the exact sequences. Zam hit Luke with Missiles twice, which auto-hit everyone involved. The first time it hit Luke and a Felucian. Then Zannah corrupted Luke for 30 more. Meanwhile, Luke hit back with LS3 and hit Zannah/Zam twice each. Zam's second missile hit was after Ganner had moved adjacent to Luke and two Klats sprinted to join the party. Those grenades killed the Klats, giving Luke 70 auto-damage from the grenades and 2 self-destructs (60 needed to kill him). It also killed Ganner with 50 auto-damage. The Klats had taken shots at him as they moved up. Ganner's push, two lightnings, and two LS3's took care of both Zannah and Zam. That left Caedus and one Klat to face off against Anakin and a wounded Jaden. Lobot and an ugnaught moved up to block the door so that Caedus couldn't easily be targeted. The next round, I won initiative. Caedus flow-walked 9 squares and manipulated to move the fodder out of the way and bring Anakin to him. Going first, he was able to kill Anakin. Jaden has burned all of his force points on the lightning killing Zam/Zannah the previous round so he couldn't lightning Caedus. In a lightsaber duel, Caedus won easily in the next round.

Finals: Versus thereisnotry - Mandalorians

Rematch - same as above. He won map again, so played on Anchorhead again.

While I won the first match, I thought that there were two main mistakes I made. I brought 9 activations to his 13. I ran out of force points. I needed a TON of force points to force his guys out of cover. Also, losing Caedus early in the first match was a big mistake, but despite that I had won.

So for reinforcements, I equaled his activations: 3 uggies, 2 mice, Salacious Crumb. Then I spent 3 round waiting and charging up force. Unfortunately, I didn't know the sitelines on the map well enough because I lost 3 fodder pieces just sitting and waiting not realizing he could get a shot at them. Salacious Crumb was one of them, which could be important, since he could have been especially helpful at some point later. He racked up a few rounds of gambit and eventually I moved in. In the first game, I had moved in slowly across the northern hallway. The plan this round failed rather miserably... it was to move one of my pieces up, double manipulate someone out into the courtyard where Zam could shoot it. She could one-shot most of his squad with Final shot. Hardly anyone had more than 50hp. Unfortunately, I couldn't get my own fodder across the courtyard in order to be able to target them and pull someone out. He popped out from the south to kill them or found sitelines I didn't know existed. Eventually, I ran Zannah in to be the SBM target, and then he just abandoned gambit so I still couldn't pull anyone out. Zannah maybe killed a fodder piece or two as she took a ton of damage - or maybe she ran after Vindicated and put some damage on him (there was at least 30 anyway as she rolled a 19 on one SSM roll). I forget exactly what damage she caused, but in any case, she was in range of Traps and got shot up in just a couple of rounds despite walking in with 7 force points. Crits were especially nasty.

Losing Zannah as an SBM target, Caedus went in and pulled Vindicated adjacent with a double manipulation. Next round, Vindicated was killed as Zam also joined the party. With Vindicated killed and also one other piece (I forget which), I had actually killed more points when time expired, but I gave him so many round of gambit charging up my force that he won on points as time ran out.

But we played it out anyway just to see...

I made a really dumb move with Zam. I moved her right into gambit thinking that she was Cloaked so she was safe, without bothering to count how far away the lurking mandos were. A couple of them were on her pretty quickly and she went down in an instant. Caedus proved to be a much tougher kill, especially with the Traps piece killed and his embrace of pain maxed out. For the last 10hp, Caedus had 28 defense, 32 in cover, and 4 fp remaining. For a couple of turns, he was able to turn away everything - it was like an 18 to hit at one point even with the Opportunist bonus. But eventually one got through and so did the advance Illusion save and that ended it. TINT still had plenty on the board, so it wasn't even close.

Author:  thereisnotry [ Sat Aug 03, 2013 10:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Delaware Regional results

Ok, here’s my report, after a long wait.

--You Can't See Me, Nah Nah Nah-Nah Nah--
58 Mandalore the Vindicated
28 Kelborn
24 Mandalorian Tactician
23 Mandalorian Captain
38 Mandalorian Scout x2
11 Death Watch Saboteur
9 Mouse Droid x3
9 Ugnaught Demolitionist x3

(200pts. 13 activations)

I’ve gotta say, I’m LOVING the Mandos now that they’ve got Kelborn! There are a number of different (IMHO viable) builds out there, but this one suited my tastes best. MTV and Kelborn are BFFs, which isn’t surprising. But the Tactician really helps too. When I can keep my squad together, I am able to set up a devastating beginning-of-round strike: win initiative (with +4 from Tactician), Resolnare my pieces into position in such a way that my Tactician has LOS to at least 1 piece, and my Saboteur has Traps on the enemy I want to hit, then activate Kelborn and MTV and usually someone else (either to blow up a door or walk away to close a door). This strike usually cripples or destroys whatever I attack, and it leaves all of my pieces in a safe position. Generally speaking, that was my preferred MO most of the time. It definitely requires a lot of finesse and forward planning, but it can be devastating when done right.

Round 1 vs Ari (Moff Ivlis), playing Storm Commandos
I won the map roll so we played on Anchorhead. Round 1 was positioning with no real shooting, since he had super-stealth and most of my squad was cloaked. At the start of the second round I was able to kill a Storm Commando (thank you Disruptive!) and a Rodian, but then I lost my Tactician. However, he was avenged quickly the next turn when I took out the SC that had dropped my Tactician. Later on that round I was able to also kill Weir, Ozzel, another SC, and some fodder. At that point Ari conceded, with 17 minutes left in the round. Storm Commandos can’t really handle Mandos very well anymore, because the Mandos now have very mobile Disruptive, which shuts down both their Twin and their Sheilds. 1-0, 3pts

Round 2 vs Tim (CorranHorn), playing Caedus/Jaq/Vergere/Bandon
I won the map roll so we played on Anchorhead again. Tim set up on the right side. At the start of round 2 I was able to snipe Atton, which really changed the tone of the match. Next round was Lobot, and then Caedus and Bandon fell shortly after that. Tim had a hard time doing anything to me, since I made sure that he had no targets to either shoot or manipulate. This match took 30 minutes. 2-0, 6pts

Round 3 vs TJ (FlyingArrow), playing Caedus/Zam/Vergere/Klats
I won the map roll yet again, so we played on Anchorhead yet again. Tim chose the right side; we both set up near the top of the map and maneuvered up through the top rooms for most of the match. He was locking doors in my face, but my cloaked Saboteur was taking care of that problem bit by bit. In the third round I was able to snipe his R7 (reinforcement), and then Lobot, so no more door headaches. Then I killed Caedus with MTV and then some phenomenal dice (4 hits including a crit) from my Scout. A Klat fell after that. At this point I am in very good position to win, but MTV is heavily wounded and so he and my wounded scout fell to Zam. Zannah then assaulted my Tactician to go up on points. This whole time, Zannah was absorbing LOADS of damage, with hardly a scratch to show for it. The final score was 104-93, and TJ won. We played it out anyway, and I was able to kill Zam quickly the next round, but Zannah just kept on rolling hot and gradually dropped each of my guys. TJ did a nice job on a big come-from-behind win. 2-1, 6pts
At this point, Swiss rounds are over, and the standings listed in the first post are where we were at. So Josh and I played in the Semifinals, and TJ paired with Andy.

Semifinals vs Josh (Hinkbert), playing Ragnos/Caedus/Vergere
I won the map roll for the fourth time, and Josh set up on the right side of Anchorhead. I grabbed gambit the first round, and for the next two rounds I was sniping his fodder left, right, and center. He was soon down to just Ragnos, Caedus, and Vergere (who should’ve been dead but I forgot to move my Traps into position before attacking with my Scout), while I had lost my Saboteur. I took a bunch of shots against Ragnos, but with his 25 Def in cover and my lack of Traps, it was a losing proposition. Meanwhile, Josh was moving his tanks across the map to chase down my Captain (having killed a Scout). But Vergere was still stuck in the gambit zone. I had to make a desperate move using MTV’s CE to move a Scout 6 squares, and then run that Scout another 12 squares, to block Vergere’s escape route. Had she escaped, his tanks would’ve had limitless (cloaked) healing and I would’ve been down on points at the end. Vergere missed her attack on my Scout that round, but the next round she rolled a crit…had that first attack hit, Josh would’ve killed the Scout and won on points. As it is, Josh was able to kill my Captain and a Scout before the end of time, but I had killed his Vergere and had 4 rounds of Gambit to his 1, and so I won 75-58. I seriously thought I was going to lose that match, after this full-hp tanks had dropped my Captain. Since I had lost both my traps and my Twin CE, he likely would’ve won, barring some handy crits from MTV, who didn’t crit all day.

Finals vs TJ (FlyingArrow), playing Caedus/Zam/Vergere/Klats again
I won the map roll yet again—yes, that’s 5/5 on the day! This has never happened to me before, and likely never will again—and so we played on Anchorhead again. This time TJ used a different strategy, taking max activations and staying back for 4 rounds to store up FPs. I was calmly sitting in Gambit the whole time, sniping whatever fodder I could get within my sites. At the end of Round 5 he ran Zannah up close to the gambit zone, and I unloaded on her; then when I won init the next round I activated 3 and killed her off with a handy crit from Kelborn. TJ was also running various fodder pieces up toward the gambit zone, and I figured he was trying to set up a SBM-Missile combo (which would’ve been deadly, because the whole gambit area was a playground for Zam’s Rigged Detonators). So I continued to shoot as many fodder pieces as I could, eventually getting Lobot too. However, he was able to get in with Caedus and kill MTV and my Saboteur. When the timer went off, I was ahead 90-69, thanks to 7 rounds of gambit for me and 0 for him. Once again, we played it out, and I quickly killed Zam, who had ventured up too close. And so it was just Caedus vs the rest of my squad. He was spending all his FPs on Illusions and his Defense was getting extremely high, but I was eventually able to get that final shot through.

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