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V set 6 UK
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Author:  dreadtech [ Tue May 21, 2013 2:41 pm ]
Post subject:  V set 6 UK

I am nominating myself again as pointman for the UK.

"Posted by urbanjedi Monday, May 20, 2013 5:02:19 AM
Rank: Advanced Bloo Milk Member

This a reminder that if you are unable to donate, you may NOT get a professionally printed set. For past sets, donations have come in rapidly enough that anyone who wanted a set was able to get one (whether they donated or not). Unfortunately, donations so far have been slow and we have about 2 weeks or so before we have to tell the printer how many sets we want. We only order sets based on how much money we have taken in (or expect to by the time the printer is ready to get paid). So if you want to guarantee yourself a set please find the time to donate sometime very soon."

As such when requesting set(s) please say if you have or have not donated.
Please post below in this thread if you requesting a set UK ONLY,


Dreadtech (donated) Request 4 sets, will except 2 sets if cannot have 4. I donated enough to cover 2 sets, but would like 4 if possible.

wannabemexican requested 2 sets, has donated
CerousMutor has requested a set, has not donated as of yet.
Cordova has requested a set, has not donated as of yet.

Total so far
8 complete sets (6 of which has been donated for)

Dreadtech 4 (donated)
CerousMutor 1
Cordova 1
wannabemexican 2 (donated)

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