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VA Regional Tournament Results
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Author:  drkjedi35 [ Tue May 31, 2011 10:10 pm ]
Post subject:  VA Regional Tournament Results

First of all, I want to say thanks to everyone who attended, helped out, or had anything to do with our tournament. I had a great time, and I hope everyone else did too. Now lets get down to business.

1st Ian Gordon (Jester007) - Gencon Badge & Nationals Entry
2nd Andrew R. - Jedi Path Book
3rd Kris Soehnlin (DarthMalus) - Customs (Anakin and Padme/Reek, Ben Skywalker, Jaina Solo, Sora Bulq), Dark Times Booster
4th Cory Hylton (markedman247) - Customs (Ben Skywalker, Jaina Solo, Sora Bulq), Dark Times Booster
5th Ted Peck (Eroschilles) - Customs (Jaina Solo, Sora Bulq), Dark Times Booster
6th Bronson McNellis (theultrastar) - Customs (Jaina Solo, Sora Bulq), Dark Times Booster
7th Justin Warrenfeltz (demosthenes) - JC Map Pack 4, , Dark Times Booster
8th Steven Crawley (LeftiesWillRule) - JC Map Pack 4, , Dark Times Booster
9th Pat Nugent - JC Map Pack 4, Dark Times Booster
10th Paul Steves (archdeluxe) - Crystal Caves of Ilum Map Pack, One Booster
11th Jordan D. - Crystal Caves of Ilum Map Pack, One Booster
12th Rusty Davis - Crystal Caves of Ilum Map Pack, One Booster
13th Richard Laws (shmi15) - Crystal Caves of Ilum Map Pack, One Booster
14th Cliff R. - Crystal Caves of Ilum Map Pack, One Booster
15th Eric Kimmel - Crystal Caves of Ilum Map Pack
16th Chris Stoltz - Crystal Caves of Ilum Map Pack
17th Phil Ricciardi - Crystal Caves of Ilum Map Pack
18th Austin Coleman - Crystal Caves of Ilum Map Pack
19th Marcous Morton - Crystal Caves of Ilum Map Pack
20th Matt Francella (Jedicartographer) - Crystal Caves of Ilum Map Pack

Author:  drkjedi35 [ Tue May 31, 2011 10:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: VA Regional Tournament Results

Hold for Squads

Author:  drkjedi35 [ Tue May 31, 2011 10:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: VA Regional Tournament Results

Hold for Round Match-ups

Author:  greentime [ Wed Jun 01, 2011 6:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: VA Regional Tournament Results

Everyone in Atlanta was rooting hard for Andrew, but I'm just as glad to see that Ian won. Old Republic is meta now?! Vset 1 is crazy!

Author:  Jester007 [ Thu Jun 02, 2011 4:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: VA Regional Tournament Results

Alrighty, guess it's about time that I submitted my tournament match-ups. The squad I used was very similar to the one I ran at Maryland, but decided to substitute out Mira for another Battlemaster, an OR Senator, and 2 mice. I liked having the extra activations, the immediate attack CE, and more HP. I went with Justin's concept of "Blunt Force Trauma". Enjoy!

Round 1 vs Cort Hylton. Fight!!:

He brings in 4 uggies and an R7 with Lobot. He wins map roll and picks his not-so Peaceful City. 1st round has us rushing Gambit. 2nd round, I use ABM and put 30 damage on Mara from my Seer. He makes a mistake by throwing Han right up front with Mara. I take advantage of this but putting 30 damage on him, then killing him in the 3rd round. He managed to kill my Seer with either Mara or Dash (can't remember, sorry [crying] ). But in the next round, I take out Dash, Mara and Jagged. That left Ganner going against Bastila and 3 JBMs. Cory's biggest mistake was putting his shooters within spitting distance of my squad so that I didn't have to suffer a lot of punishment on the way in.

Round 2 vs Pat Nugent:

This was just a bad match up for Pat. I win map roll and choose Theed Palace. His damage dealers were 3 MKII Destroyer Droids. First 2 rounds were positioning, where Pat made the mistake of putting his MKIIs too close to the stairs going up to the room with Gambit in it. The 3rd round started off with Pat shooting at my Seer who only took 30 damage. I used ABM then quickly killed off his first Destroyer and put 30 damage on another (he was failing a noticeable number of his Shield saves). He rolls an 11 for initiative the next round and had Lobot CLO bring in an IG-86. I killed his other two MKIIs in the 4th round and go on mop up duty for the rest of the game until I got to 200. He did manage to kill a Seer and a JBM, but I was able to hit him harder and faster.

Round 3 vs Ted Peck (again!!!):

So, for the third Regional in a row, I got to play Ted once more. He had Lobot bring in a TBSV for Jarael. I win map, and have us play on Theed. Once again, first two round are positioning. He puts Jarael in the room to Gambit, right outside the door that leads into the side room where the rest of his squad decides to dig in; except for Dash. Ted made a HUGE error by running Dash down the long hallway which allowed me to base him with a JBM. Round 3 is when the fun starts. I use ABM immediately. His Jarael hits my Seer three times and activates him (ok, no problem). He then has Han move into the room with Jarael and take 2 Cunning shots on one of my JBM. He drops 60 damage on him and Jolts me!! I'm now thinking, "Ok, now is where my dice fail me". I kill Dash in return by using the OR Senator to make the JBM next to Dash attack and then swing twice on his turn. My other JBM Assaults Han and hits once for 30. His TBSV Twin in return and drops 30 back onto me. Next round, he has Jarael attack the Seer. She connects, but fails to activate him. My JBM next to Han drops another 30 damage on him and I put a mouse droid in front so the JBM doesn't get completely lit-up. No one dies, but one of my battlemasters is left w/ 10 HP and my Seer w/ 30. I win initiative and finish off Han. I walk up another one of my JBMs giving an AOO to Jarael and Leia to kill his TBSV. So at the end of round 5, Ted had Jarael (making a large number of Parry saves), Leia and Jagged left as his damage monkies. The next round, I bring down both Leia and Jarael at which point I play clean up for the rest of the game. He did manage to kill one of my JBMs and leaving my Seer and another battlemaster with 10 HP, but he just ran out of steam faster than I did.

Round 4 vs Kris Soehnlin:

He brings in Wicket, 3 mice, and an uggy. I win map and pick Theed again. First two rounds are positioning, where he made a bad choice. He put Bastila right next to the stairs by the door leading up to the center room. This ended up keeping him from using ABM for the entire match. At the end of round 2, I have positioned all 3 of my JBMs and my Seer to bum rush Revan and Bastila. He wins initiative and has to run Bastila out of the kill zone. I use ABM and go after Revan w/ my Seer. He uses his Crusader and Pushes the Seer back into the Gambit room with Lobot closing the door in my face. My R7 opens the door and I kill his Crusader with a Crit and a failed Block from one of my JBMs. Revan runs around and drops 30 damage one other of my battlemasters; who then puts 30 damage back on Revan. Cad Bane then flys over and drops 40 damage on the injured battlemaster My other JBM walks over and puts 60 damage on Cad. 4th round starts off with Cad Bane finishing off the hurt jedi, and flying back next to Bastila. I then gamble and run my Seer to base both Bastila and Cad. I use the OR Senator's CE to finish of Cad with the Seer. Bastila hits my Seer twice putting 40 on him. Revan starts dueling it out with my other two JBMs, but then I throw Bastila in the mix to make sure I can take the big guy down. In round 5, Kris kills my Seer and I drop a lot of damage on Revan. Round 6, I finish off Revan and begin to hunt down his Bastila. Didn't last much longer after that. I made a lot of Block saves during that game and I couldn't miss Revan needing 12s to hit.

Round 5 vs Andrew R.:

He brings in a Jedi Hunter from Jaster. I win map and go to Theed.....again. 1st & 2nd rounds sees Andrew positioning, and me running flat out towards him with my 3 battlemasters and Seer. 3rd round starts off with his Gunsmith shooting ineffectively at my Seer. Bastila uses ABM and one of my JBMs walks up and kills his Jedi Hunter (poor time with the Parry saves). He take a couple of shot at the battlemaster, and does so damage; but nothing outrageous. My Seer then takes point and begins to soak up ALOT of fire. He manages to Evade all shots that hit him and stays alive through the rest of the round. 4th round, I take out 3 of his 4 Scouts and Andrew kills one of my JBMs. The next round, I kill his Captain, Gunsmith, and his last Scout. Jaster has to step in to kill my 2nd battlemaster and his Captain managed to use Grenades before dying to kill my OR Senator; who I had foolishly left next to my Seer. With ABM still going, I walk up next to Jaster in the following round and kill him with an Assault from my last JBM with the 2nd hit criting. Andrew didn't bunch his squad up and he made no major mistakes. Bastila was the biggest problem by taking away Twin from all the Scouts and the Gunsmith and the Death Shots from Jaster. That cut down his damage potential down by about 2/3.

Semi-finals vs Cory Hylton:

He decides to bring in 4 Camasai Nobles against me. He wins map, and I make a trip to the Peaceful City. I pick the same side that I did in our first game. We both make a bead line for the center room, but he doesn't go in it like before. I sense he was being more cautious. 2nd round, Dash kills my uggy and a mouse droid while I use ABM. He was not about to make the same mistake by giving me Han on a platter, so I had to dig him out. I have my Seer and one battlemaster run around the middle room and base Jagged. My other JBMs go around the other way with both basing Dash. Cory then makes a mistake. I expected his Mara to LS Assault and kill my Seer. Instead, Mara goes after an already activated JBM and does minimal damage. He has Han shoot at the Seer but to no effect. Jagged puts 10 damage on the Seer. In the next round, he wins Initiative and decides to base my Seer with Han (who then takes 30 damage from the AOO). I was a little perplexed by this b/c unless he crited, but Seer would not go down. Han hits both times, but no crits. So my Seer then finishes off Han and the JBM next to Mara puts some damage on her. Jagged kills the Seer and Mara puts more damage on the hurt battlemaster. The JBM next to Jagged kills him and my OR Senator has my 3rd battle master put 40 damage on Dash. Dash finishes off the badly damaged jedi, but then gets killed in return. I move Bastila up to support the jedi next to Mara. Round 4, Mara uses her last FP to Assault the JBM next to her. She hits 3 times (one being a crit) and leaves my JBM with 10 HP. Obviously, I use him next to go after Mara leaving her with 20 HP to allow Bastilla to finish Mara off. Ganner kills the near dead battlemaster with Force Push. At this point, Cory had essentially given up cause he had Ganner left to contend with an untouched Bastila and JBM. We still played the game out, but the outcome had already been set. Onto to finals!!!

Final vs Andrew R.:

This time, Andrew chooses two Mando Marauders instead of one Jedi Hunter. Wise choice cause together they have more HP than the hunter and both have Parry. I win map roll and choose Theed. He decides to set up on the opposite side from our last game. I manuver my squad into the room with Gambit with his entire squad (except for one Scout and his Gunsmith) in the smaller connecting room with the separating door being closed by my Lobot. Andrew made a good move and managed to drop 40 damage onto one of my JBMs with his lone Scout at the end of round 2.

Round 3: Starts with Bastila using ABM. He blows open the door leading to Gambit (and my squad) and tosses a grenade with his Captain onto the Seer who was standing next to 2 JBMs (one of them being the hurt one) and one of his mice blocking the door. I make all my saves (the Seer using a FP to do so) while his mouse wasn't so lucky. This allowed me to use Force Leap with one of my unhurt battlemasters and drop 30 damage on his Captain. I then use the OR Senator to make the jedi attack again to finish off the Captain (Twin now being gone for the rest of the game, phew!). Problem now was my battlemaster was next to 2 of his Scouts who gladly oblieged by shooting my jedi in the face. The battlemaster managed to stay alive and only took 40 damage when everything was said and done. My Seer then walks up and puts 30 damage on one of his Marauders while my first injured JBM walked up and killed the lone Scout that shot him in the back from the previous round. His other Scout takes 30 damage from an AOO from my Seer to try and put more damage on the battlemaster that seems to have a target painted on him but fails to hit. My third JBM, seeing his buddy taking loads of fire, walks over and destroys one the mice blocking the door in an attempt to come to the rescue. Meanwhile, Jaster is having a hard time hitting anything.

Round 4: Andrew wins initiative and takes a Cunning Shot at my battlemaster that's in the middle of his squad. He hits, but I managed to Deflect it. My OR Senator makes the surrounded JBM attack to finish off the hurt Scout followed by my Seer killing the injured Marauder. Jaster draws a bead on the battlemaster and crits with the first shot. The battlemaster tried to Deflect it, but was just too distracted with the other Mandos. Jaster connected with his second shot leaving the jedi with only 10 HP. The other Marauder took a swing to finish off the jedi, but just couldn't find the right spot to shank him.

The battlemaster knew these were his last moments, and decided to meet his fate with honor. He attacked the Scout to his left; hit once leaving the Scout with 20 Hp but couldn't finish his foe even with the help of the Force. The battlemaster that killed the mouse droid last round was on the verge of saving his comerade. He was almost within arms reach when the last Mandolorian Marauder stepped in his way blocking his path. Fueled by the desire to help his friend, the battlemaster dispatched his enemy with some impressive flourishes from his lightsaber. Even though his efforts were great, it was all in vain. He didn't see as much as he felt what happened next. A spark of lifeforce vanished from his force senses. He looked to find smoke comming from the scorched chest of his fallen brother with a Scout standing above the corpse with a pair of blasters proving the Mandolorian's guilt. A hatred and anger ingites inside him that goes beyond anything he has felt. Master Bastila runs across the battlefield sensing the flood of emotions enveloping her fellow jedi and pleads that he not give into such impulses.

Round 5: The Gunsmith takes a shot using Cunning Attack on the angry jedi, but the battlemaster bats the shot away harmlessly. The angered jedi charges the murderer of his friend and unleashes a savage series of attacks that severs a limb. Just before delivering the killing blow, the mandolorian somehow mananged to graze him in the arm. The jedi doesn't even feel the pain as he left the lifeless form in search of another victim for his rage. Bastila then finishes off the last Scout with a Lightsaber Assault. Jaster sees the last of his Scouts fall and opens fire on the Bastila. He swore he hit her, but she proved to be proficient in delfecting the shot. The Seer and the other battlemaster were worried by the actions of their fellow jedi, but couldn't let them foolishly rush in alone. So the two of them moved to support Bastila and their frenzied conterpart with the Seer killing an ugnaught on the way.

Round 6: The enraged battlemaster comes to grips with the Gunsmith and kills him with absolute hatred and without mercy. Jaster kills a pesky mouse droid that was running by his feet; then found himself under attack by Bastila herself. She sliced across his chest twice, but it seemed his armor afforded him some protection. The Seer and other battlemaster decided to start getting rid of the other mouse droids and ugnaughts.

Round 7: Bastila decided this fight had gone on long enough and finished off Jaster with a couple more strikes from her lightsaber. She took in the aftermath, and was stunned to see what lay before her. So many people had suffered and died in order to obtain a small victory. At the center of it was the body of the fallen jedi with his closest friend weeping over him. As she watched the funeral rights, Bastila wondered if the cost was ever going to be worth the outcome. She felt disturbed that she did not have an answer to that question. Time, as they say, will be the one to reveal the truth......

All in all, Andrew played a good game. His major mistake was bunching his guys up. Once I got into that room where he had his squad, I didn't have to worry about chasing down the others. Truthfully, it would have been a much different story had he won map roll. I thought Theed would be best for my squad because if gives me good protection and cover from both sides as I am closing the distance. I really wish I got the chance to play a lancer squad at the MD or VA Regional to see how it would have done. There were a couple lancer squads at MD but none to be found at VA (very shocking to me to be honest). Also, there were no Vong in the VA Regional. I wasn't expecting Nom Bomb to show, but there wasn't a single Jedi Hunter squad either (I guess that has to do with the Lancer threat).

I hope you all enjoyed the narrative part of the write-up. I tried to do something fun and interesting while still tell you all what happened in the match. Let me know if it was too lengthy or just something you don't want to see then I'll just stick with the number crunching. Anyways, I'll be seeing all you who show up to GENCON. Cheers!


Author:  TimmerB123 [ Thu Jun 02, 2011 10:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: VA Regional Tournament Results

Congrats, welcome to the club

Author:  Demosthenes [ Sat Jun 11, 2011 7:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: VA Regional Tournament Results

It's been a few weeks, so my play report will be sparse for each round, but you'll get the general gist of things, lol.

My squad:
Ladies of the New Republic
56 Jaina Solo, Sword of the Jedi
45 Mara Jade, Jedi
29 Ganner Rhysode
23 General Wedge Antilles
10 Luke Skywalker, Force Spirit
9 General Dodonna
16 R7 Astromech Droid x2
9 Mouse Droid x3
3 Ugnaught Demolitionist
200 points, 12 activations

Round 1 - Phil Ricciardi
We played on his map, Ravaged Base. His squad was Han GH, Mara, Ganner, Dash, and fodder.
I picked the inside of the Base, and in first round I run Jaina into gambit. I position Mara and Ganner carefully so that Han can't get LOS to them in their approach. He moves his Ganner and Mara into the room with the busted up walls, and I get my Ganner and Mara into position as well. The game basically came down to my Mara based with his Mara at the end of the round, and me winning initiative. I Assault and kill his Mara, then lob her out of there to safety. By the end of the match I manage to kill Ganner and put some hurt on Dash, and Jaina is down to 20 HP. Had it gone another round, Jaina would've run up on Dash and took him down and Ganner would've lobbed Mara to take out Han. Ah well! I won, 1-0, 2 points.

Round 2 - Phil's son (didn't catch his name)
We played on his map, Theed. His squad was Boba Merc Commander, Scouts, Gunsmith, CIO, and Captain. By Round 2, he's moved Boba up far enough into the central room that I'm able to lob Mara adjacent and put some damage on him (no Cunning). Next round, he wins init and takes a couple shots on Mara, but doesn't run away. Mara Assaults again and takes him out. In the same room as Mara were a couple Scouts and a couple Mouse Droids, so she takes the next couple of rounds to take them all out, with some help from Wedge. Meanwhile, Ganner and Jaina moved toward the top side of the map where his squad is. Jaina spends a couple rounds biding her time waiting for Ganner to get there to Lob her so I can move far enough to take out his Captain. She builds up about 12 FP, and then goes to town on the rest of his squad one at a time, taking a few hits. By the time Mara's able to make her way up there, it's already over. 2-0, 5 points.

Round 3 - Kris Soehnlin
We played on his map, Rancor Pit. His squad was Revan SL, Bastila, Cad Bane, Crusader, fodder. Wow, was this a tale of two matches. First round is positioning, then in the second round he runs Revan up and then swaps Cad Bane in, who bases my Mara and unloads, needing 4s. He rolls two 1s, leaving Mara with 50HP left. She Assaults and kills Cad Bane, and Kris is shocked. The next few Rounds, Jaina and Mara unload on Bastila and Revan, and everything looks to be going well. Then Jaina stops making Parry saves, and Mara runs out of FP, and I'm left with a decimated squad, and he's got a 10HP Bastila and 30HP Revan by the end of the match. Ridiculous that I was unable to kill them, but both of them having Defense and Renewal meant my damage output was much lessened. 2-1, 5 points.

Round 4 - Stephen Crawley
We played on my map (finally!), Muunilist Plaza. He's playing Solo Charge. He takes the side without the big room on it. First couple rounds we begin to position around the room at the bottom of the map. I have to be careful not to give Han LOS to any of my pieces, and I largely succeed. After a round or so of dancing around each other, he finally lobs Mara to base my Mara and Assault, needing fours. She misses her last attack, leaving my Mara alive. Then my squad takes out Mara, which I was hoping to avoid until I killed Anakin, but he never put Anakin in a position to get taken out. At the start of the next round, he blows the 1-square door closest to the left of the room, giving me the opportunity to lob my Mara to take out his Ganner, but Ganner survives with 10HP. Then, he lobs Anakin and manages to explode on pretty much my entire squad, but I make every single save, losing only a couple mice and an Uggie. Jaina's able to come in and finish off Ganner, at which point time is called. It would've been interesting to see how a full-HP Han could'e dealt with a low-HP Mara and mostly-fine Jaina. 3-1, 7 points.

Round 5 - Cory Hylton
We played on his map, Peaceful City. His squad is Han GH, Mara, Ganner, Dash, Jagged, fodder. Not much needs to be said about this match other than the fact that I win initiative one round, lob Mara to base his Mara and Assault, rolling a 1 on the last attack, and that was pretty much game. I was unable to deal with his combination of Dash/Han, with their 140 Opportunist/Cunning damage output and Disruptive, with just Jaina. Had Mara survived her Assault on the other Mara, I would've run some Mice in front of her so Dash couldn't shoot her up, then would've lobbed her out of there. Ah well. 3-2, 7 points.

So I was pretty satisfied with my performance on the day, but really disappointed I was probably about 5 rolls away from ending swiss at 5-0. Not to take anything away from Kris or Cory, but I really did manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, especially in my match with Kris. But I was satisfied with my performance, running this squad for the first time. Its damage output can't compete with Solo Charge, to be honest, but the survivability of my squad (Jaina, especially, with Parry, Evade, and Renewal/Mettle) was quite nice.

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