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 Post subject: Re: Atlanta GA 2011 Regional info (and Results)!
PostPosted: Fri Jun 03, 2011 11:21 am 
Death Star Designers
Death Star Designers
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OK quick play report from me.

I ran

Kyle JBM
Mara Jedi
Jagged Fel
4 uggies

Map: ruined base.

Round 1 vs Stephanos
He had me outacted so I bought my time and lobbed my caamasi into gambit. I also built an uggie wall so his jaina/mara would have to cut through it before they could attack me. He lobs mara forward and kills one of the uggies. Then runs jaina to base kyle. I move dash to put 60 on mara and my mara assualts his to kill her. Ganner pushes jaina and kyle runs to base his anakin.

At init mara hits 3 with an assualt and jaina deflects the kill shot. his ganner lobs his anakin into the fight and the doesnt unleash with anakin cause he realises his jaina (30 hp) would die. So anakin pushes dash down to 50 hp so jaina can kill him next phase. I act 2 ganner pushes jaina down to 10 hp and i move an uggie to block her access to dash. When I roll with the uggie I get a crit! she misses the parry and the mettle reroll lol. After that dash kills anakin and kyle/mara finishes off ganner. 3 points 30 minutes.

Second round vs Ricky
So he had me Outacted heavily. Don't remember the specs but he takes my bait and kills dash with vader. At init Vader runs. I lob kyle and toss some nades to clear a path to vader who fails his save and cant reroll in ysalamiri! Basicly as the rounds wear on mara is trapped in ysalamiri and kyle wiffs on vader a hillarious ammount of times. Finally it comes down to 10 hp mara, ganner, jag and dodonna vs his fodder. He makes litterally every attack and i miss most of mine and he wins with only thrawn and mas on the board vs my 10 hp ganner. Needless to say he won....Darn dice games lol

Round 3 vs matt spry. He already talked about this one he litterally moved skywalker 1 phase too soon and that cost him the game.

Round 4 vs Nathan.

Nathan is always a blast to play. He rushed his dudes right at mine and moved gowk 1 square too close to ganner/kyle. He snipes my override early in a clever move with rex. Dash puts 40 on one JWM and mara puts 30 on another jwm with a crit on one of her shots. At init mara moves past gowk who misses his aoo and rerolls to hit (which ended up being huge) Mara kills the JWM she shot at the round before and then attacks gowk for the second 2. Gowk fails the save and the reroll and cant reroll again because he rerolled his aoo so that drained him down to 70 (took 20 earlier from kyle). when gowk runs kyle does 20 and mara does 20 to take him to 30. I lob kyle deep to toss a grenade at r2/rex/dash. r2 passes and rex/dash fail so they go down to 30. He moves rex with r2 back inside and locks kyle outside. The jwm and rex kill mara and dash kills the jwm. next round i wait and outact and kill both his override with dash. which lets kyle run in and kill rex and base gowk. Gowk doubles and i repost to bring him to 10. Next init kyle kills gowk and his dash kills some uggies. i lob my dash to finish his off and head to the final round with 9 points.

Final round vs ricky again? Ya thats right i was matched up vs ricky again in swiss. So i go out of my way to point out how stupid that was and demanded a repairing. After some fiddling with the numbers I end up matched up against Jon instead of graham somehow and we start.

Vs Jon. Jon's yommask stole dodonna's ce and he brought in a gamo bg and mice. He Rushed right up to me and was setup great at init I won and let him go first. For some reason he moves gha to miss on a uggie. On my turn i move 2 and toss a nade at his 2 jh's, sheado, and his bg. The BG and sheado fail the jh's pass. so mara moves in and assaults and kills sheado and jon forgets to bg. We both realize this on his turn and rewind (it was only fair to do) so I reroll the attacks and they would have died anyway. From there it was cleanup for dash and kyle (both at full). After the game we realize if he had gone after mara at that init he could have had a much better chance at winning.

So I make the top 4 as #3 and get matched up against ricky yet again.

Pretty much the same thing happens except i go for pellion early with mara and roll 2 1's (rage!). From there kyle yet again cant hit vader and vader rolls really good against everyone except kyle. His scubs yet again roll like madmen and ricky goes to the final in his first big tourney! Go Ricky!

The tourney was fun to play in. I had favorable matchups the whole day just couldnt close in the games vs ricky (to the bottom of the box you go kyle!) Congrats to Graham on winning (and your welcome for telling you to run that :P). Thanks to daniel, chuck and my lovely wife ryn for judging. Looking forward to seeing everyone at my house next friday for Charlotte regional.

Bald is beautiful.

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 Post subject: Re: Atlanta GA 2011 Regional info!
PostPosted: Fri Jun 03, 2011 6:36 pm 
Really Cool Alien from a Cantina
Really Cool Alien from a Cantina

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TimmerB123 wrote:
Let me know if you ever have anything as catastrophic using the lancer as rolling three "1"s over six attacks vs Captain Rex, thus failing to kill him . . . In the World Championships. Still my all-time "can't believe it actually happened" story. ;)

I think it was two 1's over four attacks (one of which was a crit). Either way, yeah. I almost wrote that the playoff game against Matt was the closest and most fraught that I had ever had, but then our game at Gencon came to mind and that one was even closer and somehow even more ridiculous. 10 HP Captain Rex carrying the day by single-handedly killing the lancer, Grievous, and Sidious at the bell after surviving past the first activation of the second round only because of the 1/400 double 1 strafe... it doesn't get much crazier (or un/luckier) than that.

TimmerB123 wrote:
I do have one more secret reason to play Nute though. I'll let you guess at it. There is one match-up in particular that this team will lose to most of the time (imo) without proper separatist reinforcements.

Poggle the Lesser?

GMB from ATL

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