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 Post subject: GenCon Prep League Rules
PostPosted: Sun Apr 04, 2010 4:29 pm 
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Gen Con Prep League

Organized by the lovely people at SWMGamers, we will be running a league in preparation of the GenCon championship event.

The League will officially begin once 15 people have committed to playing. There are no limits to the number that can join.

There is no schedule of games you must play, this is a play-as-much-or-little-as-you-like league.

The matches will follow the DCI format concerning gambit and legal play.
Each match will be a 200 point game.
There will be a time limit to the games. Please be aware of it, it is suggested that both players have a watch or other timing device to keep an eye on the countdown.
Since this is a Vassal league, certain leeway is being granted. Matches will be allowed to run until 70 minutes have passed. If both players agree to use Skype, or a comparable Voice Over IP service, the time limit will be set to the normal 60 minutes.
This league will use only the Restricted Maps, as defined by the DCI floor rules.
Restricted Maps:
  • Clone Strike Starter Grand Plaza Map [Muunlist Grand Plaza]
  • Rebel Storm Ultimate Missions Cloud City Map [Bespin]
  • Revenge of the Sith Ultimate Missions Throne Room Map [Chancellor's Starship]
  • Attack on Endor Commander's Office Map [Ruined Base]
  • Attack on Endor Hall of Judgment Map [Yavin IV/Jedi Temple]
  • Attack on Endor Rancor Pen [Rancor Pit]

***Notice On Slow Play***
In this league, while there are no judges to watch your games, players are expect to govern themselves. The objective of the league is to prepare yourself for high level tournament play. Slow play will not be tolerated. It is expected that each game will run atleast 6 rounds. Please try to manage your time effectively.

As per the DCI rules, the game will end once time runs out, a player has scored equal to or higher than 200 points at the end of a round, or 5 rounds have passed with no dice being rolled other than for iniative.
If the game has been won within the time limit the winning player will be awarded 3 points.
If the game has been won at or beyond the time limit the winning player will be awarded 2 points.
The losing player receives no points for a loss.
If the game is a draw, both players will be awarded a loss.

Reporting Matches
Matches will be reported in a fashion similar to this example:
Jonny vs Eric
Eric wins
200-20 3 pts(2 if the game went to time)
6 rounds (How many rounds did the game go)

Eric's Squad
Map: Jedi Temple

Jonny's Squad
Map:Rancor Pit

Give a description how the game went

End of League
The league will end 1 (One) week before the SWMGAMERS.com Vassal Regional.
The leader of the league will be given a free pass to the Vassal Regional.

Starting June 30th, there will be a final tournament.
Only the top 16 players from this league will qualify to play.


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