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 Post subject: Urban Jedi's Gencon report (top 8 finisher)
PostPosted: Sun Aug 15, 2010 10:20 pm 
Major Tierce
Major Tierce

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Arrived Wed and hung out with James Jake, Rick and Justin at some bar that had $1.25 longnecks. Thurs AM got up and went to the HOF breakfast to see everyone and then headed over to the myster map tourney.

Went 3-1 at the mystery map tourney using the squad my wife designed (and won most creative champs squad with) for the mystery map. Then went to the dealer hall for a while then out to dinner with my wife and then back to the hotel.

Fri played that other game all afternoon and then headed over to the team tourney to play with my fellow Michigan boys as JAke had to miss the team tourney due to a funeral. Played the same squad as before (NR with vong and Garm) and got the stuffing beat out of my as I couldn't roll a 6 all night to save my life. Our team "off in the corner" finished up 2-2 in the middle of the pack.

Sat Got up and arrived early to play in the champs. Played my MI regional winning PAwn double lancer squad for the champs.

Rd 1 Don Thomas (DalsianDon plaing Nom Bombs). This is one of the poorer matchups for my squad but due to finding a couple of cover free lines and winning the key init I was able to finish off Don for a 3 pt win.

Rd 2 Deri Morgan (fingersandteeth playing his NR with Kyp). Deri won map (ravaged base) and I took the inside. I set up and traded the first lancer for all his fodder (uggies twilek BG etc) to even out the activations a little The rest of this game was a war of attrition until it came down to His Han at 40 agains Nearly Dead Greivous, Nearly dead IG86 2 uggies and some mice. He wins iniit and it takes him both shots to finish off Grievous and he runs Han away. IG86 comes out and shoots, hits and he fails evade so Han down to 10. Then the second ugg comes in and rolls a 19 to finish off Han for the 3 point win (about 3 or 4 mins left in the round). So I go to 2-0 in a game where Deri's dice failed him.

Rd 3 Dean Miller (Dnemiller with Yobuck). I win map and he sets up ion the room (really only place you can set up against lancer). This game goes by quick and Dean forgets that Sid hasn't activated and a few turns later it is all over and I have beaten 2 straight HOF players and am now at 3-0 (9points).

Break for lunch and rd 4 is against Brandon Pyle (bsp02 with Lord Vader Swap) I played him at the Kokomo regional and beat him (similar squads) but this time he teaches me what force leap does and smokes me in about 15 mins. Now 3-1 (9 pts) knowing I need at least one win and maybe 2 to make the T8.

Rd 5 against Lou Vasillion (Lou with Yobuck swap). Lou and I play all the time against each other and I knew that the loser would probably be eliminated from contention so this was a tough one. He wins map (Jedi temple) and I set up on the gray side. I spend the early part of first rd running mice up and opening doors while he overrides a couple doors shut and then keeps everyoine in his starting area protected by Anakin's Djem-so. After he is out I move then pawn (so I don't die if he hits both Djem-sos) and strafe his entire team. I take out Lobot and Panaka (he bg'd for R2) but miss Mas so if he had kept panaka alive and let R2 die it might have been a different game. Next rd he wins init and uses yobuck to finish off the lancer and I bring in the second lancer to strafe his squad. Key to the game was I rolled a crit on Ani and he missed the force defense and then also failed the djem-so so then dash came up and finished off the lancer. After 2 rds he had Dash and Yobuck both wounded and a Gran to my whole squad minus the two lancers. the 86 mopped up after that so I am now 4-1 with 12 pts and feel like I have a real shot (even if I lose) of making T8.

Rd 6 against Trevor Payton (therisnotry with Yobuck). I again win map and this game comes down to the 4th activation of the game where I can't roll a 3 to kill R2 and unlock the door. If I do I kill both MAs and possibly Panaka and the game is over. Instead I miss and Yobuck eats me up with ease as the other lancer dies and the first one later dies to an anakin swap. Game ends very quickly and I am left to wonder if I will make it in as a 4-2

It takes a while to wait around and make sure all the results are in correctly but I finish in 8th place with possibly the most difficult schedule that anyone can possibly have. 4 of my opponents were in the top 10 (2,6,9,10) and another in the top 20 so my SOS was off the charts.

Top 8 was anticlimactic for me as I lost to Phillip (Jorrus Cboath and his Tank) on the map roll. Not sure if we play 100 times on his map if I can win more than 1 or 2. On my map it would still be difficult but I would at least have a chance. Stayed around and nabbed my 8th place trophy (thanks to the Olivet guys for making these) and hit the dealer hall to wrap up Gencon.

When I left you I was but the learner . . . now I am the master.

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