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Gencon 2015 *4th place finisher) report
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Author:  urbanjedi [ Sat Aug 08, 2015 2:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Gencon 2015 *4th place finisher) report

Leading up to Gencon, I was talking to anyone and everyone about what the meta would be like. What I determined was that everything beat everything and lost to everything all at the same time. So I basically gave up trying to beat the meta and played something that I enjoy playing.

Played the old Maxed out Maidens that I have been playing for 4+ years since Laura designed it right after DOTF came out.
Jabba, CL
3x Echani Handmaiden
2x Rodian Brute

12 activations, no activation control.

Rd 1 Against Deri.
His report pretty much sums it up. I shot stuff but couldn't make the energy shied save so killed myself, then he rolled up and pounded on me. Game was over pretty quick.

Rd 2 against Bryan
He was running double swap with Mira and Morrigan (and not Boba). I kept forgetting he wasn't running Boba. Bryan was a little flustered in the game as in Round 1, he declared he was dominating Lobot (instead of Thrawn) with the Governor. It was basically a wasted dominate as Lobot didn't do anything. I was trying to put some pressure on his commanders in round 2 when Bryan made a great move, swapped up Mira, satcheled a door and grenaded my Thrawn and Mas. Then he won init, and made a critical error. He chose to shoot at thrawn thinking he could kill him. He obv couldn't without a crit and after that I took care of the two attackers and then cleaned up after that. Had Bryan just killed Mas at that point, I would have been in some serious trouble.
1-1 3pts

Rd 3 against Chris Pullis.
End of round 1, swapped and killed Durge. Won init, and killed Cad Bane. Swapped a little later and killed assajj. Game over.
2-1 with 6 pts

Rd 4 against Timmer with double swap.
This game had a lot of misplays and errors and some bad dice mixed in. Tim set up poorly leaving Mas where I could actually snipe him after a swap. He didn't see it, and I traded a handmaiden for Mas. Because of this, he had to bring his thrawn out and I completely missed an opportunity to kill him before he got him back to a safe spot. Then later, I forgot to use a FP to move faster before I gave up the AoO and couldn't get to where I wanted to get to. Then in the last round of the game (I guess the second to last technically), I had a 10HP Atris in gambit (needed the 10 pts to get to 100) and Tim rolled around the corner with Boba and rolled 1,hit,1 and I deflected the hit with my last FP. And he didn't have anyone else to bring in to try and finish her off so I managed to hang on for 1 point in this game which is what got me to the top 8.
2-2 7 points

Rd 5 Lillian and her Talon Karrde squad.
She brought in Ephant Mon so she could target my echanis with her people, but it was a bad matchup all the way around. I took out Talon in the first round, then proceeded to keep working on her people. Lost some haindmaidens, and Zam was difficult to track down with cloaked, but won out in the end.
3-2 10 pts

Snuck into top 8 with the 8 seed.

Top 8 against Spry and his Talon squad.
Good matchup for me, which was helped even more by bad dice from Boba on evades (he failed 4 of 6). And I rolled a crit against Mira which meant that with the twin hitting it killed her and I didn't have to use a double on her, which meant I could put more damage elsewhere. So I moved on to the semis

Top 4 against Jim
I knew that at best I would get 2 chances at this. I can nearly always get one shot on any particular target and sometimes get two. I went all in early to get 4 shots on Boba knowing that I would need all 4 evades to fail (they didn't), but I did get 60 through. After that, Jim played it perfectly and I never got another shot at Boba (or really anything) while Jim systematically eliminated all the haindmaidens, then Thrawn/Mas and others, finally finishing me off in about 20 minutes.

Congrats to Jim on his win.

Author:  FlyingArrow [ Sat Aug 08, 2015 2:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gencon 2015 *4th place finisher) report

Can you list your squad?

Author:  urbanjedi [ Sat Aug 08, 2015 6:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gencon 2015 *4th place finisher) report

squad now listed

Author:  dnemiller [ Mon Aug 10, 2015 9:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gencon 2015 *4th place finisher) report

I have missed good tourney reports like this. Fourth is pretty nice though. Although I have never played the maxed out handmaidens. Glad you played people that all the names made sense to me.

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