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Championship Playreport 3rd Place *The Thon Song
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Author:  DarkDracul [ Mon Sep 02, 2013 1:15 am ]
Post subject:  Championship Playreport 3rd Place *The Thon Song

I’ve played variations on a Thon squad for well over a year. I play low activation squads because I want to play faster and encourage my opponents to do the same. I used to play a Revan Swap squad (but not a good one like Kaan Bomb,) then I took an arrow to the knee at the 2012 Indiana regionals. All of my opponents were playing CE heavy, 20+ activation squads. My opponents controlled every aspect of our game, especially tempo control and they all went to time. That’s why I started running Thon, for light tutor on Bastila to prolong her ABM and shut down CEs.

I did well at the 2012 Danville Ill. Regional with HK-47 assassin droid riding Thon. So I played the squad again at GenCon 2012 but everyone killed HK-47 off Thon’s back. I tried Exile hero of Onderon on Thon at the 2013 Indiana Regional and play-tested various characters and newer v-set pieces on Thon with the same losing results.
I was about to abandon Thon and play a proven OR squad with Jaq, Carth and 2 Battlemasters when I had an epiphany. Thon doesn’t need anyone on his back! I’ll drop the Battlemasters for Thon and mount a mouse droid on Thon. Thon can charge upto 16 squares and twin for 70 damage with ABM. Then do another 70 damage via the OR Senator from across the board! And who cares if I lose a mouse droid! I can now use charging assault and repulse without a shooter guy or Jedi cramping up Master Thon’s style.

--The Thon Song--
64 Master Thon
36 Atton "Jaq" Rand
33 Bastila Shan, Jedi Master
29 Carth Onasi, Old Republic Soldier
18 Klatooinian Captain
14 Old Republic Senator
3 Mouse Droid
3 Ugnaught Demolitionist
(200pts. 8 activations)

Match 1
Map: Spynet
Unknown- Black and blue with Darth Vader Unleashed
Vader swaps in and does 40 on Thon. Vader swaps away but not far enough and Thon charges 16 squares on Vader for 70dam then does another 70dam from Senator and Vader is GONE! Then Carth kills Zam and Round 3 Thon moves 6 squares to repulse 4 and kills the remainder of his squad and all his swap fodder.
My opponent concedes, 30 min game
3pt Win, (3pts) 200pts. 1-0

Match 2
Map: Spynet
Wes- Darth Malgus, Darth Caedus SL, Vergere…
This is a close match but Thon is more than enough to take on Malgus.
Actually the win goes to Jaq who pulls off a Jedi Mind Trick on Malgus.
Carth and Jaq shoot up Caedus SL.
My opponent concedes 30 min game,
3pt Win, (6pts) 200 pts. 2-0

Match 3
Map: Spynet
Lou- Darth Malgus, Darth Caedus SL, Vergere…
This was a repeat match from the above except I had better rolls. Lou did not.
My opponent concedes 30 min game,
3pt Win, (9pts) 200 pts. 3-0

Match 4
Map: ??
Tim Ballard- Poggle Bombs with a Lancer
I had his CEs shut down the entire game and I’m pretty sure if he would have made a mistake with the Lancer, I could have won. But Tim is an excellent player and he had me on his map and way out activated with way more door control.. He would out activate, unlock a door, Lancer Strafe then lock a door. I had one opportunity after Jaq made an avoid defeat where I could have moved to override a door and had shots at the Lancer with Carth but I didn’t see the move until after the fact and lost to one of the best players in the game. Who finally made top 8!
Game went to time
0pts >> can’t remember killpoints. 3-1

Match 5
Daniel- New Rupublic Luke’s Heros Luke Galactic Hero, Kyle Katarn, Ganner.
Thon charged Luke and did his hits for 140damage. Luke tried LS defense and C3po & R2D2 bodygaurded some damage. But Luke only had 40hp remaining. Next round I win ini and repulse 4 to kill Luke and C3PO/R2D2. I think Carth and Jaq killed Ganner or Kyle.. idk basically Daniel forgot about Thon having repulse oops.
My opponent concedes 30 min game,
3pt Win, (12pts) 200 pts. 4-1

Top 8
Map: Spynet
Darth Jim- Barney and Friends: Desann, Thrawn,Morrigan Corde,Nightsister Mother.
I was terrified of Morrigan Corde. The Nightsister moved out to Zap Thon and Jaq and I used Force Defense with Thon. Jim make a mistake forgetting to swap out Morrigan and I was able to charge Thon in to get the kill. It was kinda down hill from there. I think I got a repulse 4 in to do some damage as well. It was a good brawl and not the easiest match up due to the force immunity
3pt win 200pts.

Semi Finals
Map: Spynet
Ricky- -Professor Luke's Art Class--

I moved Thon into gambit and moved Carth around as bait. He thew the Felucian out towards Carth. I knew if I killed it Ben would be coming but Thon could cancel the blast with Force Defense. So I tried shooting the Felucian with Carth, with Jaq, then attacked it with Thon. The blasted thing evaded and parried all my attacks. Finally I killed it with splash from the Klat Captain. Then Momaw came out and killed the mouse on Thon’s back and did some damage to my attackers. He won ini and Momaw did it again. I moved Thon around and Anakin came out to blast and did some damage. Then I charged Thon around the Island and killed Anakin. Luke attacked Atton but I made the avoid defeat. Then Jarael came up to hit Thon. He won initiative and killed Atton and then base'd Carth. Thon tried to Kill Jarael but she parried the attacks. Then I couldn’t believe my luck! He moved the rest of his squad up to where I could move Thon. I had just enough force points to move Thron 8 squares and Repulse and kill Dodonna, Lobot and all his scrubs. But he Jarel shockstaffs Thron and I failed every save activating Thon. Then I was left using Thons FP to cancel Luke’s LS defense so Carth could have a chance at killing him. Luke had only 30 hp remaining and Thon was shockstaffed activated the last two rounds before he died. The time was called and I only had Bastila remaining. It was an awesome grinder of a game and Ricky was an excellent player. I’m truly happy for him and his Gen Con win.

I never anticipated doing so well. I figured I’d just win over half my games and be lucky if I got a couple 3pt wins. To make it into the top eight is such an honor, it truly means more to me than it probably should.

Honestly, I don’t know how to take the comments about “how sad it is that a Thon squad made it into the top eight.” or, “Thon can’t be Tier 1.” I guess I will just have to live with the fact that my anathema of a squad and I won third place at the World Championship against the top players in the game. That sadly, all of my wins were three point wins and that sadly the majority of my games were finished within 30 minutes. Such a a sad day for Star War Miniatures. :roll:

Author:  thereisnotry [ Mon Sep 02, 2013 9:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Championship Playreport 3rd Place *The Thon Song

Great play report, thanks!

I like the lower activation squads too; I just like it when every piece on my squad does something. I definitely want to try out your squad at some point, because its obviously got some good tactics. And hey...you were just a few saves away from playing in the finals!

Congrats on a superb performance!

Author:  fingersandteeth [ Thu Sep 05, 2013 2:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Championship Playreport 3rd Place *The Thon Song

Awesome squad dude. The mouse on thons back is a great idea. Any reason why just putting the Senator on his back isn't as effective as it will be immune to strafe.

I wouldn't worry about people down playing Thon's presence, in fact i would take it as a compliment.

Out of the many people who play you managed to make a t1 squad that is totally original and overlooked. That is a huge achievement in of itself.

Author:  urbanjedi [ Sat Sep 07, 2013 11:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Championship Playreport 3rd Place *The Thon Song

cuz then you wouldn't get the first free attack since the only way to mount is to end movement adjacent.

Also, having played Bryan many times with Thon and some of his various builds, he is quite the master at getting Thon where he needs to get to and wrecking shop. Like most squads, this one is all about the player running it, and Bryan does it it masterfully.

Author:  DarkDracul [ Mon Sep 09, 2013 2:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Championship Playreport 3rd Place *The Thon Song

Thanks guys! The mouse does give you the option of a free attack round one if needed. But mainly at some point you will NEED to use Thon's Repulse 4, which would kill the senator. The senator riding Thon is also vulnerable to splash, lighting, or any damage that effects adjacent characters. That's why I keep the senator back with Carth to give him double twin. But with the right matchup riding the senator would be awesome!

Author:  fingersandteeth [ Tue Sep 10, 2013 4:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Championship Playreport 3rd Place *The Thon Song

DarkDracul wrote:
But mainly at some point you will NEED to use Thon's Repulse 4, which would kill the senator.

This is the point i was overlooking.

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