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 Post subject: Gen Con 2013 experiences of a first timer.
PostPosted: Thu Aug 22, 2013 12:58 pm 
Unnamed Wookiee
Unnamed Wookiee

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So for the first time ever I was able to attend the best four days in gaming although on a very truncated one day schedule as I was only able to attend on Friday. I had a great time and got to meet a few people who I have previously only known from the forums here and on Bloomilk. I played in the Championships of course and then was able to participate in the minis' madness event as well. As I said it was a great time and a lot of fun.


I ran a squad I called sheilded seps and here it is.

Gen. Whorm Loathsome
Genosian droid overseer
Battle droid officer
I. G. 86 assn. droid x 2
BX sniper droid x 3
BX Spotter x 3
R7 Astromech x 2
Uggie Demo x 2
Mouse x 2

So going onto the swiss I was most worried about facing Caedus and SBM or Strafe/Gallop squads and wouldn't you know it that round one saw me paired up with Jake K. and his Bad Gas Caedus squad. He won map roll so we played on his map and I won the first initiative and started moving towards gambit. At the start of round two he wins initiative and pulled off a tricky los shot to put some early damage on Whorm, but whorm survives and runs up into a safe corner in gambit. After that we pretty much were stalemated for he redt of the game as most of my attackers had heavy weapon and I didn't win a single init. for the rest of the game so I could never pull off a good intuition and then shoot that made putting my BXs in the open worth it and Jake couldn't justify rushing my shooting gallery so he had to pick off what tech he could and the game went to time with a score of 25-20 with Jake getting the win.

Round 2: wouldn't you know it after facing Caedus in the first round I draw Jason Kiernans Skybuck gallop squad round two. I won map and we played on bothan spy net. As I expected this matchup did not go well for me and Jason was able to pull off three or four good gallops with yobuck before I was finally able to put enough damage on him and kill him off. But the damage had already been done and he used General skywalker to clean up to great effect. 0-2 at this point.

Roud 3: I forget my opponents name but I know he was running Cad/ Morrigan Corrde with thrawn and an ammanin scout, Ozzel, pealleon, etc. and this was even worse than the Gallop for me because of ozzel he would just wait me out every round and then roll the Amanin up swap in Cad and shoot from an adjacent position to negate my energy sheilds and then fly away to safety. 0-3

Round 4: I played My Minis mentor Mike Giles and his B&B Lord Vader swap with Jabba and Lobot for 50 pts. worth of customization. He brought in Dr. evezan with lobot and a bunch of rodians for swap fodder. I managed to get into pretty good position with intuition by the end of round 2 and thought this one might be my first win of the tourney if I could manage to put the hurt on Vader. He ran with a rodian at the end of the round and then swaps in Vader to take out one of my I.G.s, and then he wins init with Master tact. and goes again with Vader to take out A Bx sniper and a Bx spotter. Then I shoot Vader and almost kill him but leave him with 20 Hps. He then swaps in rodian and heals Vader with evezan for the next two rounds and is then able to get to my commanders with Vader on a nice Swap in then force leap move that let him kill off my Genosian overseer and Bdo and Whorm. From then on it was pretty much just mop up duty for Vader. 0-4 and not having the best showing in my first championship go round.

Round 5: I played Tom and his BX Sniper squad. Though not quite a mirror match as he didn't have spotters in his squad due to the fact that he said he had never seen them. Anyway, we both intuition into position and then let the shooting begin, however this time I have a clear advantage due to energy shields and he ends up eating a lot of damage due to my shields and my own return fire. He also had Sora Bulq in his build and tried to get him in position for a charge on my droids but was shot up by my I.G.s before he could get there and it was pretty much game over and I at least don't go home winless. 1-4

So after the swiss I was 1-4 and while I had a lot of fun, I was a little disappointed by my performance. But then came minis madness and I have to say that this is a really fun format and I greatly enjoyed it. The point is simply to kill as much as you can and score points while playing a 50 pt. or less all non-unique squad from a group of 64 premade squads built by the tournement organizer. After several rounds of play I found myself with over 300 pts. and looking good to make the top 8. A few more rounds go by with Wes Morgan and I palying several times as we were the top two point earners to that point and my point total kins of staggnated but I still make it into the top 8 as the 8 seed and am left with a squad of execptional Jedi apprentice and two Galactic alliance shooters to go up against Vong chosen by Mike Giles. He made short work of my shooters by winning init. and then using his vong with cunning +20 and the jedi of course didn't last to long after that.

All thing considered I had a great time and it was a lot of fun getting to participate in my first Gencon, and of course was really nice to meet more members of the community that is SWM and see some others who I had previously met at other events.

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 Post subject: Re: Gen Con 2013 experiences of a first timer.
PostPosted: Sat Aug 31, 2013 2:20 pm 
Death Star Designers
Death Star Designers
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Glad you made it Greg, next year 2 or 3 days!!!

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