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 Post subject: Gencon Play Report
PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2012 10:48 am 
Third Jedi from the Left
Third Jedi from the Left
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So, I got 6th overall and this was my squad

65 - Mace LotLS
55- GOWK
27 - Lobot
23 - Foul
18 - Gungan Shieldbearer
9 - Doombot
3- Uggie

First round
Against Ricky (sorry, I don't remember his last name, but he's an Atl guy) playing MaceBuck
Map: Spynet
My Reinforcements: Twi-Lek BG and Figgy

I set up on the left so I could bottle neck and prevent Yobuck from galloping too much and then advanced slowly towards his dudes. He prevented a 3rd round push with good placement of Spaarti but at the beginning of round 4 I used GOWK to push R2, Momaw, Yobuck, Mace and Dr. E. He then galloped with Yobuck and swapped Mace in. My Mace then took out his Mace and the rest was clean up. The BG proved to be key in this game as they often do against Mace and Yobuck
3 points

Second round
Against Daniel Stevens playing Naboo Deathshots (a mixture of all 3 Naboo dudes, oh goodie)
Map: Peaceful City
My Reinforcments: 3 Camaasis and Salacious

Again I created a bottle neck around the bottom and let him come to me. I sacrificed Salacious so I could kill a Naboo and prevent deathshots and used my nobles to run interference. GOWK and Mace saved like a boss and when it became opportune I used push on a group of guys. Daniel missed an opportunity to get R2 when he wasn't based to the shieldbearer and then when he did shoot at him Daniel failed his saves. I was able to whittle his down his squad and slowly kill his troopers at just when it looked like I had the game locked, he rolls a 20 for init. Thankfully GOWK and Mace continued to roll saves well and I killed the 2 pilots he bought in.
2 points 2-0 (5 points)

Third round
Against Graham playing HK-47 and IGs (I'm noticing an ATL trend here.....)
Map: Peaceful City
My Reinforcements: Twi-Lek Bg and Figgy

I set up on the left and advanced right into gambit with my key pieces around the shieldbearer. He advanced in and I killed a few mice with Mace and the Gungan's Atlatl. He then brought HK into gambit behind the one wall piece that juts out. He then won init and brought a mouse in to complete a wall, but it also put the mouse adjacent to HK. The Gungan then did Atlatl on it which put 20 on HK and Mace then scored a crit on HK setting off a flurry which allowed Mace to kill HK. GOWK then based the Geonosian Overseer via R2 and killed him, also putting 20 on an Iggy. Graham then took some shots, few of which got through, and Mace end up based to a full health Iggy, and Iggy with 40 left, and an Assassin droid with 50 left. I win init, Mace hits and then crits the 40 hp Iggy, flurries the full health on and makes the 3rd hit. I then look at Graham and say "rerolling is what got me this far" and I chose to reroll the attack hoping to crit. Natural 20, flurry gets set off and the Iggy dies. Graham then concedes.
3 points, 3-0 (8 points)

Fourth round
Against Trevor and his Mace squad
Map: Cantina
My reinforcments Ponda Boba and a Camaasi

Trevor took the right (atrium) so I got left. We basically just set up for 2 rounds and then at the beginning of round 3 he got a huge force push off (I made the mistake of grouping my guys together, d'oh!). That move made me go all aggro and I was able to crit on my first attack on Rex, so Trev's bodyguard died, I then got another crit on Rex which took him down and I put 20 on Mace. Mace then went after Mace. At the beginning of round 4 Mace and Mace traded blows and as my Mace died he had a riposte and flurry attack queued up and as long as Mace rolled 6s both of our Mace's would die. I rolled a 2. Trev's Mace lived, and continued to live with 10 hp. He out 60 on Foul and won the the next init and put much damage on GOWK which pretty much sealed my fate.
3-1 (8 points)

Fifth round
Against Bill German and more Naboo Pilots (oh joy)
Map: Ravaged Base
Reinforcements: 3 Camaasis and Salacious.

I set up my wall early, but forgot about the Captain having splash. Oops. Thankfully nobles made their saves. As if that wasn't a big enough mistake, I took GOWK out to do a force push and what I thought were 3 pilots and R2, but I didn't see the wall separating them. So I only got 2 Pilots and R2, and just to punish myself a little further, GOWK decided to fail the soresu saves against each first deathshot, so he took 60 damage. It wasn't looking good, but then Bill brought Panaka out of safety to take a shot at a noble, leaving Panaka open to a Lift/attack combo via Foul and Mace. So Mace runs in and crit kills Panaka. Now, it's a game again. We continue to trade blows, and Mace is able to kill Mas and Yularen, which is key. GOWK goes down like a chump and Mace seemed incapable of making a reflect save. Mace has 10 hp left and Bill still has Padme, Mothma, a Spaarti, and his Chadra Fan, and then, all of the sudden Mace can finally save and Bill starts to roll poorly and Mace is able to eventually take everyone down and I eke out a 3 point win with a nearly dead Mace. Go MACE!
4-1 (11 points)

Final Swiss round
against David Weeks (oh good, Atl again) and Revan/Kaan Bomb
Map: Bespin
Reinforcements: Dr. E and a Gran

Thanks to some pre-game coaching from my fellow Mace player TinT I was able to set up well and Kaan only put 40 damage on GOWK and Mace. Dr. E. did his healing thing while David advanced. David got Momaw deep via good door control and got off 2 war throats (he eventually got a 3rd one off killing the Shieldbearer and R2). David then brought in Atton via swap to do his shooting thing. He got Mace down to 40 left, but decided to not risk winning init (he told me later every time he relied on master tact when it was crucial it failed him) and locked the door separating Mace and Atton. So Mace retreats and heals. So I regrouped and advanced with GOWK and then Mace and got David down to just Revan and GARY. Mace then proceeds to crit Revan repeatedly and absorbs the defense. 3 points
5-1 (14 points total)

I was 3rd going into the top 8

Quarter Final
Against Gerry Russell playing Naboo Troopers (even more deathshots, great)
Map: Jabba's Palace (side note, the only map roll I won during the tourney was against TinT, who also had cantina)
Reinforcments: 4 Camaasis

I received some much appreciated pre-game couching from TinT which helped, but it was ultimately no use. I positioned as well as I could and advanced towards Gerry's commanders, but he ultimately prevented me from reaching them via placement of one of his nobles and override. This forced me to retreat to gambit while I lost my low hp pieces. Gerry then proceeded to gun for Lobot, who I couldn't keep safe. At this point, I had no choice but to play aggressively and try to out score Gerry. Gerry then rolled a 20 for init, which point wise helped me when Mace killed the pilots, but Mace only made average reflect saves and at this point I needed way more than that. So Mace was severely hurt, but if he could achieve the improbable and stay alive I had a chance because I could reach Padme and some troopers next round and get ahead on points. This, unfortunately did not happen, and Mace when down to the overwhelming force that is the Naboo Trooper Deathshot squad. Gerry played his squad phenomenally and highly congratulate him. It was one of the best (albeit most frustrating) games I've ever had. Well done Gerry.

Thanks again to Ray and to all of the players, especially the Atl guys who were great to play against and were very gracious.

"Anything worth killing is worth over-killing" - Darph Nader

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 Post subject: Re: Gencon Play Report
PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2012 10:37 am 
Imperial Dignitaries
Imperial Dignitaries
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Once again, congrats on doing so well...especially with this being your first ever Championship tournament! You played extremely well, and people now know that they'll have a new contender to consider every year.

Just wait until they see that new squad that you built on the way home!!!! :DSBoom:

"Don't give the tool more credit than the master." --Weeks

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