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SWM @ GenCon Was a Blast!
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Author:  darthmaim [ Sun Aug 19, 2012 5:38 pm ]
Post subject:  SWM @ GenCon Was a Blast!

Greetings Force users and those of you that aren't Force sensitive!!
In all the years I have been coming to GenCon Indy for SWM, this year, by far, was the best one I have ever been to. Ray, I just don't know where to start. You are truly an amazing leader for the SWM community. Thank you so much for the best SWM GenCon I have ever been to, and please keep it going as long as you can. Thanks to all the judges and behind the scenes people, new set designers, and of course all the players and supporters of our beloved game. Long Live SWM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Author:  audrisampson [ Sun Aug 19, 2012 7:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SWM @ GenCon Was a Blast!

Yes it really was a blast. Congrats to Ray for making an amazing weekend and to all the winners and players that participated in the event.

Author:  Sithborg [ Sun Aug 19, 2012 7:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SWM @ GenCon Was a Blast!

Yup, much thanks to Ray for everything he did. Also, much props to both urbanjedi and urbanshmi for the customs for the V4 sealed.

Author:  dvader831 [ Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: SWM @ GenCon Was a Blast!

Everyone, it has been an honor and a blessing to put so much into GenCon for the past many years. Knowing my hard work allows so many other people to have a truly remarkable time is a great feeling!

This was my favorite GenCon of them all, hands down. It was already great, but having the honor to hoist the Royal Rumble Championship Belt over my head put it over the top! Wes, Deri, you guys rock!

To everyone who took their own GenCon time to help keep things running smooth, thank you a hundred times over!

To the players who come to have fun and keep people seeing that our game has life in it still, thank you!

Now, on to the other news. As many people heard over the weekend, this was the last time I will be working directly at GenCon. It's been a good run, and, yeah, the shoes to be filled are not exactly small. However, after some good conversations over the course of the weekend, I have found a wonderful person to take over GenCon planning, and that is James Wyszynski, jew3 here on the boards. I will be working with James to make sure he knows everything about GenCon that I know, so nothing will seem different to anyone other than my absense from the 'Con!

Thank you all for having faith in me and having my back when I needed help. It's been a great ride!

Author:  hinkbert [ Mon Aug 20, 2012 8:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: SWM @ GenCon Was a Blast!

Sithborg wrote:
Yup, much thanks to Ray for everything he did. Also, much props to both urbanjedi and urbanshmi for the customs for the V4 sealed.


This was my first ever Gencon and it was a blast. Ray, you did a spectacular job.

As for the sealed event all I can say is Wow, just Wow. Urbanjedi and Urbanshmi did a phenomenal job. It was awesome to be able to play in a "proper" sealed event. Thanks a bunch.

Author:  RaginRancor [ Mon Aug 20, 2012 11:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: SWM @ GenCon Was a Blast!

4th and best GenCon.
even without my surprise finish.

there was Westin Wednesday:
had a great ride in
"i'm not the werewolf!"Graham was an awesome GM
"i hear you yelling from the other side of the building,
and then i see you guys pounding on the tables"
-Westin security guard
POTZILLA!.....BITCHES!-darth jim

then St. Elmo Thursday:
great shrimp
smooth scottish ale
best steak of my 1st half century
amazing, generous friend

followed by WTF Friday:
I'm seeded #5
the expedition to Hooters via the LOONNGG way
"a horse!? your kidding!? a f---ing horse!?

and seal-n-deal Saturday:
played in the sealed tourny, yea! more customs!
hit the dealer hall for the first time, and saw a extended universe of awesome cool stuff.
broke the bank and spend twelve american dollars

finals Sunday:
played my match @ about 9:30
got beat loud, by a better player, and a better squad
top 8 got our trophies and prizes and pictures taken
joined the caravan to strikezone to spend our GC's
by 2pm Sun., when they expire.
had a great ride home

Author:  Weeks [ Mon Aug 20, 2012 12:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SWM @ GenCon Was a Blast!

Had a great time.

I won the Mystery Map running 13 Felucians and 2 Shamans, thus annoying everyone to frustrating ends.

As I was judging I saw James Wys win the Sealed Tourney with Master Yoda, Jedi Infiltrator, YVH-2, and Fenn Shysa. Also watched as Jake won Tile Wars with Wookiee Jedi and Belth. Congrats to both of those gentlemen.

I also got Sith into the top 8 for the first time! All we need now is Vong and Mando's to make the top 8 and every faction will have made it.

Once again Congrats to Trevor on the victory in the Championship. All you needed was to move to the USA to get that win :)

Author:  sthlrd2 [ Mon Aug 20, 2012 3:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SWM @ GenCon Was a Blast!

Weeks wrote:

As I was judging I saw James Wys win the Sealed Tourney with Master Yoda, Jedi Infiltrator, YVH-2, and Fenn Shysa. Also watched as Jake won Tile Wars with Wookiee Jedi and Belth. Congrats to both of those gentlemen.

Thanx Weeks, I had my tile wars squad picked for months before the big event. When I ran the idea of Belth (disceplend leader) with wookie Jedi (with twin and cleave and splash) teamed up with Bastilla by Tim for the first time, he simply said "Jake that's brilliant" and after I tried it out for the first time and crushed him, he said that I need to keep this squad secret till gen con cause this was a sick squad. I kept it secret and as Tim posted in his tile wars thread that I was his prediction to win the tile wars championship, I couldn't help but feel that he jinxed me.

I had a couple real tough matches. Against Deri, I thought I was finished but Belth with 20 hp left got the final strike on Reven due to Djem so and pulled out the victory. Very next match had to face Tim with his double Firebreathers. I thought this match was going to come down to the very first init. I lost that init and took a while to consider my first move as this was crucial as he was going to open the door and flame all my guys. I moved one mouse (not adjacent to anyone) up to open the door, as this was carefully thought out. I figured he would go with his t3 to flame that mouse which he did and then overrid the door open. Next he tried to flame 40 a group of guys which would have hurt me a lot, but called him out that he couldn't cause he had to base my other wookie due to savage. He based and flamed the one wookie for 40. I then activated ABM and based with my other wookie to twin the firebreather. The rest was clean up as I didn't allow him to flame more than 1 guy at a time. In the finals I faced spry and ran foward to base his big guys with one of my wookies. He then proceeded to kill the wookie that was based to HK assassin, I said I'll use indiscriminate rage on my death swing and he said disruptive, and I said disceplend leader and proceed to twin for 40 each taking out most of his big hitters. The other wookie was able to finish off HK with his death swing another hitter with cleave. Belth cleaned up the rest to earn me the Tile wars championship and the winner of the Sith Trials edging out Tim by SoS. It was an absolute blast and Royal Rumble was a huge success as everyone who played had the time of their lives.

Great Gen Con.

Author:  Darth_Jim [ Mon Aug 20, 2012 3:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SWM @ GenCon Was a Blast!

I want to say thanks to Ray as well. From a gamer's standpoint, he was organized and on top of things. Much of this year's success is due to his hard work. From a friend's standpoint, what Ray did to make my experience an enjoyable one is just one more reason that he and David Weeks are the two best friends I've made in this game, and are friendships that transcend this game. Thanks, Ray.

Author:  Greighson [ Mon Aug 20, 2012 3:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SWM @ GenCon Was a Blast!

Wish I could have been there. Congrats to all who played, you're all winners for enjoying a great game that was snuffed out too early.

Author:  WacoBlaze [ Mon Aug 20, 2012 4:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SWM @ GenCon Was a Blast!

Had a busy 4 days of playing, visiting, and little sleeping.

Played in the 150 Thur. and went a measly 1-3 with Seps. and 1 lancer...myeh. Mystery Map was fun and went 2-2 one of which was a hilarious game (I sadly lost) where Daniel towed and the hammerhead jedi with R2 and repulsed killing my R2 astro and my Yoda on Kybuck when I missed 2 saves as he headed down the pit, hole, or whatever it was on the mystery map. Really liked my squad that can do a lot and cover a lot of ground. R2 Astro, Mace LOTLS, Yoda Kybuck, 5 x Gungan Artillerists, and Tarpals. Fast, fun, and not a lot of stress, it puts a lot on the opponent and they have to worry so much about the distance I can cover that they can't deal with the Gungans.

Friday was a light day for me and played only in the championships. Went 3-3 with 9 points losing to Bill, Lou, and Tim. At 3-1 with 9 points, I played Lou with the same record and points. I won map (Jabba's Palace) and felt I could win the game. We both played OR but I had more shooters and could cover a lot of ground. It was a great game played very fast with it being over in like 7 or 8 rounds and in about 40 or 45 minutes tops. Lou fell behind early and was behind for much of the game. We both felt I would win for most of the game and the end was not determined until the last 2 minutes. He won 210-182 and had his Bastila down to 20 HP left and a Senator hidden away. At one point mid to late in the match I missed like 4 shots on Bastila needing low numbers and that really proved to be the difference. What a fun game and my chance to make the top 8 (I'd have went to 12 points and 4-1). Next I lost to Tim like 105-48 to finish at 3-3 with 9 points and finished 12th. My highlight was beating Ian's and his championship squad from last year, although I felt bad as his dice rolls were not kind. I played my OR pilot squad I really like and play pretty well of: 2 x mouse, 2 x uggie, Bastila, Kl. Captain, Jaq, Carth, Jedi Battlemaster, OR Senator and a Jedi Diplomat.

Saturday was a long day. I played in the Tile wars going 2-2 with Jar Jar, Mace, Yoda (free re-rolls), HK-47, 2 x gungan artillerist. I like the event and always have fun playing it. Next up was the really fun team Royal Rumble (kudos to Ray for making it the team event) which was full of smack talk, unbelievable rolls and interactions (only possible in this format) and pieces that rarely get played but are fun in the format. Poaching is the key in this format and provides another form of strategy such as making sure you kill someone you attack or do just enough damage so an opponent cannot finish off the piece and steal the points. The Indiana team (Bryan Hole - Dark Dracul, Randy Barker, and myself) started out smoking in our first match finishing at or just outside 1st place. Randy killed well over 400 points out of 900 possible on the board while Bryan killed way over 350 and I killed 351. I played X-1 Viper Droid and Cad Bane, Mace and Ganner, and Mara Jade and Freedon Nadd. In the 2nd match I played a super tight score with Deri and ? (my mind is mush forgive me) with Deri and I scoring 286 each and ? scoring in the low 300's. Bryan scored low and Randy as well as people seemed to gang on them in the 2nd game and we finished actually toward or at the bottom. No matter, it was a lot of fun with smack talk, rum, a late start and finish, and great pictures of the winners (Deri, Ray, and Wes) with the belt. To finish it off, Randy bought the last 10 custom boosters that they had and we played a 4 man sealed of our own until well after 2 AM.

Sunday, way too early after staying up so late. Played in the 500 point Epic event and had fun with 9 or 10 players. The only disappointment was the low number of players. If I had a nickle for everyone that had great ideas for Epic squads and commented about them during the day - well I'd have 40 or 50 cents haha. I do wish people had played in the event as it was fun. We played 3 rounds and amazingly, I won with a 3-0 record beating Jim in the final game which we ended too soon after Jim thought he heard them call time when it was the game group right behind us calling time. I played Separatists: Epic Darth, Proxy to copy his stats, 3 x IG-86's, Grievous for twin and +4/+4, Lancer, Sidious, BDO, IG-88 with Pulse Cannon, X-1 Viper Droid (my MVP), mouse droid, ugnaught demo, R7, Geo Overseer, and T-Series Tactical droid. It was a load and I could block for my entire squad with the X-1 and shooters without accurate had to shoot at their own peril. Learned my lesson before in this format after Bastila shut down my Twin attacks and put in the Geonosian to be sure to get double if that happened and double twin if not interrupted. The X-1 could shoot for +16 at 30 dmg twinning or double twinning if not moving on his own. He could be pawned if need be for another twin, and even after init from the T-Series, move 2 and twin again.

What a fun weekend with special thanks to Ray as usual for running everything and making sure everyone felt included. Thanks to all those volunteering to judge, run the computers, and mass battles and Laura and Jason for the great custom work as well as Eric for his great trophies. Cannot wait until next weekend. Congrats to all the winners and to Jim for the sportsmanship award very rightly deserved. One cool final thing I noticed and noted when it happened: the young player that played all weekend (alas I have forgotten his name but he has played in years past as well) dropped his box and his dice and all went everywhere. Several people instantly got down and helped him pick everything up. I know that seems like no big deal but I really thought it was great how quickly people helped him which hopefully prevented him from suffering any embarassment. What a great group of people.

Author:  UrbanShmi [ Mon Aug 20, 2012 5:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SWM @ GenCon Was a Blast!

hinkbert wrote:
Sithborg wrote:
Yup, much thanks to Ray for everything he did. Also, much props to both urbanjedi and urbanshmi for the customs for the V4 sealed.

As for the sealed event all I can say is Wow, just Wow. Urbanjedi and Urbanshmi did a phenomenal job. It was awesome to be able to play in a "proper" sealed event. Thanks a bunch.

Aw, thanks guys. We should also give credit to R5Don4 and sthlord2, who helped with some of the customs, as well as Eric (Engineer), Will (exiledgamer), and Scott (Sithborg), who helped us fill 96 "boosters."

It seems likely we'll be doing something similar next year, but this year taught us that it is a TON of work for two people, and more help would be...well...helpful. I personally had a hand in more than 700 individual minis and, even though it was a lot of fun, I did feel a bit constrained in what I could do by the sheer scope of the project, particularly as time wound down. For next year, hopefully we can get some more volunteers (or people willing to work for customs) and allow for better distribution of the workload.

I do want to add to the kudos for Ray, who once again ran an awesome Con. I wasn't in the hall much after Friday, but every time I was there, people seemed to be happy and everything appeared to be going smoothly. I know a lot of people were involved in the planning to help that happen, but a ton of credit goes to Ray for how well it all went.

Author:  BillHazel [ Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SWM @ GenCon Was a Blast!

It has been an honor to have met and become friends with Ray. Thank you Ray, for the best Gencons ever.

Author:  DarphNader [ Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SWM @ GenCon Was a Blast!

First off +1 to Mel!

Where to begin???

Oh yeah almost getting tossed from the Westin that maybe where we should start. Great open gaming great but perhaps the best moment came from Daniel during Werewolf. "I promise you, Lou is not the Werewolf cuz I'm the PI!!!"

Thursday the Mystery Map, my Jar Jar/GOWK/Eeth experiment totally and utterly imploded went 0-4 :x
Oh well, dinner was good!

Friday the Championship, woke up with a near migraine that almost ruined the day for me but funnily enough was the only morning where alcohol consumption could not be blamed. The tourney was amazing and I'll save that for my play report. The evening at Hooters was fun great conversation and great company with Ian, Josh, Ricky and Jake!

Saturday and the S&V sealed event and oh boy what great customs. I was hoping for a Chewie at-st but I pulled a Voxyn Queen; Vua and the Jedi Infiltrator were my favorites in my boosters. A hearty well done to the Kiernan's and their support crew for such a great event!

Then after some Axis and Allies it was time to ready myself for the RR. My friend Captain Morgan made sure I was primed for the arena and what a friggin blast this event was!!! Greg and Jake what can I say and Brad I'm sure you won't forget our first encounter. Thanks to Tim and Jake for organizing the RR, the belt would have been awesome as sooo many teams were so close to hoisting the belt. At this point I should have gone to bed but oh no I get talked into the mini S&V with Mike and Randy till 2:30 at which point Ian leans over and says to me, "you know you've got your quarterfinal match in less than 7 hours." I kinda felt like Kramer the night b4 the Aids walk on Seinfeld!

Insert Law & Order sound byte.... 6AM wakey wakey, eggs and bakey. Boy I feel as if I just got ran over by one of those street sweepers. Make it to the table and manage to play two of the most intense matches I have ever played against incredible players, one of which was the eventual champ. Had fun in the Epic Duo getting Bane trounced against the new Boba and Mando the Vindicated. Time for dealers room last pass and goodbyes.

In closing... It was great to meet many of you for the first time (Ray, Mel, Weeks, Greg, Ricky, Deri, Bill Hazel, Alex and Brad) and to see all of my mates whom I've gotten to know over the past year. Ray thank you for all of the work you have done; we have a great group of people who are truly a joy to be around!!!

Thus concluded my first GenCon.

And to my travel partner, "yes you did Brett, yes you did!"

Nuff said.... ;)

Author:  Dracon2 [ Mon Aug 20, 2012 8:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SWM @ GenCon Was a Blast!

I want to thank Ray for having made my last 2 GenCon trips a blast and this one was hands down the best.

I only played in 4 events this year but they were all fun Mystery Map, Sealed, Dynamic Duo, and Tile Wars.

I also want to thank all those who made the customs for the Sealed I especially like the Master Yoda that I got.

Author:  buttcabbge [ Mon Aug 20, 2012 11:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SWM @ GenCon Was a Blast!

I didn't make it this year, but I did want to jump in to say thanks to Ray for his term as Gencon emperor. I had a ton of fun last year, and it sounds like this year was awesome as well. I can't even imagine how much work it must be, so seriously, big thanks to Ray for all the work he's done for the community.

Also, Jake, your Tile Wars squad, from what I've heard about it, sounds freaking brilliant.

Author:  thereisnotry [ Tue Aug 21, 2012 9:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: SWM @ GenCon Was a Blast!

Wow, I have so many people to thank! And so, in no particular order, I want to thank...
-Jim for driving and being hilariously funny
-Hinkbert and Weeks and MinitankHT for helping me practice on Vassal before Gencon
-Ray for once again doing an amazing job
-all of the Atlanta guys for being so fun (and funny!) to be around and letting us stay in their room
-Weeks for falling over in slow motion when I startled him as he walked around a corner on Wednesday night--best laugh of the weekend! :lol:
-Hinkbert for facing and defeating so many of those stinkin' deathshot squads during the Championship
-One or two people for laughing at my jokes sometimes
-Deri for giving my championship die back to me
-Mace Windu for coming through at critical moments
-Gerry and Hinkbert for being Luke Warm TaunTauns
-Daniel for letting my Boba Fett go first before Matt's Mara Jade Jedi could assault him to death in the Royal Rumble
-Jason and Laura and all the people who worked on the superb customs of V-Set 4
-My beautiful, amazing wife for suggesting that I attend Gencon again this year, when I had already accepted that I wouldn't be able to.
-God, for giving me life and the ability to enjoy the epic game that is SWM!
-All of you who play this game because, without SWM, Gencon would hold no appeal for me. Thank you all!

Author:  Echo [ Tue Aug 21, 2012 1:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SWM @ GenCon Was a Blast!

GenCon was, as expected, a TON of fun. I didn't do as well in tournaments as I had hoped, but I had many great games. I went just 3-3 in the championship, with a loss to 2 top 8 players (Hinkbert and Jak) and the 10th place player (Greg). Jak and Greg were both terrible matchups for me (although getting a 20 for init to bring in more Naboo Troopers against Jak made me really make him work for the win, and I only lost by a handful of points), and Hinkbert just rolled saves like a maniac and I made one mistake of not taking a shot at R2 when I had the chance.

Highlights include:

-Graham and I getting destroyed in Citadels by Jim after he had been drinking quite a bit. (this was an unfortunate preview of how Friday would go for both Graham and I)
-Repulsing Mike's full HP Yobuck into a pit during the Mystery Map tournament. I didn't think that would actually work, but it was awesome!
-I also learned in the Mystery Map that I need to be better at remembering how Force Abilities work. Attacking a Felucian Shaman turns off the Aura; duh. Happy with how well I did against that squad despite playing it wrong for a severe disadvantage.
-Game 2 of the Team Tournament was excellent with Spry and Trevor as my opponents. I won init in round 2 but my all-melee team was too far away from anyone else to really do anything, but Spry's Mara Jade was basing Trevor's Boba Fett; this caused them to both start vying for my favor so they could go first.
-Sealed was all-around awesome, between getting some really cool looking customs and having lots of just downright fun games. It was also my best showing of the weekend, going 3-1 (every other tournament I had an exactly even record, 2-2 or 3-3). Big props to the custom makers for that event.

Congratulations to everyone that did well in the championship, especially the newcomers to the top 8 (Lou, Hinkbert, Jak, and Gerry). They all did exceedingly well. Of course I have to also congratulate Trevor on his first Championship win! It was a great weekend and I already can't wait until next year.

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