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GenCon 2012 Event Schedule
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Author:  dvader831 [ Mon May 07, 2012 6:04 pm ]
Post subject:  GenCon 2012 Event Schedule

Okay, all of our Gen Con 2012 events have been approved, so I can now proudly give to you this year's full schedule of events!

NMN1230186 9 am Jedi Challenge 150 pt Constructed
NMN12301899 am Hoth Mass Battle
NMN1230187 1 pm Jedi Challenge C 200 pt Mystery Map
NMN1230191 3 pm Hoth Mass Battle
NMN1230188 5 pm Jedi Challenge 150 VSet Only

NMN1230192 9 am Champs
NMN1230195 1 pm Geonosis MB
NMN12302142 pm Epic Duos Constructed
NMN1230196 6 pm Geonosis MB
NMN1230198 7 pm Epic Duos Sealed

NMN1230202 9 am 125 pt Sealed Event
NMN1230205 2 pm Dynamic Duo
NMN1230206 5 pm Tile Wars
NMN1230208 8 pm Team Tournament: Royal Rumble

NMN1230209 9 am 500 pt Epic Skirmish
NMN123021110 am Death Star Run MB
NMN1230213 12 pm Epic Duos Constructed
NMN1230212 1 pm Death Star Run MB

As you can see, most of the favorite tournaments are here in one way or another. We have moved some things around, like putting the Mystery Map into the Jedi Challenge, and altered other events, like the Team Tournament using the Royal Rumble format this year. We have a very good selection of Mass Battles created by some of our great minis players and they are excited to share their creations with you.

The Jedi Challenge is being changed quite a bit this year. Instead of the basic 100, 150, and 200 point tournaments, we are moving things around. The events are a regular 150, the 200 Mystery Map tournament, and a brand new invention, the Vset only event. This is just a way to change up the variety of squads to be played and to see what amazing customized pieces people out there will choose to play with.

As previously mentioned, the 2012 Championship Event will be on Friday, and this move will hopefully prove as beneficial as early feedback has indicated. People might also be wondering when the Top 8 players from the Swiss rounds will be having their playoffs. The playoff rounds this year will not be officially scheduled. The players can talk and decide when they want to play the early rounds, and we will have an announcement at GenCon as to when the Championship game will take place.

The Sith Trials return again this year, with new events taking up the slots. It will be starting with a Sealed Event of Vset 4, Scum and Villainy. Players in this event will actually receive 14 miniatures, all customized by wonderful members of our community, then build a 125 point squad to face off against the opposition. The second leg will be the fast-paced action of a Dynamic Duo event. The third leg is the intense battle on the smallest field, Tile Wars. The player with the best record of all three of these events combined will be this year's Sith Champion and receive a prize worthy of the Dark Side!

Sunday brings on something brand new to GenCon, the 500 point Epic Skirmish! Many playgroups have been using this format for a while, and it is about time that it made its GenCon debut. Rounds for this event will be upped to one and a half hours to allot for the higher point value involved.

The Bounty Hunter Challenge has been hyped quite a bit already, but I am excited to put it in writing for the first time. For those who have missed out, it is quite simple. There will be two special cards exclusive to GenCon. In advance of your questions, yes, these pieces will be tournament legal, and very fun to play. You will need to build a 200 point squad in an attempt to defeat the special character's squad, being ran by a group of our players I have dubbed the “Protectors.” If you win, the cards are yours.

Other things are in the works, but this is what I proudly bring to you! Join us at GenCon 2012!

Author:  greentime [ Mon May 07, 2012 7:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GenCon 2012 Event Schedule

There is so much good stuff here. I can't wait! The sealed Vset event sounds totally awesome, and I'm excited to see that the 500 point Epic format will be there (even if Czulkang Lah squads totally dominate). Vset only squads sound great, too. Is it literally vset only, as in no ugnaughts, mice, R7s, etc.? The best squads would be... jeez... Mace and Foul, OR, VONG, and who knows what.

Big thanks to everyone who works to organize and coordinate these events and makes Gencon the wonderful experience that it is. Not only are we still going strong, we're still improving!

Author:  jedispyder [ Tue Jun 05, 2012 3:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GenCon 2012 Event Schedule

Seems a lot of events are selling well so far. Lot of the mysterious Bounty Hunter Challenge have been fully purchased, that's going to be an interesting one!

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