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 Post subject: Gencon Championship: Wookie Swarm Play report
PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2011 12:25 am 
Unnamed Wookiee
Unnamed Wookiee

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THANKS! to the judges and organizers for pulling off the best Gencon yet. Ray and Brad come to mind, but there were many others managing prizes and running the computer etc. Also thanks to the design team and playtesters for giving the community v-sets which are amazing.

I didn’t have an epic record like Weeks at this years Championship. Still, I had a lot of fun so I thought I would post a play report. I ran rebel swarm with commandos and heavy melee.

Map Choice: Gangster’s Palace
Team Name: Wookie Sandwich
Ithorian Commander
ERC x2
Luke RC
Wookie Commando 3x
Brute x7
(20 act. Total)

Typical Reinforcements:
Wicket, and Brutes
Or more Wookies

Round 1
Map: Ravaged Base
Opponent: Deri (Fingersnteeth)
Opponent Squad: Solo Charge with Kip Durron
Key Plays: Careful levitations allowed Mara to kill the wookies and Han to kill my support
Luck Factor: average
Outcome: Deri’s squad just steadily picked my team apart. I didn’t follow up with enough damage in return. Full loss for me.
My stats: 0-1 (0 points)

Round 2
Map: Gangster’s Palace
Opponent: Daniel (Echo)
Opponent Squad: Solo Charge
Key Plays: Mara charges in to kill two wookies, then Mara dies in response. I was able to lock a key door and carefully place my Luke to block Anakin so he could use his force blast to kill all my scrubs.
Luck Factor: It pretty much came down to his Han vs. my Luke RC and a wookie. I won the crucial init which allowed me to kill Han and win the game.
Outcome: I pulled this one out with a full win. I played this matchup a lot over the summer with Greg. While I lost those games, I think the experience helped me pull this one out.
My stat: 1-1 (3 points)

Round 3
Map: Renvar (Snowy map)
Opponent: Lou
Opponent Squad: Low activation Rebel Push
Key Plays: My brutes overwhelmed his lower activation squad.
Luck Factor: average
Outcome: I got a full win. I clearly had the advantage in terms of matchup. Also, Lou was partially picking his fantasy football team over the phone, so he was kinda distracted. Anyways, he is relaxed through the whole game, while I stay pretty nervous…lol
My stats: 2-1 (6 points)

Round 4
Map: Renvar (Snowy map)
Opponent: Tim (TimmerB
Opponent Squad: Seps with Single Lancer
Key Plays: I hide all my scrubs in the back. Then I put luke and a keldor with my other heavy hitters in a corridor I then hope for the best as the Lancer starts strafing…
Luck Factor: Tim roles horrible! He roles a one on Han and a one on Crix. I roll awesome! On the final strafe Luke makes his DjemSo saves, and kills the lancer.
Outcome: I get a partial 2 point win, but just barely. Tim should have destroyed me if not for his bad luck. It was a fun game and Tim was a good sport about it.
My stats: 3-1 (8 points)

Round 5
Map: Naboo Palace
Opponent: Ricky from Atlanta
Opponent Squad: Rebel Slow Cannon but with about 10 brutes for activations.
Key Plays: We both inch up to the central building, then eventually collide in the center. I charge in to kill his Han, but he pushes back with Luke RC and company.
Luck Factor: average
Outcome: Ricky does a better job with positioning his disruptive pieces. My squad just wears down without my commander effects. Ricky gets the 2 point win.
My stats: 3-2 (8 points)

Round 6
Map: Renvar (Snowy map)
Opponent: Eric (Ruk)
Opponent Squad: Seps with double Lancer and Whorm
Key Plays: I was able to catch him off guard by tossing my ERC 12 squares then running the ERC 12 squares to grab a crazy line of sight across the board to kill his first lancer. I had been waiting all day to get this move off, and I finally got a chance.
Luck Factor: average
Outcome: I get a full 3 point win. I had lost to Eric in last years gencon, so I was glad to pull this one out.
My stats: 4-2 (11 points)

Final Standing: 10th place. It was a tough day. I was extremely glad to place were I did. Everyone was a good sport. After the tourney we went out for beer and wings, and then back to the hotel to play Dominion with Chicago and Atlanta guys. Man, I’m already thinking about my team for next year…

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 Post subject: Re: Gencon Championship: Wookie Swarm Play report
PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2011 5:36 am 
Death Star Designers
Death Star Designers
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Well done dude. I told you swarm can beat lancer if you set it up right :)

Bald is beautiful.

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 Post subject: Re: Gencon Championship: Wookie Swarm Play report
PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2011 6:07 pm 
Really Cool Alien from a Cantina
Really Cool Alien from a Cantina
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I'm just really glad to have seen a swarm squad do so well at GENCON. With all the crowd control abilities out there, it really has deterred a lot of people from using the hordes upon hordes of figures to overwhelm your opponent. Well played sir!! Hope to see you at the Wampa Stompa in October. Cheers!!


Got Squig?

Punting jawas may be bad, but its just so FUN!!

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