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Gencon play report
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Author:  Weeks [ Tue Aug 09, 2011 9:33 am ]
Post subject:  Gencon play report

My squad for champs

Sabers N Guns

Yoda on Kybuck
General Skywalker
Captain Rex
Captain Panaka
Spaarti clone
Radian brute x6
Uggie x2

So I made this squad before I left my house just as a toss in for the team tourney. Dash has let me down so many times I've even gone as far as to cut off one of his arms. So after dropping dash I toss in Rex for giggles and some brutes just cause. The squad I was expecting to play just didn't feel right with me at the controls so as of 2 am Saturday I switched to this one.

More to come later.

Author:  Weeks [ Tue Aug 09, 2011 12:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gencon play report

So, as I wake up saturday I'm still unsure as to what to play. Finally Graham says to me "play a piece where at the end of the day you won't feel bad if they let you down" I took this to mean "don't play dash" lol. So on I went to the minis hall trying to cram on how I'll handle matchups.

Round 1 vs buttcabbge

So I get 0 time to figure out what to do cause I get a 2 time regional winner in round 1 :/. Ben drops his Solo Charge varient on the table and promptly wins map. First round I take left side of throne room and advance up to the wall inside the room. Ben takes the name "solo charge" a bit too litterally and tosses Han all the way up to snipe r2, his second shot hits P-naps for 30. After seeing his best droid friend r2 die Yoda runs out and runs over some of han's scrubs and ends movement on han to do 40. Skywalker gets swapped 7 away from han and knight speeds up to finish han off.

Later that round mara assaults yoda and misses 3/4 attacks. At init yoda runs around causing more mayhemand puts 60 more on mara. She finishes off yoda while Jarael stuns skywalker. Rex comes up and finishes mara and gha off. Next round rex kills ganner and i surround jarael with brutes. After a few rounds of trying i get past her saves and kill her.

3 point win. Turns out shooting at the top of the round is really good.

Round 2 vs graham

So still no time to relax as I get a 3 time regional champ next. He wins map (ravaged base) so I take inside. I setup on the bottom and load all my guys except a few brutes and skywalker into the strafe safe rooms. So if he wanted to strafe he'd have to deal with djem so. He parks the lancer in gambit and we end round 1. round 2 i blow the main center door. He runs his MTB up on his turn. After a few minutes of counting Im able to get yoda within 16 of his lancer with an r2 tow. I do so and slay that lancer before it does anything. Knowing he couldnt trap yoda graham spins his bdo. Yoda gets swapped for a brute and that brute kills something (a mouse I think). Graham sends in his second wave which is 7-8 drones. In round 3 yoda runs over all but 1 of them and just eats the damage. He gets swapped out for a brute yet again. Now that I have him on the ropes and my dudes still healthy (yoda at 80 still) he runs his droids up. Yoda runs over more stuff and takes 60 from an 86 on his run to weaken everything. then yet again gets swapped out. Graham didnt have the movement to get his guys to mine fast enough so he tries anyway and hopes for an init to kill yoda.

I win that init and yoda finishes off his 86's and ends movement on sid. Sid lightnings yoda but at that point skywalker/panaka/rex were all full so they killed the rest in 1 more round.

3 point win. Counting squares is hard to do.

Round 3. Still no break as I draw the champ Ian Gordon for round 3.

This game turned out really wierd. His battlemasters got to run at me with no worries because i forget to put yoda on r2 at init (DUH!). We meet in the middle and the dice start rolling. SKywalker was able to weaken several battlemasters before he dies and yoda ends up getting a big crit on his seer. Rex (at 10 hp) got towed around by r2 was too much for bastilla to catch late in the game and I won a big init to finish that chick off.

3 poin win. Early round shooting wins another game.

ROund 4 vs billiv15

Seriously this day just gets harder as i go. BIll wins map and sticks me on his map (jedi temple) i take the inside and setup at the top left room with yoda and anakin blocking the only squares in. I then put all my squiskies so he cant get to them. End of round 1 Yoda runs to open a door and rex kills bills bodyguard and mas. At init bill wins and makes me go first. Yobuck runs down and kills off crumb and puts 30 onto dash and skywalker and panaka and 30 more onto dash which gets bg'd onto panaka. Dash uses his momentum to kill my yoda (panaka bg'd the crit). I then move my rex back into safety behind my skywlkaer and panaka. Bill wisely runs his remaining dudes into gambit. Over the next few rounds Im able to very slowly kill 1 piece per round and catch him offguard by towing skywalker 12 then skywalker run 16 so rex could kill his r2 and dash. Rex gets hit by skywlaker for 60 and gets him down to 20. I'm able to work on his yobuck a little at this point too and get them both weakened enough for kills. Finally im able to kill them yet again with early round shooting from rex. (see a patern yet?). BIll had something like 11 rounds of gambit up on me so if we had gone 1-2 more rounds he'd of won. Well played sir.

3 point win. Rex is a beast.

Break for lunch.

So after lunch I draw thereisnotry playing Solo CHarge.

I win map YAY! first time all day and that made this game much easier for me. Round 1 I run yoda to kill his only uggie and gha. Round 2 He lobs han to take shots at r2 but decided to kill my uggies instead because r2 was being bg'd by P-naps. Skywalker gets towed up and puts 60 on han and yoda gets to run past han ganner and end on his lobot and bg outside of hans disruptive. At init his mara kills yoda with an assault and skywalker finishes off han gets ganner down to 50. SKywalker then eats 2 pushes and gets knocked away. Rex puts 40 onto anakin and finishes the bg using mara and ganners stealth against them. At init skywalker runs 10 and tries to finish mara (70 hp on her left) he hits and crits! but she blocks it. At this point its 40 hp mara 10 hp anakin and 50 hp ganner against full hp rex, panaka, r2, and pleanty of swap fodder. im able to kill akain first and get mara next after she gets 60 on rex. After some towing swapping and locking rex finishes ganner and I win.

3 poin win. Yet again Early round shooting and closing make rex a better choice.

Final round vs spryguy1981 playing skybuck

He wins map but we have the same one. FIrst round Im able to get 20 on r2 and 30 on skywalker and dash with my yoda. He advances and gallops some of my scrubs. NExt round my yoda killshis r2 dash and puts 30 onto panka. He starts hitting my yoda and i make 2 blocks so yoda only takes 60. SKywalker gets swapped down to finish off pakaka. From here on out My yoda chews up his yoda and skywalker and keeps tanking damage. After boh of them are weak rex gets swapped in to finish them off.

3 point win 6-0.

More later

Author:  Grand Moff Boris [ Tue Aug 09, 2011 1:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gencon play report

Weeks wrote:
So on I went to the minis hall trying to cram on how I'll handle matchups.

Spoken like a true college student. You learn fast. :)

Author:  TheHutts [ Tue Aug 09, 2011 3:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gencon play report

What map did you use?

I don't know if early round Rex shots would work in my local meta - I see a lot of NR with General Wedge Antilles, and they just evade everything. I like that Dash's momentum shots are un-stoppable for most pieces. But I can see its benefits as well - it definitely gives you more options.

Author:  Weeks [ Tue Aug 09, 2011 3:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gencon play report

TheHutts wrote:
What map did you use?

I don't know if early round Rex shots would work in my local meta - I see a lot of NR with General Wedge Antilles, and they just evade everything. I like that Dash's momentum shots are un-stoppable for most pieces. But I can see its benefits as well - it definitely gives you more options.

If you go against a bunch of dudes with evade you just hit them with anakin and yoda. Can't evade a gallop. Wedge is also squishy if you can get to him.

Author:  TheHutts [ Tue Aug 09, 2011 3:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gencon play report

What map did you use?

And sorry, I shouldn't really de-rail the thread of the 6-0 Swiss champion at GenCon with complaints about my local meta..... Congratulations - good job!

Author:  Weeks [ Tue Aug 09, 2011 3:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gencon play report

No worries. I used smugglers base

Author:  ndjarnag [ Sat Aug 13, 2011 5:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gencon play report

Come on man, finish this play report :)

I still don't know what happened in your top 8 games...

Author:  Weeks [ Sat Aug 13, 2011 7:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gencon play report

Top 8!

Round 1 rematch against Thereisnotry

He wins map this time. I take outside of his map (ruined base). He advances his dudes very carefully. I get an early gallop on mara with yoda and his bg takes the damage. Yoda swaps away to safety. Round 2 I run yoda to open the center door and swap in rex who kills gha naught and uses maras stealth against her to kill that dang BG. Rex runs back to be beside panaka and skywalker hops on r2. Mara gets lobbed in and assaults rex, she misses 2 and panaka BG's rex (panka goes to 30 rex a full). Trev wins Init (he won litterally every single init) and mara kills rex. She moves back away and panaka hits with an aoo. Knowing he would levitate her out I run 2 brutes with momentum to put 40 more damage on her. (Mara down to 50). Skywalker gets towed up and puts 60 on ganner and moves away granting him the aoo, ganner doesnt take it fearing djem so. Yobuck runs up and puts 20 more on ganner to end the round as brutes surround yoda and anakin.

At init trevor wins again and Han puts 60 more onto yoda. After some counting I find yoda is 16 from mara (YAY!) Yoda runs past ganner to kill him and puts 20 onto han, Han hits with the Aoo and yoda goes down to 20 HP. Yoda hits the gallop on mara and........ Crits on the regular hit!!!!. Mara fails the block and dies. My second move was anakin to try and kill his anakin hit the first and the second got blocked (:(). Anakin Unleashes the force and kills yoda and puts 30 onto Han and SKywalker.

Now it got really tight. Anakin Solo at 20 hp and 0 force. Anakin at 70 hp and 3 force, Han at 40 hp, all of them were based to each other when init rolls around. Yet again Trevor wins init. Han misses the first attack and skywalker deflects the second. Skywalker kills anakin and misses han and the reroll. Panaka moves up to BG skywalker. At init han hits both shots and ani takes one and defelcts he other. SKywalker kills han and cleans up the rest of trevs scrubs.

this was the only game where rex died first all weekend. Yoda's timely crit furthur adds to the saying "dont quit till the game is over" Rex dying first was a bad sign but i was able to pull it out because i got the rolls i needed.

Semi finals vs Ian.

This game ended fast! Yoda gets a good first round gallop on all 3 battlemasters. Block, Block, Block. Gets a good second round gallop. BLock, BLock, Block. I get impaitient and run in skywalker and yoda too fast. Yoda runs in and eats a crit from the jedi seer. Then 2 more crits from a battle master and dies. SKywalker runs in kills the seer and puts 30 on a jbm. He dies shortly after. WIth only the seer dead rex couldnt do enough to close. I played this game horribly and Ian played it spot on how he had to to win. Congrats to the champ! Stupid Lightsaber Block :)

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