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Fun playing SWM at Gen Con 2011
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Author:  DarkDracul [ Mon Aug 08, 2011 4:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Fun playing SWM at Gen Con 2011

I had lots of fun playing Star Wars Miniatures this year.
I Played: Friday 8Am-9Pm then Saturday 9AM-6PM
Next year, I may play fewer SWM events just to try other Gen Con stuff.

I think the organizers and designers did a fantastic job to pull this off.
The V-set pieces were very prevalent and the mystery map was fantastic.
The games I played were well over 6 rounds and I felt like a good variety of squads were being played.
Many people seemed to be enjoying their experience playing even if they were not winning.
It's very cool that our community has kept this game going and still bringing in good numbers at Gen Con.

Probably my favorite game experience was Force Stunning the Crap out of Bill during Epic Duos.
Sure I got destroyed, but damn it was great fun watching him fail all those save rolls. :D

My only critique would be I wished more was done at Gen Con to advertise and attract new players to the game.
However, I realize that may be asking a lot given recent situational events at SWM Gamers.

Anyways, It was great fun seeing all of you Star Wars Mini pals and getting to battle!

~ DarkDracul (Bryan)

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