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 Post subject: GenCon Weekend
PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2011 5:48 pm 
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Man what a lot of fun! Also, very tiring as I think I played 31 or so games in 3 days. Had fun and played all of the Jedi Challenge playing Mandos in the 200 (2-2), and Seps. in the 100 and 150 (3-1 and 2-2). Was going to play my Mandos in 100 but on a whim played a 4 IG-86/Whorm squad and liked it. In a cruel bit of fate, I played my buddy Tony Mullins in the final game of the challenge and last game of the night (150). If he won and Tim lost he would win the Jedi Challenge by virtue of beating Tim earlier. We both played variants of Lou's boosted ladies squad (-Atris since it was 150). He used GOWK, Luminara, R2 Astro. and Baris. I used Yoda (+3 to def and attk.), Luminara, R2, and Baris. I like both but like having more damage output with Yoda if you can trap an enemy alone. We learned quickly that Tim had lost before we were far along in our game and he knew he had a chance. At the end of round 1 he made a critical mistake (Throne Room map). Coming from the right Knight speeds to get to gambit with his squad just outside the far right door near gambit. I still had R2 and Yoda to go and tow Yoda next to GOWK and lock the door making him the only enemy within 6 of Yoda. I double twin hitting all and after I win init. I finish him off. The rest is a formality and Tony gets 2nd in the JC..think I had 5th or 6th. Felt bad that I cost him a great prize package including a custom set of V-Set 2 minis by Laura and Jason but he felt worse making the error of rushing to gambit.

Played 8 Gungans and Yodabuck, Tarpals and Amidala and filler in the Mystery Map as I really wanted to play a fun squad and take a break from serious squads. 2-2 with a highlight of my Gungans killing Revan and 4 Kel Dors and having Exar Kun at 20 HP with no force and with my lone gungan and him based at init. I lost and he killed the Gungan but it would have been really funny if I had won and he failed his cesta. He would have died and if I made my save I would have won. If we both missed we both would have had 1 mouse droid each left and I think I would have won as I had 2 or 3 rounds of gambit compared to his zero. This one was so fun that several people were watching the last rounds of it.

In tile wars I played Kyle BM, Han GH, MAra, Ganner, Human Bodyguard and Dodonna. Not what I had hoped for but still beat a great squad built by Brad P. and ultimately went 2-2. Epic Duo was fun and drew Yoda which I paired with Anakin with Twin for GMDT from Yoda. Think I made a mistake and should have bolstered yoday with a shooter. Fun as well however and survived 3 straight rounds of Yoda getting the lightning treatment and failing the 16 save to sqeak out a win against the Phantom Menace and Tyrannus. Went 2-2 here as well...notice the theme.

In the team there was an odd number and we had a draw to start. Played an Atlanta team in round 2 with Dan J. losing and Tony Mullins winning for us. I needed to win for us to go to 2-0 but lost a close game to a Solo Charge. I had Seps. with 4 IG-86's, Lancer, Chameleon, Whorm, etc. Missed a non-covered shot on Mara in the last round needing 10 to kill her and make it super close. His Han was based and out of Gambit. I was up at least 10 or 15 with gambit scores. He had everyone but those 2 and mayber Dodonna. I had lost all but 4 or 5 mouse droids, a BDO, and San Hill. Was still fun and we were so tired that we dropped along with Team USA to get an extra few hours sleep for the Champs.

In the championships, I played Mando's with Mereel, 3 Scouts, 2 Gunsmith's, Captain, Lobot and a couple of mouse droids. I have played Mando's for awhile and really like them with the death shots. With Mereel and Lobot I can bring in many things to counter what my opponent has. In various games I brought in mice, a bodyguard, another gunsmith, a CIO, a BFH, and another Scout. Had alot of fun but went 3-3 for 8 points. Guess that makes it a 1 over .500 weekend. Really not sure how the MAndo's can bet a large squad of Seps. with many IG-86's in which you are badly outactivated. I made a run at it having like 17 or 18 activations myself and facing a squad that had 28 activations with a zillion mouse droids. I waited with the captain and continually threw grenades thus making those with 20 damage susceptible to death shots (you still gotta hit your shots haha). Perhaps another Mando (the one with flamethrower 20 could have put my over the top).

Finally, had a great time in my last game of the tournament with Lou. Super enjoyable game as Lou is a really great guy and we played fast and loose. Went back and forth before finally getting him. This game showed how a game can have many rounds, be played fast with both players making good choices, and get done well before time. What a fun way to end my playing at GenCon. Special thanks to Ray for running the show...was very nice with great prize support and he had us a prime location just feet from the doors to the Exhibition hall. Thanks to those donating their time to judge and run the pairing and computers. Really quality people all around exemplified by JamesWys playing no events yet making time to run the computer on more than one occasion. Can't wait until next year. Onward to playtesting V-Set 3!!

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