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Gencon 2011 predictions!
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Author:  spryguy1981 [ Sun Jul 17, 2011 11:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gencon 2011 predictions!

Changing my nod to Brad for Sith Trials then.

Author:  buttcabbge [ Sun Jul 17, 2011 11:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gencon 2011 predictions!

Meta: 25 % NR; 15 % Lancer; 10 % Skybuck; 5 % Yobuck no Sky variants; 15 % Thrawn variants; 10 % Bastila; 10 % Rebel variants; 5 % Vong; 4 % Other; 1 % Tion Medon's Hammer-Droppin' All-Stars (You guys haven't seen this squad yet, but trust me, it's awesome).
Team Tournament Winner: Three people who have never been in my kitchen.
Jedi Challenge Winner: Trevor
Sith Trials Winner: FWIW, last year I went 7-1 with 21 points between Mystery Map and Tile Wars, so this is the event I'm most jazzed for. Which means I'm totally finishing below .500. I'll say Matt Peterson wins it.
Tim or Graham?: Lifetime I'm 0-3 against the two of them (0-2 v. Tim, 0-1 v. Graham). So, from my perspective, both.
Top 8: Well, let's just say that I hope that the Atlanta boys don't get onto some weird "I won't take off my black polo until I'm eliminated" kick, because if they do, it'll be pretty ripe in there on Sunday. And I'll be genuinely surprised if Tim B doesn't make the Top 8 this time.
Winner: Jason K.

Author:  sthlrd2 [ Mon Jul 18, 2011 7:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gencon 2011 predictions!

I have to get in on this as well.
Team. Would be myself, Tim and deri but as Tim said were probably not playing.
Jedi challange I will go with myself or brad
sith trials ? Can't pick epic duos so due to tile wars alone, I will say brad.
Tim or grahm
Sorry grahm but I have to say Tim
top 8
Tim, bill, myself, grahm, Lou, Jason, Aaron, and +1 more
2011 swm world champion
I have predicted this much earlier and my prediction still holds. I would love to say myself but Tim has been on fire this year and I honestly think this is his year to win it all.
Who would I like to see in the finals with Tim, well myself of course so I can try and get some revenge on the two regionals that he won against me. If it's not me then the much anticipated Tim vs grahm showdown to win it all would be cool as well.

Good luck all

Author:  urbanjedi [ Mon Jul 18, 2011 10:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gencon 2011 predictions!

I have to get in on this.

Team Tournament winner:Team USA (they will have the coolest looking squads).
Jedi Challenge winner: Tim B. The man is on fire
Sith Trials winner: Brad assuming he doesn't fall into some mystery map funk
Meta: Solo Charge, Kybuk (with and without Skyguy), Thrawn, and Seps (but only cuz everyone else says so cuz I don't see or hear that many people playing them)
Tim or Graham?: Not sure what this question is about but Tim cuz he is the only person that has thrashed me in a game in recent memory
Top 8: Eric L (6-0 with 12 pts makes it right?) ,Jason K,Lou (if he plays the squad), Deri, Greg, Lobo, Jake K, Bill
Sorry Tim you get 9th on tiebreakers :)
World Champion: Eric L. (2 pt wins don't matter in the T8 right?) Who else can play the same squad for 2 years + and make every playoff he has entered with it and still not have anyone think the squad is good?

Author:  TimmerB123 [ Wed Jul 20, 2011 12:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gencon 2011 predictions!

thereisnotry wrote:
Tim or Graham: huh?
urbanjedi wrote:
Tim or Graham?: Not sure what this question is about . . .

The two of us both won 3 Regionals this year. Nobody else has ever won more than 2 in a lifetime. So there is going to be a special Tim vs Graham Ultimate Regional Champion Showdown. One game - winner takes all the glory. Ray's brainchild - I got a kick out of it. I think it will be a hoot.

ndjarnag wrote:
(As suggested by TINT: the top squads will be a mix of "mass activations" and "mass activation killers")
(I'm guessing lancer won't be that popular except for the top players who have been playing it all throughout the regional season.


urbanjedi wrote:
Jedi Challenge winner: Tim B. The man is on fire
Top 8: Sorry Tim you get 9th on tiebreakers :)

Deja Vu of 2009!

It would be especially ironic if I get 9th and the tie-breaker came down to a coin flip.

Author:  greentime [ Wed Jul 20, 2011 7:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gencon 2011 predictions!

Man, you win a regional or two and suddenly people expect you to win all kinds of stuff. I'm feeling vaguely jinxed...

But hey, this is fun!

Team Tournament winner: Going with Weeks Sutton Heck. I do think Mylanta/Hotlanta/Georgia Power/whatever we call ourselves in the other Atlanta team will sneak into the top 4.
Jedi Challenge winner: I dunno, Greg said he would try it this year. He's due for something.
Sith Trials winner: If he's playing, Bill. If not, uh, me. Sure.
Meta: In order of number of players, NR (Solo Charge uber alles!), Imperial (Pellaeon, activation, and weird Echani versions), Old Republic (what?!), Republic (mostly Yobuck and jank), Rebels (cheap and easy), Separatist (as others have said, not easy squads to pick up quickly), then Vong and Sith.
Tim or Graham?: I burned all my luck on our last game. He'll roll a 1 for init the first three rounds or something. Or a 6 if he's playing Ozzel. Tim.
Top 8: Bill, Deri, Daniel, Tim, Eric Larson, Jason K, Ben Jonson, RICKY WEEKS OH SNAP WHO IS THAT GUY?!?!
World Champion: Daniel repeats, if and only if he doesn't get matched up against Ricky. If Ricky chumps Daniel out for the third time this year, Tim.

Top 8 composition: 3 Separatist, 3 NR, 1 Republic, 1 Rebel/Imperial (cause our meta would be pure jank if the core factions didn't even show up Day 2)

Author:  LESHIPPY [ Thu Jul 21, 2011 2:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gencon 2011 predictions!

Biggest fish over the 4 days. Les

Last year was a 40 inch Northern. I don't think I will beat that this year, but I hope to.

This event is hard to find incase people are looking to enter :)

Author:  urbanjedi [ Thu Jul 21, 2011 3:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gencon 2011 predictions!

Is it over by the magic players :fight:

Author:  Echo [ Thu Jul 21, 2011 3:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gencon 2011 predictions!

urbanjedi wrote:
Is it over by the magic players :fight:

Thaaaat's what that smell is....

Author:  dvader831 [ Thu Jul 21, 2011 3:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gencon 2011 predictions!

urbanjedi wrote:
Is it over by the magic players :fight:

That would explain the smell, thats for sure!

Anyway, I will only make one prediction that covers everything.
I predict that Gencon 2011 will be the greatest time EVER for Star Wars Miniatures Players! The hours are ticking by until we all pack up and head out.

Author:  jhc36 [ Wed Jul 27, 2011 1:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gencon 2011 predictions!

Alright here's my top 8 because I've been keeping as accurate as possible regional results
in an excel spreadsheet. And since I went to comic-con, I dont have the money for gen con so
this is the only way to get pumped up about the championship and yet not be attending.

Top 8 in no particular order

Daniel S.

-Defending Champion-

Best Finish - 1st in Maryland Regional
Worst Finish - 6th in Kentucky Regional

Tim B.

Best Finish - 1st in Indiana Regional
1st in Illinios Regional
1st in Wisconsin Regional

Worst Finish - 15th in the '10 Championship

Jason K.

Best Finish - 1st in Michigan Regional
1st in K-Town Championship
8th in GenCon Championship

Worst Finish - 4th in Wisconsin Regional

Graham B.

Best Finish - 1st in Georgia Regional
1st in Tennessee Regional
1st in Kentucky Regional
7th in GenCon Championship

Worst Finish - 17th in North Carolina Regional

Ben J.

Best Finish - 1st in Missouri Regional
4th in Illinois Regional

Worst Finish - 16th in GenCon Championship

Bill R.

Top 8 in GenCon championship every time competed

Best Finish - 3rd in K-Town Championship
4th in Capital City Championship

Worst FInish - 9th in Illinois Regional

Lou V.

Best Finish - 2nd in Capital City Championship
3rd in Illinios Regional

Worst Finish - 10th in K-Town Championship
19th in GenCon Championship

Trevor P.

Best Finish - 2nd in Ontario Regional
5th in GenCon Championship

Worst Finish - None that I could find

Now there will probably be spoilers to this prediction. I don't think many predicted
Brandon P. making it all the way to the Final. So besides a couple rogues, a few dark horses
could be Aaron (lobo), Weeks, Matt P., Deri, or even spryguy.

Author:  TimmerB123 [ Tue Aug 16, 2011 11:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Gencon 2011 predictions!

TimmerB123 wrote:
thereisnotry wrote:
The only thing I'll say is that Tim Ballard will finally make the Top 8! :D

OH NO you cursed me!!!

He sure did curse me. I've never ended up further from the finals

TimmerB123 wrote:
Team Tournament winner: It would be Deri, Jake and I, but we're probably not playing. Gotta give others a shot. ;)
I stand by this statement. ;)

TimmerB123 wrote:
Jedi Challenge winner: As always, someone from the midwest

CORRECT! I do live in the midwest. We're never gonna let that title head south. :D

TimmerB123 wrote:
Sith Trials winner: Total crapshoot. Since Epic Duos is randomly assigned it's a large part luck.
Indeed it was. But it was still fun.

TimmerB123 wrote:
Oh - and I should say who my pick is for The TILE WARS world championship - Brad P aka The_Celestial_Warrior. I love how much thought and effort he puts into his squads. He really comes up with creative mayhem.
Missed this one. Poor Brad had to face the squad I made and Deri played, which just happened to be a perfect counter for his death shot rookies. Congrats to Chris Pulis, 2011 TILE WARS world champion!!!

TimmerB123 wrote:
Meta: Not as many Lancers as people seem to think (but still a handful).

Correct. I think there were 4 or 5 total

TimmerB123 wrote:
I am predicting more Solo Charge or slight tweaks of that squad.


TimmerB123 wrote:
Republic will make a surge vs what we saw at regionals

SOOO Correct!

TimmerB123 wrote:
and there will be a scatter of imps and ever-present rebels.

Correct again

TimmerB123 wrote:
There will be a couple great players playing OR

Close - there was 1

TimmerB123 wrote:
but I think it will miss the top 8.

Incorrect here. OR won it all, but was close to not making the top 8.

TimmerB123 wrote:
Same with Vong and Mandos, though in even fewer numbers.

Correct, though Vong had slightly more players than I thought

TimmerB123 wrote:
I'd be SHOCKED to see Sith make the top 8.

And . . . correct

TimmerB123 wrote:
Top 8 Factions: 2 NR, 2 Seps, 2 Republic, 1 Imp, 1 Rebel.

Close! 2 NR, 1 rebel were nailed. Swap the imp for OR and one of the Seps for a republic and we're there. Sep was 9th place, so it was very close.

TimmerB123 wrote:
Top 8 players by Region: 3 from Chicago, 1 from MI, 1 from Canada, 1 wildcard . . . and I guess 2 from the south

Wow! Really close! Ian is the wildcard, nailed Canada and MI, so that leaves one Chicago swapped for a Missouri boy.

TimmerB123 wrote:
Tim or Graham?: Definitely Graham

Guess I was wrong here

TimmerB123 wrote:
As far as specific names for the top 8, well . . .

I think 6 of 8 will be from this list:

Top 8 front runners (in no particular order)
Bill R
Deri M
Matt P
Trever P
Eric F
Jason K
Lou V
Graham B
David W
Greg S
Daniel S

1 Additional will come from this list:

Dark Horses (in no particular order)
Jake K
Tony M
Mike G
Ben J
Jim M
Matt S
Ricky H
Chris P
Ian G

and 1 will come from out of the blue, not on either of these lists.

Eh, not half bad. 5 of the 6 I predicted came from the front runners list, and the other 3 came from the dark horse list.

Anyway - just thought I'd have some fun seeing where predictions ended up

Author:  Weeks [ Tue Aug 16, 2011 11:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Gencon 2011 predictions!

Weeks wrote:
Meta:Lots of carbon copies of regional winning squads. Lancer will be played by a fair amount of people. And lancer hate will be played a lot as well.
Team:either one of the Atlanta teams or Canada.
St:someone unexpected.
Tim or Graham:Graham
Top 8:3 black polos and 5 other guys
Champion:I wouldn't be surprised if Daniel actually wins again. With my prediction of 3 black polos in the top 8 id say we have a pretty good shot at winning if we don't have to play each other in the first round of the top 8.

Ricky Heck, Matt Spry, David Weeks. 3 black polos ;). Ian had to beat all 3 of us to win as well.

Author:  Jester007 [ Thu Aug 18, 2011 4:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gencon 2011 predictions!

Weeks wrote:
Ricky Heck, Matt Spry, David Weeks. 3 black polos ;). Ian had to beat all 3 of us to win as well.

And I'm still taking meds to calm my nerves because of that mosh pit I went through!! But seriously, I had a great time playing in the tournament. Had a nice relaxing time at Hooters w/ the Atlanta guys, Bill and Dary (hope I spelt his name right....). We'll just have to see what I can pull out for next year's GENCON. Cheers!


Author:  TimmerB123 [ Fri Aug 19, 2011 6:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Gencon 2011 predictions!

Jester007 wrote:
Dary (hope I spelt his name right....).


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