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 Post subject: H/W, tons of stuff!
PostPosted: Fri Apr 29, 2011 7:14 pm 
Unnamed Stormtrooper
Unnamed Stormtrooper

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Just got a huge collection, so I have a bunch of new trade bait to help me get what I need! Would really prefer some larger trades first


Quinlan Vos, Infiltrator VR
Luke Skywalker, Champion of the Force VR
*Boba Fett, Enforcer VR

Vader's Apprentice, redeemed
Maris Brood

Darth Caedus VR
Darth Krayt VR
Darth Talon VR
Mara Jade Skywalker VR
Cade Skywalker, bounty hunter VR

Atton Rand VR
Bao Dur
Mira VR
Darth Malak VR
Darth Sion VR
Obi Wan Kenobi, Padawan VR
Darth Vader, Scourge of the Jedi
Juhani VR

Kotor C/U:
jawa scout (would like as many as I can get!)
elite sith trooper
sith heavy assault droid
sith trooper captain
Mandolorian Scout

Captain Rex VR
Yoda on Kybuck VR
Durge, Jedi Hunter VR
General Grevious, Droid Army Commander VR
Chameleon Droid R

Arc Trooper Sniper UC
Galactic Marine UC
Star Corps Trooper UC
IG86 Assassin Droid UC

c3po Ewok Diety VR
General Rieekan VR
Xizor VR
Mouse Droid UC
*Ewok Scout C (multiples!)
*Jawa Scavenger C (multiples!)

The Jedi Exile VR
Vodo Siosk Baas VR
Darth Maul, Sith Apprentice VR
Darth Plageius VR
Naga Sadow VR
The Dark Woman VR
Anakin Solo R
Grand Master Luke Skywalker R
Kol Skywalker VR
Leia Skywalker, Jedi Knight R
Jedi Battlemaster UC
Heavy Clone Trooper C
Jensaarii Defender UC
R4 Astromech Droid C

Asajj Ventress, strike leader R
Captain Maar Tuuk VR
Wat Tambor, Techno... VR
Commander Ahsoko R
Captain Rex 501st R
General Skywalker R
Nahdar Vebb VR
Hondo Ohnaka VR
B3 Ultra Battle Droid UC
Commando Droid Capt. UC
LR 57 Combat Droid UC
Clone Trooper w/repeating blaster UC

A'Sharad Hett VR
K'Krukh Jedi Master VR
Chewbacca, Fearless Scout VR
Dass Jennir VR
Kir Kanos VR
Major Maximillion Veers R
Bomo Greenbark VR
Bossk, Trandoshan Hunter R
Dengar, Hired Killer R
4 LOM, Droid Merc. R
Zuckuss, Bounty Hunter R
EG05 Jedi Hunter Droid UC
ARF TRooper UC
Kota's Elite Militia UC
Talz Warrior C
Trandoshan Elite Merc UC

Lord Hoth VR
Voolvif Monn VR
Grievous, Kaleesh Warlord VR

Storm Commando
Ewok Hang Glider
Jawa on Ronto
Sandtrooper on Dewback
Stormie on Repulsor Sled

*need muunilist map from CS starter! (blank back). I don't know if any other maps come with a blank back with the tan color, but if so I'm looking for multiple blank back maps
*need anything since Clone Wars/IE that is available separately, maps, battle packs, etc
*custom maps, tiles, terrain
*D&D minis, Heroclix, Horrorclix, LOTR combat hex minis

HAVES: (numbers after the figure represents what it might sell for on a website, was just for my reference)

Warmaster Tsavong Lah 17
Jango Fett, BH 43
Boba Fett, BH 58
Boba Fett 22
Nym 13
Dannik Jerriko 5
Hk 47 16
Tamtel Skreej 5
Prince Xizor 9
Jabba the Hutt 25
Dr Evazon x3 4
Wampa 15
Tion Medon 3
Admiral Ackbar 9
Han Solo, Scoundrel 9
Yoda of Dagobah 15
Jaina Solo 18
Bastila Shan 13
Obi Wan on Boga 17
R2 Astromech Droid 17
Mon Mothma x3 6
Exar Kun 28
Darth Bane 30
Ulic Qel Droma 14
Darth Malak 15
Darth Nihilus 30
Darth Maul on Speeder 14
Grand Admiral Thrawn 13
Emporer Palpatine, Sith Lord 14
Anakin Skywalker, Sith Apprentice x2 8
Darth Vader, Sith Lord x3 5
Darth Vader, Champion of the Sith 7
Lord Vader x2 17
Darth Vader
General Grevious, Jedi Hunter
Commando on Speeder Bike
Baron Fel
Luke Skywalker, Young Jedi

R (85)
4 Lom x3 1
Dengar BH 2
Bossk BH 7
Komari Vosa 6
Ponda Baba x4 3
Bossk x2 2
Boushh 3
Zuckuss 5
Bib Fortuna 4
Garindan x3 4
Calo Nord 4
Greedo x2 4
Utapaun on Dactillion x3 2
Djas Puhr 2
Bomarr Monk 4
Dash Rendar 2
Ig 88 x3 2
Dengar x2 2
Sly Moore x3 1
Mustafarian Flea Rider x2 4
Lobot 2
Guri x2 1
Logray, Ewok Shaman
Lobot, Comp Liaison Officer
Zam Wesell
Deliah Blue
Lando Calrissean

Wedge Antilles 2
Han Solo, Rebel Hero 5
C3po 4
R2D2 6
Luke Skywalker of Dagobah 5
Princess Leia, Hoth Commander x3 3
Princess Leia, Senator 4
Chewbacca x2 3
Chewbacca, Rebel Hero 6
Nien Nunb
r2 D2 w/extended sensor x2
c3po and r2d2
princess leia
general dodonna
Deena Shan
Wedge Antilles, Red Two x2

Corran Horn x2 5
Garm Bel Iblis

Clone Trooper on Barc Speeder 10
Queen Amidala x2 5
Captain Antilles x2 2
Even Piell 3
Clone Commander Bacara x3 7
Clone Commander Cody 9
QuiGonn Jinn, Jedi Master 4
Anakin, Jedi Knight x2 5
Agen Kolar, Jedi Master x2 3
Obi Wan, Jedi Master x2 3
Shaak Ti 6
Stass Allie 3
Yoda, Jedi Master x2 9
Depa Billaba 3
General Windu 8
ISP Speeder x3 9
Mas Amedda 14
Gungan Cavalry on Kaadu 15
General Kenobi
Captain Panaka
Anakin Skywalker, Champ of Nelvaan
Captain Typo
Mace Windu, Jedi Master
Jedi Master Kit Fisto
Commander COdy
Commander Gree

Droid Starfighter in Walking Mode x3 7
Durge 8
Wat Tambor 1
San Hill 1
General Grevious, Supreme Commander 5
Darth Maul, Champion of the Sith 20
Darth Tyranus x2 2
Darth Sidious, Dark Lord of the Sith 6

Mara Jade, Emporer's Hand x2 4
Darth Vader, Jedi Hunter 8
At ST 15

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 Post subject: Re: H/W, tons of stuff!
PostPosted: Sun May 01, 2011 3:43 pm 
Third Jedi from the Left
Third Jedi from the Left
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Pm sent

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 Post subject: Re: H/W, tons of stuff!
PostPosted: Sat May 14, 2011 12:31 am 
Sith Infiltrator
Sith Infiltrator
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 Post subject: Re: H/W, tons of stuff!
PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 4:24 pm 
Black Sun Thug
Black Sun Thug

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what kind of LOTR TMG are you looking for?

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 Post subject: Re: H/W, tons of stuff!
PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 5:59 pm 
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