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 Post subject: Elite Infantry Prestige Class
PostPosted: Wed Sep 21, 2011 7:38 pm 
Third Jedi from the Left
Third Jedi from the Left

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I've been looking at making some house rules for Saga (see my other thread) and I found a gap that could use a new Prestige Class. I have a player playing an ARC who wants to improve his rifle a bit more. He uses Rapid Shot (and Collateral Damage) all the time, but it's not worth the dip into Gunslinger for Trigger Work (and picking up Quick Draw to do it), so he asked if there was a possibility of making a rifle class. Trusty sidearm is bad enough without having to use a Talent to let it apply to rifles.
Looking at it, I don't think a purely rifle-based PrC is justified (and I don't want to create it just to satisfy one player), but what about an Elite Infantry class? I'm thinking a Veteran soldier rather than a Spec Ops commando (which Elite Trooper feels more like).
This is what I have:
Prerequisites: I'm not sure whether it needs talent prerequisites. If it does, I was thinking Veteran, Weapon Specialist or Armour talents. Certainly Point Blank Shot and Precise Shot, but would more Feat prereqs work?
Talent trees: My thoughts were along the lines of splitting it up by weapon choice. Basic access to Carbineer from the Legacy guide, but reworking it to fit with a new class and either Veteran or a homebrew PrC equivalent. Then add Sharpshooter for snipers (all of which require Far Shot so it doesn't need to be a prereq for the class) and a Sidearm tree for pistols. Maybe a Heavy Weapons tree, but I think Elite Trooper has that covered.
Even level Special Ability: I'm not sure on this one, since I haven't looked at every class' abilities in some time. Off the top of my head, either Trusty Sidearm for rifles (probably not), an ability to grant Temporary Hit Points (like the Martial Arts Master) which could work or a 'Move up to your Speed as a free action a number of times equal to half your class level" type thing, which would gel pretty well with Multiattack Proficiency.

What do you think? Any suggestions? Is it even necessary?

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