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 Post subject: House Rules
PostPosted: Wed Sep 21, 2011 7:22 pm 
Third Jedi from the Left
Third Jedi from the Left

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I've been running a Clone Wars campaign for a while now and I've decided to give the players a little boost in terms of power. This is partly because they've hit 9th level and I'm heading into Dark Times soon (Jedi in the party) and partly because I scored 4 critical hits in a single encounter last session :D

I read somewhere of a GM allowing Bonus Feats for even levels of Prestige Classes to balance some of the Special Abilities (Gunslinger's is incredibly boring compared to all the options for Force Techniques) and I'm going to try it but I found the Talent selections themselves are pretty bad. Because of all the new Talent trees in supplements being linked to classes the Jedi Knight has access to no fewer than 12 unique Talent trees while the Assassin (for example) has access to 4. And 2 of those are Scoundrel trees. So I started running through the Prestige Classes and updating their Talent lists, both the ones they have access to and the ones they can use for Prerequisites. I've found through looking at the first 3 (alphabetically) that 8 Talent trees seems pretty balanced, with a mix of Heroic and Prestige trees.

Example: The Ambusher Talent tree (in Rebellion Era CG) for Soldier is all about singling out a single target. I think this fits perfectly with Bounty Hunter, so I'll allow a Bounty Hunter to select Talents from that tree. I'll also allow a player to use Ambusher talents in place of Awareness talents (to make a military background BH)

Does anyone have any suggestions for these lists for other classes? Or better yet, has anyone else done it already? It's a lot of work (and I'll share it if anyone's interested), so I was hoping people had some suggestions.

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 Post subject: Re: House Rules
PostPosted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 4:27 am 
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I don't have what you are looking for, but here is a list of talent trees available to each class:

Jedi: Jedi Consular, Jedi Guardian, Jedi Sentinel, Lightsaber Combat
Noble: Anticipation, Collaborator, Disgrace, Fencing, Gambling Leader, Ideologue, Influence, Inspiration, Leadership, Lineage, Loyal Protector, Master of Intrigue, Provocateur, Skill Challenge, Superior Skills
Scoundrel: Brigand, Fortune, Misfortune, Opportunist, Outlaw Tech, Recklessness, Revolutionary, Run and Gun, Slicer, Smuggling, Spacer, Yuuzhan Vong Biotech,
Scout: Advance Patrol, Awareness, Camouflage, Espionage, Fringer, Hyperspace Explorer, Reconnaissance, Spy, Surveillance, Survivor, Unpredictable, Versatility
Soldier: Armor Specialist, Brawler, Brute Squad, Commando, Mandalorian Warrior, Mercenary, Shockboxer, Squad Leader (CW), Trooper, Veteran, Weapon Specialist
Force: Alter, Control, Dark Side, Guardian Spirit, Light Side, Sense
Tradition: Agent of Ossus, Aing-Tii Monk, Bando Gora Captain, Baran Do Sage, Believer Disciple, Blazing Chain, Dathomiri Witch, Disciple of Twilight, Ember of Vahla, Felucian Shaman, Iron Knight, Jal Shey, Jensaarai Defender, Keetael, Kilian Ranger, Korunnnai Adept, Krath, Luka Sene, Malkite Poisoner, Matukai Adept, Order of Shasa, Seyugi Dervish, Shapers of Kro Var, Tyia Adept, Warden of the Sky, White Current Adept, Zeison Sha Warrior
Droid: First-Degree Droid, Second-Degree Droid, Third-Degree Droid, Fourth-Degree Droid, Fifth Degree Droid

Ace Pilot: Blockade Runner, Expert Pilot, Gunner, Spacer, Squadron Leader, Wingman
Assassin: Assassin, Genoharadan, Misfortune
Bounty Hunter: Awareness, Bounty Hunter, Force Hunter, Gand Findsman, Misfortune
Charlatan: Disgrace, Fortune, Trickery
Corporate Agent: Corporate Power, Leadership, Lineage
Crime Lord: Infamy, Influence, Mastermind
Droid Commander: Droid Commander, Inspiration, Leadership, Override
Elite Trooper: Camouflage, Critical Master, Commando, Master of Teras Kasi, Melee Specialist, Protection, Republic Commando, Squad Leader (GW), Weapon Master
Enforcer: Enforcement, Survivor
Force Adept: Beastwarden, Dark Side Devotee, Force Adept, Force Item, Imperial Inquisitor, Mystic, Telepath
Force Disciple: Force Adept
Gladiator: Armor Specialist, Awareness, Gladiatorial Combat
Gunslinger: Awareness, Carbineer, Fortune, Gunslinger, Sharpshooter
Imperial Knight: Armor Specialist, Duelist, Knight’s Armor, Knight’s Resolve, Lightsaber Combat
Improviser: Improviser, Outlaw Tech, Procurement, Slicer
Independent Droid: Autonomy, Elite Droid, Specialized Droid
Infiltrator: Bothan Spynet, Camouflage, Infiltration, Spy
Jedi Knight: Armor Specialist, Duelist, Lightsaber Combat, Lightsaber Forms, Jedi Archivist, Jedi Artisan, Jedi Battlemaster, Jedi Healer, Jedi Instructor, Jedi Investigator, Jedi Refugee, Jedi Shadow, Jedi Watchman, Jedi Weapon Master
Jedi Master: Duelist
Martial Arts Master: Awareness, Martial Arts Forms, Master of Teras Kasi, Unarmed Mastery
Master Privateer: Infamy, Piracy, Privateer, Spacer
Medic: Advanced Medicine, Survivor
Melee Duelist: Brawler, Melee Duelist, Weapon Specialist
Military Engineer: Military Engineer, Outlaw Tech
Officer: Commando, Fugitive Commander, Leadership, Military Tactics, Naval Officer
Outlaw: Fringer, Outlaw, Slicer, Survivor
Pathfinder: Awareness, Pathfinder, Survivor
Saboteur: Misfortune, Sabotage, Slicer, Turret
Shaper: Advanced Medicine, Implant, Shaper
Sith Apprentice: Armor Specialist, Duelist, Lightsaber Combat, Sith, Sith Alchemy, Sith Commander
Sith Lord: Sith
Vanguard: Awareness, Survivor, Vanguard

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