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Owensboro Regional Results
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Author:  The Madman [ Mon May 17, 2010 1:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Results

I decieded to ba a little silly and run a bit of a "Fun squad" something akin to my agressive play style
Leia JK
UGO x2

First game
Gray- Throne room map
he and I had been talking trash the whole game and had a blast.
About mid game he moved his squad up, and put the speeder in the door way
Almost baiting me into an early engagement; well I foolishly took the bait and rushed GMLS up, separating him not only from my Ganner but also from Leia, without pacing properly to allow GMLS to earn up the extra FPs I needed it was a bad situation
It was a slow 2 rounds attrition from there and Grey won only on luck
(Just kidding! Grey played really great! ) See it doesn’t just stop cause the events over

Second game
Theren? Ruined base
Odd match, he played the current B&B with Ozzel
I think he was really expecting his squad to “Play itself” after 3 rounds of initiative we were both in mid map, after a set of small sacrificial AoO’s – he actually opened a door for me! I was able to position Ganner safely in the dbl door hall way and levitate GMLS I right in front of Lord Vader and swing away with a crit mid attack to finish him off quickly. From there it really was mop up on the Genohardan and rodian brutes

Third game
Brandon Pyle Muun plaza

This game I was sloppy, I started in with the trash talk and really goofed up on reading his moves. He was a good honorable player and stuck to his strategy. In the end I tried to throw him off by doubling back from mid map to the rooms along the sides to force Vader into a conflict with GMLS. I didn’t count out his figures movements and instead I moved up Ganner to far and he was able to control the swap process and killed off Ganner. From there he played a well controlled game and neutralized GMLS
Solid game, Brandon Played VERY well.

Fourth game
Chris ? Munn Plaza
He was running an all Melee squad with Gen Skywalker. 3 JWM & Asokah
He seemed nervous at first and did some really odd staging of his pieces
I could see his squad was short on activations, ad decided to just go at it!
About 3rd round he managed a very easy tow cable placement to kill off my Dondonna and get another JWM on top of Leia
With Ganner and GMLS un impeded, I weakened one of the JWM with Leia, and levitated GMLS around as needed and FP’ed the JWM with Ganner and Djem So’ed Anikin to death…

Fith game
Ray Becker- Bespin
What a f***ing Cheat!
Seriously! He had Neon stickers on his minis! That almost cost him the game!
Totally Kidding
Ray and I had a fun game
He ran Vader scourge with Cade Bane and Arden Lynn (Odd combo right?) and really kept me on my toes for at least 4 rounds of positioning- going even so far as to trick me into thinking he was going for the tunnels to get to my back field of figs
the game turner ended up being a misunderstanding of simultaneous effects about doors and override…
He positioned 2 Camassi nobles in the door way near the center and opening up the rear doors… so my way was blocked but his wasn’t….
I moved to open to the doors I had locked and then locked his boys in. putting the option to open the doors on him and use up his door control option early.(I still had 2 un-activated UGOs) From there I was able to bring up Leia and use LST on Arden negating her Tariis Kasi ability and flip GMLS into combat with Bane and Lynn. He attacked with Vader (Thank you Gram for keeping track) and the Djem So battle began
In the end Luke canceled and attack and negated damage from an attack was left with 30 hp and Vader was dead
Fun game, I’m glad my last game was with Ray

3-2 and 8th overall

Author:  Disturbed1 [ Mon May 17, 2010 1:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Results

Dennis, the C'dale player was named Chas Hileman, and the guy from StL is Keith Warren. Dont know fi either of them visit the site.

I guess I'll give a more detailed account.
My squad was: Kyle JBM, Mara Jedi, Dash, Jag, Dodonna, Wedge, Camaasi Noble, and 5? Ugos. Map of choice: Destroyed Base

Round 1 vs Michael Garrison (another Carbondale player)
Michael's squad: GOWK, mobile Padme, Argyus, Mas, R2, Senate Commandos, filler
Map: Muunilist

He got map, so I chose the side w/o the room, obviiously. I moved everyone up towards the central column, while he set up, trying to flank me, with commandos on both the top and bottom of the board. At end of round 2, i had moved mara up to open the door to one of the rooms, giving Dash LOS to take out R2 and do 40 to a commando, and base GOWK with Kyle. Within a few turns, i was able to take out the entire nothern placed side of his team with taking little real damage. He used the other part of the team (Argyus and a commando or two) to move through the southern rooms to take out my gambit getters + Dash, Jag, and Wedge. Ugo's blocked them off long enough to take out a commando, wound another, and get Kyle and Mara within striking distance. By end of round 5 or 6 he conceded, having lost all threats other than Argyus, while I still had Kyle, Mara, and Wedge.
My score: 1-0, 3pts

Round 2 vs Daniel Stevens from Atlanta
Daniel's squad: Ganner, Mara, Dodonna, etc (I dont remember exact specifics, as I player him and Aaron, both playing pretty close to the same thing, but there were some differences.
Map: Destroyed Base. I won map, though it was his choice too, so he chose outside. I began by moving up with Kyle on the inside corner, Dash, Jag, and Wedge behind the crates in the open room, and Mara in the hallway. He moved Ganner into the hallway, and levitated his Mara adjacent to mine in the closet thing. I had clear line with Dash, so i took my shots, need 5's, and missed 2xs :(
He won init, assaulted, but missed once. I assaulted, and missed 2xs, not dealing near enough to drop his Mara. It was downhill from there for me. Dice didnt like me that game, though i will not blame that as my reason for losing, as I made some tactical mistakes.
My score: 1-1, 3pts.

Round 3: vs some kid from some place (sorry, but I cant remember your name or where you were from)
His squad: Newest Anakin, new Ahsoka, 3x JWM, Dark Woman, Mas, R2, R7, 1? Ugo.
Map: Muunilist

I lost map roll again, and set up on the good side again. Same play as before, move pretty much everything up towards gambit, though I kept Dash and Jag a big further back this time, to help keep them away from all that beef. Set up DW on the northern end of the map, moving her through the rooms, while everything else moved through the southern rooms to get to me in gambit without taking fire. We ended round 2? with Mara against the gambit column, based by 2 of the three JWM, with the last nearby, and Kyle adjacent to Mara, basing one JWM. He won init, smacked mara, taking her down to 50, i think, as he had already hit her once. I used two, killed the one basing kyle, with Mara, and moving Kyle 9sq, to base the other two JWM, pinning them down w/o CE's. He dealt a little bit of damage, moved Anakin up to within 6 of Mara, on the other side of the column, and Dash did some dmg. I won init, took the AoO with Mara, based and killed Anakin. He moved the DW up to keep Mara away from Ahsoka. he missed most of the attack rolls with the JWM, I dealt a bit more dmg, and dropped a JWm with Dash. He won init, and attacked kyle w JWM. I went with two, using Mara to drop DW, and Kyle to drop Ahsoka. Dash dropped the last JWM and he conceded.
my score: 2-1, 6pts.

Round 4: Vs Aaron (Lobo)
His squad: Ganner, Mara, Han, Dodonna, lost of mice, MTB, Anakin, and I dont remember what else.
Map: destroyed base
He chose outside, and I moved up along pretty much the same route as in my second match, but placed Jag badly, and he was able to take him out on the first activation of round 2 with Han. He also, like Daniel, moved Ganner into the hallway to move Mara to base mine, but this time I didnt have opportunist to for Dash to shoot with, as he was outactivating me by around 5 at this point. Dash landed 4 hits on Ganner (didnt roll below 13, I think), I think only the second time that day he landed all four shots...
He took down my Mara, and in lieu of trying to base with kyle just so he could win init and assault me, i moved Kyle up 8 into the hallway, and Grenade 40 on Han, who failed, and Dodonna, who didnt :(
He locked me in the hallway with him, seperating Kyle from the rest of my squad, though I had ugs near the door. He dropped Kyle, and I used Dash to take down Mara. By this point, I knew the game was over, obviously, but I continued playing, alowing him the set up and the satisfaction of using Unleash the Force on my 5 ugos, camaasi, Wedge, and Dash, though Dash made the save. Next round he shot Dash and unleashed again, killing Dash, my last piece, on a failed save.
My score: 2-2, 6pts.

Round 5: vs Carl
His squad: 'White and Blue" as described by Dennis.
He condeded w/o playing. No matter where we go, I always end up playing him :roll:
"I didnt drive two hours ro play you in a match that wont get either of us into the top 4"
My score: 3-2, 9pts. I took 9th overall, not bas for building the squad the night before, and not having practiced.

Kristen's squad: Yobuck, Panaka, Mas, R2, Rex, Saesee in armor, 4x brute, 3x ugo.
Round 1 she played Bob McChristian from Carbondale. he played the Sith squad, using Malak, Holosid, Cad Bane, Dash, and filler. She won. 1-0, 2pts.

Round 2 v the guy playing the Lancer. He won. 1-1, 2 pts.

Round 3 v I think someone from Atlanta. He won. 1-2, 2 pts.

Round 4 vs Matt McChristian from Carbondale. Dont remember what he played. She won, 2-2, 4 or 5 pts.

Round 5 vs some guy from some place (sorry, dont remember your name). He played NR with Ganner, Wedge, Mara, and Kyle. She lost by 1pt. 2-3, 4 or 5pts.

She placed 21st out of 30, which as I said, she isnt too thrilled with, but she doesnt get to play much at all thanks to her night classes being on minis night, and we didnt practice. She took a rodian brute from the prize table. At the very least, I trained her well on what to take for prizes, lol. Its Awesome to have a wife who plays, too.

So, effectively, we drove 2 hours to pay $30 for a Rodian Brute, lol.

Author:  Grand Moff Boris [ Mon May 17, 2010 2:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Results

Disturbed1 wrote:
So, effectively, we drove 2 hours to pay $30 for a Rodian Brute, lol.

And 2 Shadow Stormtrooper promos, don't forget!!

Author:  Disturbed1 [ Mon May 17, 2010 3:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Results

I didnt forget those. We didnt take any, as I just managed to empty the box Jim kindly put me in charge of at the last tourney we had before Egypt Wars.

I think we now have, between promos and the regular ones, close to 15 of the things, lol.

Author:  LoboStele [ Mon May 17, 2010 4:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Results

I’ll apologize in advance for the length of this. I had fun writing it up. :)

Well, I ended up deciding to go with Deri’s squad from Chicago. My first thought when I saw his squad 2 weeks ago was “Oh wow, that’s awesome and looks like a TON of fun!” I just hadn’t looked at NR a whole lot yet, because I didn’t have Ganner. So, I had to borrow a Ganner to play it, lol, but more on that later.

So, my squad was same as Dennis posted for his, but I kept the Ugo and Mouse Droid in the squad itself.

My first game was against Corey, one of the Owensboro guys, running a Rebel squad, which I’m very familiar with. It was similar to what I played in Chicago, just with another ERC instead of Juno and some activations (so squad had Luke RC, Han Smug, Crix, ERCx2, etc.). So I knew well how to play against it. We played on Ruined Base, with me starting on the outside. The first round or 2 was mostly positioning, but in round 3 I think, he made a slight error, and gave me the chance to levitate Mara around to a spot where I could easily assault an unactivated Han Smuggler and kill him. Han tried to off Crix to take away his Cunning and missed his 2nd shot by 1 (a running theme with Han throughout the day, lol). I made a critical error at one point, in that I moved Anakin up the central hallway, because the middle door was locked. I won the next init and had Mara Assault and kill Luke, and then on Corey’s turn, he wisely blew the door open, and then an ERC easily dispatched Anakin with Cunning +20. Oops! I had positioned Anakin there expecting Mara to survive not too much longer, but I learned a valuable lesson in advancing Anakin too soon, lol. Han finally finished off Crix at that point though, and I started the mop up, with Corey only having one ERC and his commanders/activations left at that point. He played a good game, and I told him afterwards that honestly the only mistakes he made were to have Han so far forward in his squad, and then he left Princess Leia in the background the entire game and never used her nice +7 to shoot at anything. Other than that though, good game! Lobo 1-0

Round 2 was against Graham from Atlanta with his Yobuck squad, with Panaka, Rex, Dash, and Ferus. We played on Ruined Base, and he started on the outside. This was a tough match. I brought an R7, an Ugo and 5 Mouse Droids I think for Reinforcements. I used a tad bit of bait in the form of Lobot to get Yoda under Han’s Disruptive, but my rolling kept me from fully capitalizing on it after that point. I made some really fun moves though, like using Ganner’s Force Push 2 to move Yobuck 2 squares and into one of the turbolifts. Looking back at it now, I probably should have just Overrided him into the room altogether, and really given myself a chance to go after the other pieces. But I thought I could finish Yoda off with a won init on the next round. But I lost that next init, and Yoda activated, keeping Mara from being able to kill him. So I chose to have Mara go kill Dash instead, who had closed to within 6. Han and Ganner tried to finish off Yobuck, but I missed 2 out of the 4 attacks I think, leaving Yoda alive till the next round. I was able to finish Yoda off, but by then, R2 had towed Rex into the fray, and he immediately blasted Han out of existence. At that point, Mara was down to only 40 HP or so left thanks to Ferus’ hitting all his attacks, and me failing at least 1 block. Rex made quick work of Mara and his R2 locked my Anakin into a room, sealing away my last chance to win. We then realized that it didn’t matter who won the next init. If I went first, I had to take my 1 activation to open the turbolift door first, and then Graham could just re-lock it and kill my R7. If Graham went first, he just killed my R7 and that was it. So at that point it was over. Lobo 1-1

This match was against the squad Madman played in his 4th round: Gen Skywalker, JWM x3, Cmdr Ahsoka, Dark Woman, R2 Astromech, R7, and Mas. We played on his Muunlist map. I brought in an R7, a Felucian, and 3 Mouse Droids for this game. He set up in the room and used Dark Woman’s Phase to move her into gambit on the first round, which was a solid move against most opponents, but not my squad. I levitated Mara forward, and ran to base TDW and hit her for only 20 I think. Then I won init and assaulted to finish her off. He advanced the rest of his squad across the top rooms, while we played door games and I tried to funnel him the direction I wanted. He managed to get one JWM all the way behind my squad and used some Momentum/Rolling Cleave to wipe out Dodonna and some of my activations, but while he was doing that, I was busy killing another JWM and then levitating Mara to go try and kill Gen Skywalker. Here’s where I started to get worried, as Mara did a Cunning Assault on Gen Skywalker and I rolled a 5, 4, 1, and 1, lol. Luckily the 5 and 4 were hits and he didn’t chose to LS Defense those. But not what I expected, haha. So I had to wait till the next round to finish off Han and then go after Ahsoka. Meanwhile, Han did pretty decent this game and killed R2 in one shot, and put 30 on a JWM. Force Push was fun this game too, as I didn’t have to worry about Momentum, and was able to force the JWMs to blow FPs on Assault instead. My Felucian even got his Force Blast off on a JWM who failed his save, lol. The Felucian finally died, and Mara came back out to the middle to help deal with one of the JWMs, while Ganner levitated Anakin in to hit Ahsoka and the last JWM with Unleash. From there, it was simple mop-up. Lobo 2-1

Round 4 was a fun game with Seth, aka Disturbed1, which he already described. I’ll write about it too though, as I remember a couple things he didn’t mention. We played on Ruined Base, and I started on the outside. I ran the Muun Tactics Broker and 6 Mouse Droids for my reinforcements, and that just did him in. With the MTBs guarantee for init, I made the semi-risky move at the end of Round 1 to levitate Han up front, and run all the way up to the central hallway door. Win init with the MTB, pop Jag since he didn’t benefit from Wedge’s CE, and then move back 6 to be just within the room above the hallway. Granted, Han was still adjacent to the door, so Dash was still able to shoot him, but needed those 13s now, and I think he missed all or I evaded the ones that landed. At the end of the round, he had Mara in the turbolifts for gambit, and I levitate my Mara around to Twin for 40. Then won init via MTB again and Cunning/Assault = dead Mara. He brought out Kyle to do the Grenades on my Han/Dodonna, which was a very nice on his part, as I was stupid enough to leave Dodonna there, haha. I got semi-lucky on the rolls though, and then I used Han and his Disruptive to put some damage on Kyle, and then Ganner Levitated Mara back into the hallway, and locked the door behind Kyle, sealing him in with my whole squad. I won init again and finished off Kyle. He blew the door, and shot Mara as described before, and killed her, but by then I had the game firmly in hand. I thought it was quite awesome of Seth that he played the game out just so I could use Unleash the Force, lol. Lobo 3-1

Going into the final game, and this was one of the few squads I had seen earlier in the day that I really dreaded having to play. Honestly, all said and done, I shouldn’t have made it into the finals, Brandon should have. I just got lucky. We played on Ruined Base, and Brandon had a decent build, at least as a counter to mine I thought, with Lord Vader, Mith’rawn, Ozzel, Lobot, and a ton of activations. He started with 20 thanks to Lobot. I went with the 10 Mouse Droids route for my Reinforcements, hoping to keep things as even in activations as possible. But Brandon rolled his magic 6 for Reserves on the first round, and brought in an RPT and an Evo Trooper, giving him a solid advantage. I knew I was in trouble. I started the 2nd round by moving Han into a position where he could start picking off activations, but I made a crucial mistake in separating him too far from Anakin and some of my other pieces. At the end of the 2nd round, Brandon was able to move his Caamasi 12, swap in Vader, and then Assault my Anakin and Gha Nachkt, getting a solid lead in points. Honestly, at this point, he should’ve had the game won. I lost the next init, and thought I was surely sunk. But Brandon decided to be gutsy and go for more points, and moved to kill my Lobot. This allowed me to reposition Han and trap Vader under Disruptive, and then Assault with Mara and hit twice with Ganner. I then lost the next initiative (this was a running theme, and made me wish I had used the MTB, lol), and Vader did an Assault on Mara, landing a Critical in the midst of it all. Here the luck turned in my favor, and I made my Block save on the crit, and on my turn, I dropped Vader to 10 HP with Mara, and then Ganner finished him off with a FP. From that point on, I went into clean-up mode. Ganner moved to the lower door of the room, and did his “None Shall Pass!” work for the rest of the game. Between him and some Mouse Droids, I effectively blocked anything else from coming in that way. Han made easy work of the RPT and Evo with Accurate/Cunning, and though the Geno tried to harass me a bit, he missed a couple key attacks. I managed to come out on top. But as I pointed out before, if Brandon had simply swapped out Vader after killing my Anakin/Gha, he would’ve been up by 35 points, making a VERY uphill battle for me at that point, that I honestly don’t think I could’ve won. Particularly funny about this game, was that even with my Han nerfing Master Tactician, Brandon still won nearly every initiative, lol. Anyways, Lobo 4-1 and into the Top 4!

Semi-finals against Greg from Atlanta, running Kyle, Mara, Dash, Jag, Ganner, Dodonna, and filler. We both had ruined base, and he started on the outside. Since I out-activated him, I brought in MTB/Mouse Droids again, and it was the MVP of this matchup once again. We positioned mostly in Rounds 1 and 2, with my Han failing his shots by 1 again (rolled a 5, needing a 6) while trying to off Greg’s R7. The end of Round 2 was where I made my first strike though. Greg thought he’d counted things out, and I thought he had too at first, but then I found a way to levitate Mara, and run her 6 to base Dash. An assault and good enough rolling later, and Dash was dead. I won the next init thanks to MTB, and had to decide whether to go after his Mara or Ganner. I finally decided that I could base Ganner and put myself 8 squares from either Mara or Kyle (meaning my Mara would survive till next round), which I decided was more tactically sound. Barring bad rolls, I would take away his movement breaker, and even if I did roll bad, hopefully Han could shoot Ganner to finish off the last 10-40 HP. But I made the rolls and Ganner died. Greg continued to play semi-defensive even after this, and left his Mara at range, shooting to put 20 on my Mara, and then Kyle used Lightning. I won the next init again, and went for the kill on Mara, but made the dreaded missed attack roll, and she was left alive with 20 HP. He killed my Mara at that point, but by then, I knew I had it. Ganner then levitated Anakin into the Fray, who had 6 or 7 FPs by now, and he was able to do an Unleash that hit everything in Greg’s squad except his R7. It killed Mara, Dodonna, his Caamasi, and any Ugos that were left, and put 30 on Jag and Kyle. Han then finished off Jag and put some more damage on Kyle. At this point, I think Greg knew he was done, so instead of trying to kill Anakin, he tried to distance himself and just get points by killing my fodder that had advanced. But I won the next init again, and Han put 60 on Kyle, followed by another Unleash the Force to finish the game. On to the finals!

I certainly won’t lie at this point. I REALLY hoped Daniel Stephens was going to win the game against Gray. The game went really back and forth, and it seemed like Dan had a good chance at a couple points. But I honestly knew I had a much better chance against Dan’s squad than against Gray’s, simply because I had just beat Greg’s nearly identical squad, and had beat Disturbed1’s similar build earlier in the day, with both of those wins coming thanks to the MTB. And I figured that tactic would work well a third time. But alas, it was not to be. As were several other things over the next hour, haha.

The game against Gray was intense beyond belief. We played on Ruined Base and he took the inside. I went with R7, Ugo, and 5 Mouse Droids for reinforcements this time, and looking back, I really wish I had gone with 7 Mouse Droids and 2 Ugos. I was scared of his potential for Triple Override via Lobot’s reinforcements (which is what he did), and I thought I wanted Double-Override myself. But looking back at it, I could’ve had one more activation, and it would’ve made a nice difference, especially in Round 2. And I would’ve had 3 Ugos, which probably would have been plenty enough to blow the doors I needed to in order to pull off a win. Hindsight 20/20. :) Anyways, Gray wisely let me get first round gambit without trying to get it himself, since the only way he could was to somewhat expose the Speeder, and a lost init at that point would mean Mara would annihilate it. Maybe that’s what happened against Daniel, as the Speeder and Mara were dead kind of quick in that game, haha. In the 2nd round, I decided that the game would likely just become a stale mate, and he had already activated the Speeder, Leia, and the Bothan, so I started to press my charge. My Han moved up and shot his Han, and he failed his Evade, and I had to leave my Han in the open in order to open the lower door of the middle room, so Ganner could levitate Mara the next round. Here’s where my luck really started to change, though I didn’t notice it yet. His Han shoots back at my Han and rolls a crit, and I fail my evade. OUCH! (This is where it occurs to me that having that ONE more activation would’ve let me wait till after Han had activated…oh well) Ganner then runs up directly behind Han and levitates Mara out into the middle hallway, and then she runs 12 to put herself squarely in the middle of Gray’s squad, where I had options to Assault just about anything I wanted. I win init and Mara moves 6 into position where she can hit both Han and Leia with Assault, and thanks to my Han’s hit the previous round, manages to drop both of them. Gray makes a solid move here and instead of worrying about Mara too much, he moves his ERC to fire on Han with Cunning, and he hits both shots, and I fail my 2nd Evade. Not the end of the world though, or so I thought. From here though, Gray starts hitting like every single attack roll he launches, lol, putting 40 on Ganner and dropping Mara to 60 left by the end of the round. He tried to keep the Speeder somewhat away from Mara, and thought she had to move 7 to Assault the Speeder, while I’m looking at it from my side and thinking “Nope, I can move 6 this way. Sweet, he doesn’t realize that.” Well, of course, the inevitable happens next. I roll an 18 for init, and you guessed it, he rolls a 19. Even without Rieekan’s Recon. He moves his ERC to base Mara, and then combines fire with Rieekan on the first shot and Dodonna on the 2nd one. At that point, I only had Ganner and Anakin left, so I go for broke, levitate Anakin up, and he moves to the middle of Gray’s squad for an Unleash that puts 30 on Crix and the Speeder (after a failed FP re-roll! Darn!), but most importantly, kills the Bothan. Gray can’t do much else this round, and I know, that if I can win the next init, I’ve still got a shot, as I could do unleash again and finish off Crix, maybe get the ERC, and hit the Speeder again too. But I lost that init as well, and his ERC annihilated Anakin, leaving me with no options at that point, with a 70 HP speeder and ERC vs. my 60 (or maybe less by then?) Ganner. So with a 3.5 hour drive ahead of us, I conceded. Great game!!!

So overall, it was an absolutely awesome day. I sort of was hoping Gray would just concede at the very beginning of the game, since it was my birthday and stuff, but I guess it would've helped if I told him it was my birthday and that I was expecting him to give me the 1st place win for a birthday present..... :lol: :lol: :lol: Seriously though, just like last year, I am SO glad I made the trip to Owensboro and see everybody there, and get to play some awesome games. The competition was much better this year, I thought, and it seemed like a lot of people have really improved their playing and squad building since last year. I met some new folks, and got to see some I knew from before, so it was very cool.

Once again, congrats to Gray for building a solid squad and running it superbly well. You're the only Regional winner so far for 2010 who was completely undefeated, and that definitely says something. I look forward to a re-match or at least a chance to redeem myself at GenCon. :D

Author:  Grand Moff Boris [ Mon May 17, 2010 5:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Results

19>18, as Ray puts it. :P

Nice write up. You did get the Ganner piece you needed on your birthday so hopefully that counts for something. Hope you guys come back and play at our next event (possibly a Coolecticon). We will try to come up there soon, too. :)

Author:  Dark_Jedi_21 [ Mon May 17, 2010 5:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Results

Squads are up.

Author:  LoboStele [ Mon May 17, 2010 8:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Results

Grand Moff Boris wrote:
19>18, as Ray puts it. :P

Nice write up. You did get the Ganner piece you needed on your birthday so hopefully that counts for something. Hope you guys come back and play at our next event (possibly a Coolecticon). We will try to come up there soon, too. :)

Doh!! Shoot, that was the coolest part about the whole thing! Was tired of writing by the time I got to the end of all that, lol.

Yeah, winning the badge or not wasn't a huge deal to me. I'm blessed by God to have a good job that pays well, so affording GenCon isn't a huge thing. But of course I like getting 1st place when I can. :P But getting 2nd, and then getting the 1 piece from MOTF that I've really wanted...that was awesome. Definitely a nice birthday present still. :D

Author:  AdmiralSlowbar [ Wed May 19, 2010 5:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Results

Again Aaron I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure meeting you finally and playing with you. You're a great player and it was awesome that Ganner was in those.

Plus, you didn't tell me it was your birthday. Happy Birthday man!

Author:  LoboStele [ Thu May 20, 2010 8:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Results

AdmiralSlowbar wrote:
Again Aaron I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure meeting you finally and playing with you. You're a great player and it was awesome that Ganner was in those.

Plus, you didn't tell me it was your birthday. Happy Birthday man!

Hehe, thanks. Yeah, wasn't trying to make a big deal of it. For me, was just another day, and another chance to hang out with awesome people and play my favorite game. :)

Author:  Echo [ Thu May 20, 2010 5:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Results

LoboStele wrote:
I certainly won’t lie at this point. I REALLY hoped Daniel Stephens was going to win the game against Gray.

Hey, me too! :P

Now that I actually have time to, I'll write up my experience.

Round 1 I played against Lucas Andserson. First round was just some positioning, then round 2 he got very aggressive and brought both Yobuck and General Skywalker in to attack. He did a good amount of damage (got Kyle, Mara, and Dash all hurting), but I was able to react pretty well and kill them. Now he started retreating with Dash, shooting as he went. I had to run after him and eventually levitate Mara into position to base both a hurt Dash and a hurt Panaka, and a lightsaber assault finished them both off. Full win, good start!

Round 2 I played against Seth (Disturbed1) in an almost-mirror match. Having Ganner in my squad over Wedge helped me immensely in this game. At the beginning of round 3 he went first and spun Dodonna, which let me activate 2 and levitate my Mara adjacent to his and Assault. Needing 4s I missed one of the attacks, but since he needed 6s and only did 20 damage back per hit, I was still in pretty good position. I managed to move a Mouse droid so that his Kyle couldn't base my Mara without spending a force point, and his Dash couldn't shoot her either, so my Mara lived another round. Next round I win initiative and finish off his Mara with mine as well as his Jagged, and move mine into the back of the turbolift that they were in so that the door closed. To be honest I don't remember much of the rest of the game; I just know that it wound up being mostly clean up after that. Another full win, 2-0!

Round 3 I played Brian Re. This was a VERY fun game. We played on my Ravaged Base and he set up on the outside. round 1 was just positioning, and round 3 I threw Grenades at the Viper to try to stick a little damage on it, but he made the save. Doing that was probably a mistake because it let him get shots on Kyle without moving the Viper (I should have checked LoS a little closer....), but luckily only 1 of the 4 hit. At the end of the round, though, I decided to just go for it and levitate Dash in to base the Viper and have Mara use a FP to move up adjacent to Twin Attack it. Every attack hit, bringing the big guy down to 10 HP. Now the big init.... I win it! Dash shoots first and finishes off the Viper as well as a Mouse Droid, and moves back to open the door for the rest of my squad. Brian moves an ugnaught to blow up the door I locked between his Tyrannus and my Mara and lightning's Mara. I roll the save for activation... roll a 3... FPRR... roll a 17! Sweet! My turn, and at first I'm not even sure what to do. First thought, of course, is "Hey, Mara's not activated and is deep in enemy territory, I should use her!", but there wasn't much good I could do with her. I see another option, though; a much better one. I levitate Kyle in to base one of his IG-86's for the Triple Attack to kill it. Kyle's positioning also puts him within 6 of Whorm so he's disrupted. Brian does exactly what I wanted him to do the next round; doesn't use his remaining IG-86 (he used an ugnaught to blow a door so Whorm could run farther away). Mara is within 8 of his remaining, un-activated IG-86, so I spend the FP to move and Twin attack with Cunning to kill it. Now it's Tyrannus vs. pretty much my whole squad (just 30 damage on Kyle and 50 on Mara). It takes another round or two to finish up Tyrannus, and he manages to kill Mara, but at that point it's just cleanup for the rest of my squad. 3-0 at this point with 9 points!

Round 4, sadly, I have to play Graham, one of the other guys from Atlanta. This is a matchup we've played at least a dozen times, so we get right into it. It was a short game; he rushed too soon so I was able to kill Ferus and Yobuck without Rex and Dash close enough to really back them up. I did make one big mistake; his Ferus has based Mara and brought her to 30 HP, and he had Yobuck unactivated right nearby with 120 HP. The big fat target on Yoda made me totally forget about Lightsaber Precision; I move Mara away from Ferus, he uses precision, and rolls a 7. Phew! I could have spend my FP on block if it had hit, but that would mean I would only do 60 damage to Yoda, and he still would have killed Mara. Anyway, I assault Yobuck to kill him, kill Ferus with Kyle, and kill his Dash (or it might have been Rex, I can't recall) with mine. Next round I'm able to kill his Rex (or Dash; whichever I hadn't killed before). Another full win, so I'm 4-0 with 12 points! It's too bad that I had to beat one of my friends to do it, but at this point Jason confirms that pretty much no matter what happens in round 5, I've got a spot in the top 4, which makes my round 5 game relaxing. Although maybe I was a little too relaxed....

Round 5 was against Gray. We play on my map, and I set up outside of the base like I usually do. It was this game that I discovered that my normal set up here might be good against most squads, it's AWFUL against Gray's squad. Round 1 he's taking shots at me, and early round 2 both Dash and Mara are dead. I manage to eventually kill the speeder (with a crit from an Ugnaught!) but it's not nearly enough to get me back in the game. He had this one from the beginning; I wasn't paying attention when I set up and it cost me. 4-1 now, still with 12 points; enough to get into the final 4!

I soon realize that I should have tried a little harder in that game, because even though I'm in the top 4, I'm seeded #4. And since Gray is undefeated, he's #1. Yes, that means a rematch.

Semi-final against Gray! We play on Ravaged Base again, and I set up outside again, but I don't leave my dudes way out in the open like before! I still make a round 1 mistake that costs me my R7, but not nearly the kind of mistakes I made in the last game with him. Round 2 I manage to bait him to kill an Ugnaught and my Caamasi, but in doing so he stops overriding an important door shut. I Levitate Mara next to the door so it opens at the end of Ganner's turn, and Mara runs out and uses Lightsaber Assault on his un-activated Snowspeeder, killling it! I wind up losing Mara to a barrage of Han shots, but that was a trade I was willing to make. I throw Grenades at an ugnaught (because I had no where better to put Kyle and decided to save the FP) and he fails the save, so now I'm only down 13 points. Things don't look awful! I leave Dash un-activated where Han can see him, hoping that Han needing 9s and Dash having Evade is enough to at least keep him alive. 3 solid hits and 3 failed Evade saves later, Dash bites it, and I think that's the big turning point of the game. I levitate Kyle near Han, and he moves and uses Assault to attack twice. A hit, and a crit! Now Han has only 10 HP left and is disrupted, and can't move away because he'll die on the AoO! I've got a chance to win again! Time is counting down, though, and I really need another round. I wind up just spinning a Mouse Droid and an Ugnaught that I should have used to run out and screen. I win the final init and go first, Levitating Jagged to where he can shoot and kill Han next phase. This, however, leaves Kyle (with only 60 HP left) open to a barrage of shots from Grey's ERC (I realized later that I could have moved that Ugnaught and Mouse as well as Ganner to go block the ERC in; then he would have had to use either Leia's or the Bothan Noble's CE for the ERC to kill one of them, then run the ERC in to shoot at Kyle. He would have still had a good chance at winning, but would have only gotten 2 shots at Kyle needing both to hit instead of 4 shots at him needing half to hit). Anyway, the ERC hits, kills Kyle, and that's game. Had Kyle lived, I would have killed Han with Jagged and tried to pick up the last few points with Kyle (my thoughts were either run after Leia and throw Grenades at her [she had taken 20 damage earlier and was out of FP, so a 50/50 shot at winning the game] or try to use Lightning on Lobot). A very, very good game that Gray played incredibly well. Had the dice gone my way a little more, or if I had positioned a few things a little better (like not losing my R7 so early), I think I could have pulled it out. It was definitely much more fun then the round 5 game we had to play! :lol:

All in all, like I said before, it was a great event. My goal was to make it to the top 4, and I did. I'm also very proud that Greg and Graham did so well. In Round 5 the top tables (tables 1 and 2) were made up of Gray and all 3 Atlanta players, and Atlanta made up half of the top 4.

Author:  buttcabbge [ Fri May 21, 2010 1:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Results

LoboStele wrote:

Once again, congrats to Gray for building a solid squad and running it superbly well. You're the only Regional winner so far for 2010 who was completely undefeated, and that definitely says something.

Oh, I can think of one other undefeated regional winner [cough**cough].

To be fair, I do think that Owensboro has produced the only 7-0 squad (we only went 4 rounds of Swiss in Missouri, so I ended up 6-0).

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