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Owensboro Regional Results
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Author:  The_Celestial_Warrior [ Sun May 16, 2010 8:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Results

dvader831 wrote:
In all honestly, I do not know what it will take to beat this Regional for me.

Ray just come to Kokomo in June. I will find you a place to crash for the weekend.

He (and anyone else) would be free to crash at my place. I'm about an hour away (though it would be two hours in the morning).

Author:  The Madman [ Sun May 16, 2010 8:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Results

Pics have been sent to Jason and posted on Facebook

Author:  Dark_Jedi_21 [ Sun May 16, 2010 9:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Results

Here is the group photo we took before the tournament.

Author:  AdmiralSlowbar [ Sun May 16, 2010 9:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Results

Thanks Bill! I appreciate it!

Before I say thank you to all that arrived, the one person who didn't recieve a proper round of applause was Jason Alvey (Dark Jedi 21) for organizing everything in the Owensboro LGS since 2008, or maybe earlier. He has made everything that is there possible and pulled out a wonderful and greatly successful Regional 2010.

Thank you to all the people, from 6 different states I might add :P , who traveled north/south/east/west to attend! It was blast seeing everyone again and meeting new people. Nice to finally have a real conversation with Lobostele.

Thanks to all again.

Author:  Dark_Jedi_21 [ Sun May 16, 2010 10:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Results

Thanks Gray.

Author:  Echo [ Sun May 16, 2010 10:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Results

I'll second the thanks to Jason and the congrats to Gray. It was an awesome event and all of us Atlanta guys are very glad we made it up there. Making up half of the final four (even if we didn't get to the top 2) and 3 of the top 7 in a 30 player field is something we are pretty happy with. I'll post a full report soon, after I've recovered from the 24-hour trip. As Graham put it on the drive back home, it's like driving 6 hours one way to take the SAT. :D But totally worth it. Great event, guys!

Author:  swinefeld [ Sun May 16, 2010 1:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Results

Wow, good to see that a lot of folks from my area made it down. Sure wish I could have gone... :cry:

Author:  Bsp02 [ Sun May 16, 2010 1:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Results

Great event, everyone! Met plenty of new people, and had an awesome time up there! Congratulations to Gray, and thanks to Jason for making our gaming area even remotely decent. If I remember correct, we had around thirty people, didn't we? Great turn-out! Also, I believe we had seven states be represented, seeing as how we had someone from St. Louis attend! Hope to see you all at Gencon! Oh, and we had a local player win it this time! Almost had Lobo ninja it again. :P

Author:  jhc36 [ Sun May 16, 2010 3:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Resuslts

jonnyb815 wrote:
Why not Vong or OR are they too good for you?

no Vong because I wasn't there. :D

Author:  The Madman [ Sun May 16, 2010 4:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Results

outstanding event!

played some really fun games

Author:  WacoBlaze [ Sun May 16, 2010 4:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Results

Great time and a cool shop. Thx to Jason Alvey for running the event and keeping the games and pairings flowing really fast. Played a NR squad w/Ganner, Mara, Kyle BM, Dodonna, 3 x ugnaughts, 3 x rodians, 3 x mouse, 1 toydarian, and 1 R7. Lost in first game to the lancer squad by 4 points... sadly only three rounds completed with me having Mara 2 squares from Whorm at the end of that round and ready to assault and kill him at start of round 4. Lost game 2 when I neglected to move my near dead Mara far away from Vader Scourge (in the last round) after levitating her away from him at the end of the previous round.

Was very glad I won my last 3 games to finish 3-2 and feel good that my losses were so close (4 points and 24 points). My last game was against the only girl playing at the regional and was a blast with me winning by a mere point at 105-104. We did not know the tally until we both finished in gambit and tallied the score. She played a Yobuck/Rex/R2 squad and mowed down my 3 point players. I had her Yoda to 10 HP left and she towed him into a room and locked the door before I could levitate Kyle BM on him to finish him. Also, I would like to note that 3 of the 4 finalists were immediately behind me in the picture in front of Vader(Gray, 2 Atlanta guys)...I like to think I was a sort of good talisman for them as they played hehe!!

Author:  AdmiralSlowbar [ Sun May 16, 2010 6:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Results

WacoBlaze wrote:
Also, I would like to note that 3 of the 4 finalists were immediately behind me in the picture in front of Vader(Gray, 2 Atlanta guys)...I like to think I was a sort of good talisman for them as they played hehe!!

I must've accidently bumped you and gotten some of your mojo allowing me to win! haha

Author:  LESHIPPY [ Sun May 16, 2010 8:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Results

The_Celestial_Warrior wrote:
dvader831 wrote:
In all honestly, I do not know what it will take to beat this Regional for me.

Ray just come to Kokomo in June. I will find you a place to crash for the weekend.

He (and anyone else) would be free to crash at my place. I'm about an hour away (though it would be two hours in the morning).

My place is open as well. About 45 minutes from the store. Plenty of space for anyone coming from a long distance. Glad Owensboro had a great turn out.. Not only is the SWM gaming and the folks down there top shelf, the store is awsome. You can walk around for an hour easy and still not see everything they have. Congrats Gray.

Author:  WacoBlaze [ Mon May 17, 2010 3:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Results

Great job Gray! You are on a tourney roll. Won the K-Town Challenge and this very large Regional in quick succession. Not much left for you to do but win GenCon!

Author:  Disturbed1 [ Mon May 17, 2010 8:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Results

I managed to take 9th for the tourney. Played NR, without Ganner, as I dont have him. Had solid wins, 2 losses to NR w Ganner played by Daniel and Aaron, both who made top 4, so i dont feel bad...just need a Ganner, lol.

Went 3-2, could have been 2-3 if I had actually played the last round, but Carl wasnt into it, and "didnt drive two hours to play me in the last round for a match tha wouldnt have gotten either of us into the finals", lol. He was playing his 'White and Blue' so, who knows.

Kristen took 21st, which she isnt too happy with, but we didnt practice for the tourney at all, and I didnt build the squads til night before. She played Panaka swap w Yobuck, Rex, and Saesee Tiin. Lost her last match by 1pt :(

We had a lot of fun, and we got to meet some new people. Hoping to make it to Gencon, but idk.

Author:  StriderRe80 [ Mon May 17, 2010 10:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Results

Ok I now I have some time to be able post a little review of my experiences at Owensboro. Let me tell you I had a freaking blast there and I am so glad I made the trip down with Madman and Lobo.
My squad was
--Sep X factor--
49 Darth Tyranus, Legacy of the Dark Side
45 X-1 Viper Droid
20 General Whorm Loathsom
32 IG-86 Assassin Droid x2
15 A4-Series Lab Droid
12 Gha Nachkt
8 Battle Droid Officer
7 R7 Astromech Droid
6 Mouse Droid x3
6 Ugnaught Demolitionist x2
(200pts. 14 activations)
I am sorry but I don’t remember the names of the people I played so I do apologize for that.
First round was a boy who ran Lord Vader, thrawn, Ig 86, Ozzel, mas, the poison blade guy and a bunch of activations for swap. So it was going to be a good warm up match because I have only ran this squad once before.
Played on rancor and I set up on the right side with the pin. moved everyone up and everyone behind the mighty X-1. round 2 he had 3 pieces out for the viper to shoot at so the X1 took out 2 swap fodder pieces. at the end of the round he moved a piece up and swapped Vader in and the viper took 120. he won init of course and swapped Vader out i moved my 2 repair pieces up and repaired for 40. took out a few more activations and moved the viper up a little and he just moved Vader up a little. 4th round he let me go first so i was able to move dooku up with a force and ZAP!!! 50 damage on Vader he rolls the save a get a 3 rerolls and get a 17. he moves vader up and assault and rage and kills dooku as i failed my block( DANG IT DOOKU WOULD BE 10xs BETTER WITH 130HP) My igs finish off Vader and continue to mop up the rest and he was able to kill the X1 later
Second round was with Bryan Hole
He ran Dooku lotds, zuccues dash and a bunch of mouses. Map ravage base. I took the outside and I was able to get gambit first round and he was able too with dooku using 2 force points. He totally ignored the X1 and he was able to hit dooku once with glue gun but I was able to hit zucckuess with an ig and drop 60 on him. Later his dash failed 3 of 4 evade rolls and was able to kill dash and dooku came in and hit 4 times on my dooku and I zapped him back and a uggo critted on dooku and my igs finished him off. Time was called and all he killed was dooku and i got dooku and dash.

Round 3

I was feeling pretty good about myself and my squad and the challenge was there as it was a guy from Atlanta. He had ganner, mara, kyle bm, dash, ect. Map was once again ravage base and I got the outside once again. No accurate but grenades 40 I had to watch out for. I am proud to say he never got them off on a group. So once again the X1 was in the long hallway and got me 1st round gambit. He made a mistake in the second round I believe and left kyle were I was able to get a quad attack off with my X1 but kyle only came away with 30 damage. He moved him away and at that point I just had to tap and move people since he had the activation advantage. Towards the end of the round he force pointed mara up and twined and levitated dash up for a quad and left the X1 at 10 damage. He won init and he had dash attack the X1. he needed 10s and got it and the second attack he took out a mouse (which was very important too) and moved dash back. Well with mara sitting there I Zapped her with dooku. The problem was he rolled a 3 for the activation and rerolled it with a force point and got a 17. He even started laughing and said I don’t even know what to do with mara now. I don’t remember what other piece I moved but he levitated kyle up and he tripled a ig and killed it. So here I thought I was going to be able to twin with the second one and put major damage on to kyle but whorm was in disruptive and there was not mouse around the other ig so I moved whorm out and a mouse close to the other ig without counting how many spaces mara was to the other ig. Well because he took out that mouse blocking the ig he was able to force point up next to him and killed the other one. Well at that point dooku on his own was going to get owned and he was not going to be able to take out everyone. So he won that game.

I was still feeling pretty good about my chances and even thought it was hard to win 7 round undefeated so I was not feeling bad and still thought I could go 4-1 and possibly make top 4.

Next match was someone running palps on chair, kir kanos, cad bane, Dash, jag and DIPLOMATS. Was on rancor pit and started on the left side. As normal ran X1 up 12 and at init I was able to move 5 with the X1 and get a twin off on palps and he missed one evade and 30 damage on him. He shoot with cad and hit twice and failed both of his saves so 40 on cad and dash too his shoots and landed 2 and only one came back. And of course I was able to repair the 20. The big thing is he finally remembered if a diplomat was next to the X1 he could not shoot and started running them up there. So because of my positioning I could not retreat the X1 with out him getting shoots on my entire squad. And the diplomats got opportunist which could hit the X1He runs kanos up and bases the droid and knocked him for 40 and left the X1 at 40 left. Yes even after repairing many time the diplomats were able to him 4 other times. Big init and I was able to win. I zapped him with dooku and with only a 20% of making the save I was thinking I just saved my viper but no once again he rolled a 5 and rerolled it with a force and got a 16!!!!!!!! Wham dead X1. I killed Kanos off with an ig and then because of the viper gone dooku was able to get lit up by cad and he dropped 40 on him. He wins init and hits all 4 attacks killed dooku. At that point his mobile vers my standing shooting igs he had a major advantage plus he had evade. He eventually took out the other igs even with me trying to keep other stuff in front. Fragging heck!!!! 2-2

Last match I was not really into it but even if I was I think I still would have had a hard time as it was GOWK 5 or 6 senate commandos Padme, and the senate commando guy who gives twin and adventagous. He usesed speed to run gowk up and hit the droid and towed a senate commando up and blasted the droid away. I will say I was able to zap GOWK and he was the only one who did not make his save and I was able to get GOWK down to 10 or 20 left before he was able to retreat him and destroy the rest of my squad.

I think I did rather well even though I got 20th and prior to the event I only ran the squad once so I leaned a lot about how to run it and also figured out running it on ruin base it better than rancor pit. So really the only thing I would change about the day is my opponents dice on the saves for dooku’s lightning as I was able to use it in all 5 of my matches 1 did not mater as he was already activated 3 made the save and only 1 failed it. I did get a door prize of the most unique or favorite squad because I think Jason really wanted me to do well with it but I think I got what I needed out of it.

People were not expecting the X1 at all and knew how to beat it but had to figure out how to beat it. With the Atlanta guy I would of maybe had a chance if my other ig did not get killed but it still would have been a very hard fight and I think he still would of won. The guy with kanos thinking back at it since I won init I should of repaired with a A4 to get him back up in hp and not relied on lighting 4 but who would of thought he would of made it. With the X1 still around I don’t think he would of try and shoot it but if he did there went cad of dash. Maybe next time and don’t think you wont see this squad again as I had so much fun with it

Author:  TimmerB123 [ Mon May 17, 2010 11:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Results

I want to see what squads were there. (seen a few, and generalizations - but I want specifics) "Slow Cannon" is pretty vague.

Author:  Grand Moff Boris [ Mon May 17, 2010 11:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Results

I'm not sure about the complete squad build, but I believe it was something to the effect of:

45 Luke's Snowspeeder
27 Lobot
27 Han, Smuggler
20 Princess Leia
17 Bothan Noble
16 Crix Madine
16 Elite Rebel Commando
14 General Rieekan
09 General Dodonna

There's 9 more points, so I'm presuming some combo of Ugs and Mice. I'm sure Jason will put up full squad lists soon, and might have done so yesterday but I insisted he and Gray come to my house yesterday for dinner and an RPG session, lol. That took up the entire afternoon.

Author:  Dark_Jedi_21 [ Mon May 17, 2010 11:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Results

TimmerB123 wrote:
I want to see what squads were there. (seen a few, and generalizations - but I want specifics) "Slow Cannon" is pretty vague.

Im gonna post all squads and win/loss records tonight when I get home from work. So check back about 7pm.

Author:  Grand Moff Boris [ Mon May 17, 2010 12:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Owensboro Regional Results

First let me say a big THANK YOU to everyone who came to our regional this year and made it a HUGE success. It was great to see the Atlanta and Cincinnati guys again, as well as the Carbondale crowd. Glad Ray and some of his locals were able to make the trip as well, and I enjoyed meeting more of the Kokomo guys. 30 people breaks last year's record and right now is the largest regional. (Yes, that is a challenge to the rest of you. :P) Thanks to Jason for judging, and for putting our store on the map. I remember last year at this time when some people wondered how in the hell Owensboro, KY could be considered a viable spot for competition, but I think all those people have seen the wisdom and foresight of how, and Jason Alvey has more to do with that than any other person who plays there.

I ran Deri's squad from the Chicago regional, and finished 10th place. To be honest, I really wasn't trying that hard as I don't need the badge for GenCon and would rather see someone else who would appreciate it more get the chance. I don't usually play New Republic, and the squad I had been practicing (Gen. Skywalker + Yobuck + Panaka) just couldn't cut it against the Lord Vader 20-act swap squad, so I figured I would give this a run. I did make one change, I put in a Camaasi instead of the Ug + Mouse Droid for the final 5 points. This made my squad:

50 Han, GH
45 Mara Jedi
29 Ganner
27 Lobot
23 Anakin
12 Gha Nackt
09 Dodonna
05 Camaasi Noble
(200 pts., 8 acts)
Map - Ravaged Base

My first game was against a guy from Carbondale. I won map roll (as I did just about every game during the tournament). He had SS Rebel Commandos, including Crix and Luke. He also had Rieekan but not Dodonaa, so I wasn't too worried about out-activating him. I grabbed an R7, an Ug, and 5 mice for reinforcements. Round 1, I lined up a clean shot on Luke with no cover and Mara popped him for 20 (he made 1 save). In round 3 or 4, I rushed Mara (using Ganner) the rest of the way up to base Luke for the kill. My rolls were 19, 19, 3, 3. He made one Deflect save, so I only put 30 more on Luke. I won initiative the next round and decided after my rolls the last turn not to risk it. I used Assault and killed Luke, then moved into cover as best I could. It was not enough to save Mara, as she had already taken some damage due to a lucky AoO crit. At that point, At some point after that, I towed Anakin up for an UtF explosion, taking out or severely wounding several commandos, effectively ending the game.


Round 2 was vs. Gray on Ravaged Base. It was a slow game, and somewhere around the 30-minute mark I decided to force the issue. I needed to be able to activate 3 to have a chance against his squad, as we just had a big stand off. If I had taken first round gambit, I might have been able to force him out of the room, but as it was I decided to press the issue by unlocking the door and using Ganner to tow up Mara. I figured at best he would use Leia and his ERC to get one hit on her for 50-60 damage (he would need 9's), two at worst. He ended up hitting her with every single shot. She died before she activated. We played it out for another 25 minutes or so but I just never could catch up on points and finally conceded.


Round 3 I faced Carl with a Vader 501st Commander squad that also included Ozzel, Tarkin, Thrawn, and Rex, 501st commander. We were again on Ravaged base. I like Carl well enough but I have to admit I don't like playing against him. I think he takes the game a little too seriously, and can make even the most laid back opponents uncomfortable (which I am not in that category). I only mention that because I think it was a factor in how the game turned out. He spent most of the game hiding in the turbolifts while I stayed in the control room. At some point during the initial rounds, he took a quick bathroom break, which was fine - I probably could have stood to take one as well, lol, but seemed like every time I glanced down the hall it was occupied (mental side note - tell the store owner to build a second bathroom). Anyway, somewhere around round 5 or 6, I towed Han around the corner and based Anakin, putting 60 damage on him. I expected to lose Han, but figured it would be just enough bait to force Carl out of hiding so Mara could finish him up. From there, I would just run Rex down for the win. What I didn't expect was that he would use Rex immediately for the kill shots (I failed two Evade saves with Han) and then set Anakin up for a swap on the following round so he could kill Dodonna. I quietly and carefully positioned Mara and Ganner so she could be levitated in either direction. He won initiative with Master Tactician, and went first, swapping Anakin with the brute that was based against Dodonna, then said, "Go." I just looked at him for a second, and then said something like, "Wow, how did you not see this coming?"

I levitated Mara to within 4 of Anakin (after announcing I was choosing 2), and then she ran up for the assault on Anakin. Carl did not take it well, nor did I expect that he would from my various game experiences with him over the years. As I said, I like the guy well enough, but playing with him is something I secretly (well not so secretly anymore) hope I can get through a tournament without doing. He's a solid player who just needs to remember it's just a game. (Sorry, Carl.)
Anyway, at some point after that I lost Mara - which was fully expected, and set Anakin up for the bomb play. Time was called after the first bomb went off, so we stopped - but I had forgotten about the bathroom break. I might have asked for another round, but I can't say with any certainty that it would have made much difference, as I was down in points by more than 60, and killing Rex one round later probably wouldn't have been possible with just Ganner and Anakin (and probably facing the fact I would lose Anakin on a triple +13 attack).


At this point, I knew I was out of contention so I just kicked into cruise control/auto=pilot and played out the rest of the day. My fourth round game was against a guy from St. Louis whose name I don't recall. He had a version of the squad I had thought about playing, with Yobuck and Skywalker. He also had Commander Tano.
I outactivated him without bringing in mice so I settled on a Felucian, R7, and 2 ugs. Mara got towed up and killed his Skywalker, and he conceded. He never galloped. He never put Yobuck in range to gallop. I got the impression he was as disappointed with the squad as I had been in the various playtest sessions.


Final round was against a local player who didn't seem that interested in what happened in game 5. He had Yoda of Dagobah with Rebels, but he never moved Yoda out of the starting area, which I didn't understand. This was the only game all day that I didn't play on Ravaged Base, as his map was Chancellor's Starship. I used Mara and Han to kill his ERCs and Luke while Dodonna and Gha Nackt took pot-shots at his Crix, and Rieekan. I can't remember if he conceded or if time was called, but I know I won.


I finished the tournament in 10th place, good enough to score me another booster of MotF (though I really didn't need anything from it).

All in all, it was a fun day, and I enjoyed getting to play with some of the people who attended. As for the squad, there were several moments where I wished I had had Wedge and Kyle instead of Anakin Solo and Han, but I can see how Deri did so well with it. You have to play a very slow and very calculated game to make it work, and you have to be very lucky with the dice. I tend to play more aggressively when I'm not playing seriously, and the dice didn't go my way enough to pick up the slack.

Now I just have to decide whether to play hard-core or goofy for the Atlanta Regional this coming weekend. I've got a few days to figure it out. :)

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