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Missouri Regional Results
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Author:  dvader831 [ Sat May 01, 2010 10:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Missouri Regional Results

Okay, it's late, I'm very tired, and I will just do some quick highlights! A few quick notes before I fall asleep.

We had 18 players start, with one quick drop due to family commitment. Everyone had a great time. Altogether, there were 6 New Republic, 4 Republic, 4 Imperial, 2 Old Republic, 1 Vong, and 1 (champion) Rebel squad. The cool thing was the final four were all different factions!

One thing I will elaborate on is the major difference the 3/2/0 system makes! I will show you all.

W/L__Name_____________New __DCI
4-0 Ben Johnson -------- 1 ____ 1
3-1 Dean Miller -------- 2 ____ 2
3-1 Spencer Heim -------- 3 ____ 3
3-1 Michael Lewis--------- 4 ____ 6
3-1 Brian Pritchett-------- 5 ____ 5
2-2 Robert Fisher -------- 6 ____ 7
2-2 Chris Freeman -------- 7____ 8
2-2 Matt Miles ----------- 8 ____ 10
2-2 James Brown -------- 9 ____ 12
2-2 Bill Hazel ----------- 10 ____ 9
3-1 David Heim ---------- 11 ___ 4
2-2 Bryce Greig --------- 12 ___ 11
1-3 William German ------ 13 ___ 15
1-3 Colin Neal ---------- 14 ___ 16
1-3 Gunther Thorington - 15 ___ 17
1-3 Nate Miller -------- 16 ___ 14
1-3 Jason Wethy -------- 17 ___ 13

Playing to time can make a big difference. Aaron's program worked great!

The winner was Ben Johnson. He ran a suped up Rebel Commando squad, and played it very well. He faced Dean in rd 3, and it was very close, and a 2 point win. He went 4-0 in Swiss, and made it to the final game against, once again, Dean. At this point, Dean had already given Ben the first place prize, and they played a very fast game, with Dean not focused on the game, but on the upset wife with dinner plans, lol. He made a mistake and said it was pretty much game. Ben earned the title of Regional Winner today.

I can't think of much else important for tonight. I will list all squads and pairings soon!

Author:  dnemiller [ Mon May 03, 2010 12:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Missouri Regional Results

so I will give my regional report.

The day was kind of mixed. I did not execute like i normallyl do due to outside things and paid for it bu in the end it was still a good time.

I played

B&B Cad

Thrawn Mitthrawndo
Cad Bane
Vader Scourge
Arden Lynn
Rodian Brute

Preferred Reinforcments (2 configs.)

5 Rodian Brutes
Caamasi noble


Human BG
3 Rodian Brutes.

Map was Rancor Pit.

Round 1 -

I face Nate playing his old republic squad. Nate is not ready for Regionals and has come to have fun. He has been busy with school, football and baseball and honestly I dont know how he manages all of it.
Game was pretty much over from get go. 1-0

Round 2 -

I face Bryce oddly playing almost the exact same squad. We play on his map and the result ends up being the same. I kind of felt bad because I basically got a warm up game for this round by playing the same squad twice. 2-0

Round 3 -

Versus Ben. Ben is playing Rebels on muunlist. The game goes pretty ho hum. Ben seemed a little nervous because we were moving slow. His nerves wore off when I went after some of his activations with a aggressive move. The mvoe did not pay off because when your opponent rolls 16's or better on his reaction to your aggressiveness well you are buggered. But the game kept going and thing I notice Ben had no real way to off Vader. So Vader runs up and bases Han Smuggler I a going to crush his han. I light saber throw to get both attack. I manage to have the 1 beat strike. But no big deal finish off han when I win init...... I toll a 1 for init. ARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH. I think that was the reall crushing point of the game. Unfotunately a series of 1's gave been attacks that just would not have been there. In the end the game was like a 2 point win for him.


Round 4 -

I play Chris Freeman whio in all honesty has not been playing competitively in a while. He did his best but I was able to swap in Vader and Cad at will on his Gowk squad and in the end it was devistating. 3-1

Next post the playoffs

Author:  dnemiller [ Mon May 03, 2010 1:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Missouri Regional Results

So I made the playoffs and this is where I really became totally unfocused. I think 2 things really hurt me here.

1. I wasnt playing for anything.

2. I had dinner and hotel reservations with my wife. She was freakin out about them and called approximately 18 times from Chris's game until the finals.

Semi finals -

I face Spenc Heim aka Boba Fett on Bloomilk.

he is running Wedge, Kyle BM, Ganner, and Mara

Well this one turns out kind of exactly how I had always pictured the NR matchup. I was able to get Vader to light throw on his Kyle and hit for 60 and then swap Cad to another piece nearby and he flew in and killed Mara. That left spence with Mara close by of Cad and Vader. The next round I won init. So I went first and attack Mara hitting her. He then by passed Vader and went after Cad. I knew it could happen but I knew the end result was I would be out a Cad or Vader but he would be minus Mara and Kyle. He killed Cad quite easily. We then played match of moving around trying to secure the game but swapping Vader at the end was just too much.

going to the Finals.

On a side note: I dont whether I made Spence mad or what but at the end when we shook hands I was shocked by the nasty look he gave me. It was rather disappointing considering I have not clue what I have done tio him or the Tulsa group. It seemed also the look was intended when we shook hands and he went limp like I was shaking a dead persons hand. So I dont really know what that was about and cannot say I was really impressed by the lack of sportsmanship.

Finals - I face Ben.

Well here I am in the finals and this is where I do the dumbest thing for the day. I would like to think my brain and my wife for getting me off track. Apparently both had bets on Ben LOL!!!

Well the game actually was going well this time and I had a lead of like 45 to 13 or 45 to 8. Ben had based my cad with an ERC and I needed to go.

1st i will lay out the plan then I will lay out what happened.

The actual plan was to shoot the erc killing it and swap out cad back to the room. That would have given me a 61 to 13 lead. I would then spend the next round running everyone back to the room for safety. I would then either have Ben try to come get the pieces which I feel would have been a slughter. Or I would have taken the 5 rounds of nothing happening and win.

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!!!! This is hilarious in some ways and dumb on other levels. But in the end it doesnt matter because Ben played his game and stayed focus and won. So Dont read anything into this that is not there. Ben won and I am thrilled for him and the smile he had on his face. That is what this game is about.

But anyways so I was ready to follow the plan but instead my phone rang guess who the mad wife. This was call number 18 and I was getting a bit PO'd at her for all the calls. Maybe I should have shut the phone off but after 20 years of marriage maybe she could just trust me to call her when I was done. but I digress. I get off the phone and then there is some copnversation about the mass battle set up. I then activate Arden Lynn and another piece. I say your turn. Ben touches his freakin ERC and my mind goes BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!

In my head I am like WTF did I just do??? Oh well Ben kills Cad and i think we know the rest!!!!

LOL!!!! Man I will be turning off my phone during the Champs at Gencon!!!! LOL!!!!

Great time Ben I am really happy for you. You are a great guy and it was good to see you get some payoff for your game.

I will have more to say on the Radio show and hopefully we will get some winnenrs on there.

Author:  lordofnitril [ Tue May 04, 2010 12:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Missouri Regional Results

Hey. Most of you dont really know me but I am Jason. I had a lot more fun this year than last year. Last year there was a guy who just got under my skin that irritated me beyond belief. anyway I got either 13th or 17th depending on which scoring you want to go on lol. But I feel pretty good about that as I beat I think Matt (Not sure) then my losses were to David (who went 3-1 but never finished a game unless the one he lost was done before time), Spencer and Michael Lewis. So my 3 losses went to 3,4 and 11 in the new or 3,4,6 in DCI lol. SO I got to say I might have been better if I had got to face more non disruptive JEdi. The Senate Commando's are a lot better than I thought.

I used Nom Anor, Dash Rendar Renegade, Yuuzhan Vong Ossus Guardian, 3 Advance Scouts, an Advance Agent, Yomin Carr, 2 Ugnaughts, 2 mouse droids, Jawa Scout (who was by far mini of the tourney lol with 2 crits), Genohardin Assassin, Wicket and a Kel Dor Bounty Hunter.

I managed to get off the plaeryin bol. I was so happy about that that it isnt even funny lol. I play against Ben and Chris Freeman all the time. So I am used to playing really good players.

Author:  buttcabbge [ Tue May 04, 2010 1:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Missouri Regional Results

Well, since Dean did his round-by-round recap, I reckon I'll do one as well.

This is the squad I brought:

28 Dash, RS
27 Han Solo, Smuggler
27 Luke, Rebel Commando
17 Bothan Noble
16 General Crix Madine
48 Elite Rebel Commando x3
14 General Rieekan
9 General Dodonna
8 Juno Eclipse
6 Mouse Droid x2

200 points, 13 activations. My map was Muunilust (and actually, several other people were on that map as well, to the point that five of my six games were on Muunilust. Only the finals, on Rancor Pit--Dean's map--was different).

I was a little surprised to find that I was the only person running Rebels, although there were 6 New Republic squads that were using a lot of the same tactics as my squad (Boardwide Evade, Levitate, Disruptive). What I liked about my team is that I have 5 cunning attackers and 2 opportunists, and that coupled with Dodonna gave me the ability to jump people at the start of the round, or wait to blast them at the end, depending on what the situation dictated. Honestly, the other reason I built the team this way was that I figured I would be seeing lots of glue-gun Zuckuss, so I didn't want to have a squad where I would be in the weeds if one 50-plus-point figure got stuck. I never faced Zuckuss the entire tourney, so clearly my crystal ball is working well. Finally, I just ran a ton of override and selected the map with as many doors as possible, which was useful in a couple games.

Here's how my games went:

Round One: Bill

Bill was running a Palps on Throne w/ Thrawn and Antares Draco squad. I was able to pick off his R7 droid in the first round, which gave me a big tactical advantage. The game was close early--I was only up 45-42 at the end of round 2. But then I closed on Palpatine to eliminate evade and positioned Juno to shut off swapping, and two rounds later I had killed Antares and was up 112-52. Just barely got the win in before time--won with like 2 minutes on the clock--but I did get the full three points.

Round Two: Spencer

Spencer was running a Ganner/Mara New Republic squad with all the fixin's. Early on this game just had lots of tactical maneuvering, as neither of us really stood to gain from engaging from range. The turn in the game came in round 3 when I was able to get my disruptive positioned before he got his positioned, and I used Han and Dash to take out Mara and Ganner late in rounds 3 and 4 where they couldn't evade the shots. He conceded after that--it was a good game.

Round Three: Dean

Dean's squad is listed above, obviously. Everything he says about the Dash attack on Cad Bane is true. Basically, in round one, Dean got Gambit. Then, in round two, I saw a shot to take out Lobot with Han so I popped the door. Needing a 2, Han rolled a 1 (I caught a lot of breaks later in this game, but at that moment I thought I was sunk). Then, Dean rolled Cad Bane in with a swap and took out a Mouse Droid and a Bothan. So he's up 25-0. Then I based Cad with Dash in a bit a desperation move and went four-for-four (a 13% chance, if you're keeping score at home), and obviously the dynamic of the game changed quickly. For a couple rounds, we sparred without much result before Vader got in and started wasting people (first Han, then Arden got Dash, then Vader got Luke). There was a key moment where Dean rolled a one for initiative that allowed me to kill Lobot. I don’t like to brag about myself, but I will say that the one tactical thing I thought I did very well in this game was scatter. I recognized that, once Cad went down, Vader was really the only thing that could hurt me tremendously badly, and, as Dean says, I couldn't really hurt him. However, Vader was all the way to the right side of the map, so basically I had my commandos make their way to Dean's rear flank while Vader was slaughtering uniques, and the commandos were able to gain a couple rounds of gambit, and pick off Lobot and Mas. Given that the final score was 133-128, those points were obviously key, as was the fact that I had a 4-2 gambit advantage. All told, this was a well-played game that swung wildly on a couple dice rolls (my miss of Lobot where it looked like I was done; Dash's attacks on Cad that suddenly swung the momentum back to me; the initiative shocker that gave me a lead that allowed me to dictate terms). It was a weird game, but definitely fun and well-played, and it took all my wits and then some to get it.

Round 4: David

David and I were the last two undefeated players, so this was a big one. He was running an Imperial squad with Thrawn, Hondo, and a bunch of Twilek Vigos. This was another game where both sides had to advance cautiously because of all the evade on the board. Early on, I was able to pick off an ugnaught and twilek, while he took out a mouse and an ERC. I took the lead when I moved Han in late in a round to take care of Hondo, and then we pretty much traded kills but I had enough of a lead to close things out.

Semifinals: Michael

Michael ran what I thought was a very interesting squad, with Grand Master Yoda, Doombot, Argyus, some Senate Commandos, and a Gungan Shieldbearer. The shieldbearer definitely forced me to proceed with caution, as he kept everyone bunched around the shield. Fortunately, with the game on Muunilust, and with my override advantage, I was able to get near him without exposing myself, and then used my activation advantage to pounce at the end of the fourth round and drop Argyus and the Shieldbearer. Juno was big in this game as well, as she cut off the twin attack commander effect at a key moment. I really liked Michael’s squad, which certainly brought a ton of firepower to the table—I just had a few key tactical gimmicks that let me trip him up enough to win.

Finals: Dean

Well, Dean’s story pretty much gets it right. He was a little ahead after he’d dropped Luke RC, and he was well-positioned to force me to come to him, which wasn’t going to be pretty if I couldn't levitate people into position. After three rounds, Dean was up 42-18, and at this point Chris Freeman asked me how it was going, and I said, “Eh, he’s got me.” At the start of the fourth round, I was able to move a rebel commando up to base Cad Bane, and I put 60 damage on him, but then my more distant commando missed both shots. Then, the moment Dean talked about happened, where he neglected to kill the commando, at which point I brought in a mouse droid from way in the back, activated the Bothan to give the commando a free shot, and I dropped Cad. Suddenly I had the big lead and Dean had to come to me, but without a big gun. Then I started to carve into Vader and Arden, and Dean conceded.

So, in summation, I really would like to thank Dean for his kind words on this thread. I know how I get sometimes when I lose games where I made a mistake, but Dean could not have been more gracious, or a better sport. Also, I had a ton of fun playing everyone, and there was a moment in every game where I thought, “Oh no, I could lose this.” Every game was hard fought and interesting.

Next stop Indianapolis!

Author:  dnemiller [ Wed May 05, 2010 12:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Missouri Regional Results

Well Ben I could not have been happier for you.

I must say you looked really happy which is really what all of this is about. I have gotten to the point I really dont mind winning or losing as long as I can give my opponent a headache somewhere during the game. See I have bought buttloads of stock in Advil and really looking to cash in!!!!!

Anyways I am just glad that we can add one more to the rolls at Indy!!!!

Author:  dvader831 [ Sun May 09, 2010 4:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Missouri Regional Results

Sorry it has taken me over a week to get to this, but here it goes!
We had 18 to start the day, but one who dropped after the first round. I commend him for winning, but giving the win to his opponent, since he knew he wouldn’t be able to play any longer. Chris Sherman, you’re a great guy!

Okay, I will list the players, where they are from (general play area), their squads, and then the round by round pairings.

James Brown, Tulsa, OK
Dodonna, Ganner, Wedge, Mara Jedi, Kyle Katarn, JBM, 2 R7’s, Jawa Scavenger, Caamasi, 2 Uggies

Robert Fisher, Lebanon, MO
Bomo Greenbark, Lobot CLO, Dark Woman, Doombot, Antarian Ranger x4, GOWK, Quinlon Vos JI

Chris Freeman, Kansas City, MO
GOWK, Gen Skywalker, Dash RS, Doombot, Mouse Droid, Uggie x3, Antarian x4

Bill German, Lebanon, MO
Obi JG, Gen Skywalker, Capt Rex, Jax Pavan, Czerka, Doombot, Mas, Caamasi, Uggie

Bryce Greig, Tulsa, OK
Zuckuss BH, Cay Qel-Droma, Wicket, Jedi Exile, Lobot CLO, R7, Lord Hoth, Uggie, 3 Mice

Bill Hazel, Lebanon, MO
Antares Draco, Palpy on Throne, Thrawn, Arica, Dash RS, Ozzel, Jagged Fel, Mas, R7, Rodian Brute, Uggie

David Heim, Tulsa, OK
Thrawn, IG Tarkin, Ozzel, Hondo Onaka, TBSV x3, Czerka, R7, Mas, CaamasI, Rodian Brute x2, Uggie x2

Spencer Heim, Tulsa, OK
Dodonna, Ganner, Wedge, Mara Jedi, Kyle Katarn, JBM, 2 R7’s, Jawa Scavenger, Caamasi, 2 Uggies

Ben Johnson, Kansas City, MO
Dodonna, Rieeken, Luke RC, Juno, ERC x3, Madine, Han Smuggler, Bothan Noble, Dash RS, Mice x2

Michael Lewis, Springfield, MO
Senate Commando x4, Gungan Shieldbearer, Doombot, Yoda GM, Argyus, Mas

Matt Miles, Bolivar, MO
Ganner, Mara Jedi, Lobot CLO, Kyp, Wedge, Dash RS, Luke FS, Dodonna, R7, Uggie x2

Dean Miller, Golden City, MO
Thrawn, Vader SOTJ, Cad Bane, Lobot, Mas, Ardyn Lyn, Uggie, Rodian Brute

Nate Miller, Golden City, MO
JedI Exile, Zuckuss BH, Dash RS, Atton Rand, Jedi Watchman, Czerka, Mice x2, Uggie x3, R7

Colin Neal, Springfield, MO
Darth Vader IC, Felucian SO, Shadow Stormie x5, Shock Trooper x4, R7, Mice x2

Brian Pritchett, Tulsa, OK
Jacen Solo, Anakin Solo, Leia RH, Dodonna, Mice x4, Felucian, Lobot, Dash RS, Cad Bane

Chris Sherman, Springfield, MO
Leia JK, GM Luke, Mara Jedi, Uggie

Gunther Thorington, Bolivar, MO
Kyle JBM, Kol, Dash RS, Wedge, TBSV, Jagged Fel, Luke FS, R7, Mice x2, Uggie

Jason Wethy, Kansas City, MO
Nom Anor, Dash RS, Ossus Guardian, Geno, Yomin, Kel Dor, Adv Agent Officer, Jawa Scout, Wicket, Adv Scout x3, Mice x2, Uggie x2

If I remember anything about the games, I will comment. Otherwise, I will just list winner, loser, and full victory or time victory. I will put full names in the first round, and then trim it down there on out.

Round 1
-Robert Fisher defeated James Brown in a nail biter of a game that went back and forth, but ended with 3 Antarians chasing down Gen Wedge. At one point, GOWK was pushed into a pit, but lived due only to Mettle! This was a great game to watch.
-Bryce Greig beat Gunther in a victory that went to time.
-David Heim beat Jason Wethy in a game that went to time.
-Spencer Heim beat Chris Freeman.
-Ben Johnson beat Bill Hazel.
-Matt Miles beat Michael Lewis. This game could have been different had Michael noticed that Kyp had Force Push 5. That one power took out half of Michael’s squad very early on.
-Dean Miller was paired up against his son Nate in round 1 for the second year in a row! Poor Nate. His dad took him out so fast.
-Colin Neal played Chris Sherman. Chris won the game, but knew he was leaving, so let Colin “have the win.” Classy guy!
-Brian Pritchett introduced Bill German to the “Lawnmower Effect” with the Solo Boys and their mom, and won the game.

Round 2
-Robert beat Brian.
-Chris F. was paired against Chris S., who forgot to drop. Obvious victory!
-Bill G. beat James.
-Ben beat Spencer.
-Michael beat Nate.
-Jason beat Matt.
-Dean beat Bryce.
-David beat Colin (timed victory).
-Gunther beat Bill H.

Round 3
-James beat Nate.
-Chris F. beat Gunther.
-David beat Robert (timed victory).
-Spencer beat Jason.
-Ben beat Dean in a timed victory that came down to one missed attack on a Mouse Droid which could have won the game for Dean.
-Michael beat Bill G.
-Matt beat Colin.
-Brian beat Bryce (timed victory).
-Bill H. got the bye.

Round 4
-Dean beat Chris F. I felt bad for anyone paired up against Dean in the final round, because I have seen him play a game after a loss in the previous round. I knew it wouldn’t be pretty! Poor Chris.
-Bryce beat Bill G.
-James beat Gunther.
-Spencer beat Robert.
-Michael beat Jason.
-Ben beat David (timed victory).
-Brian beat Matt.
-Bill H. beat Colin.

So, the final four, using the new system, brought up as such.
Ben played Michael, and Dean played Spencer.

The final game was Dean versus Ben again, and they have both described that game in their own postings!

Let’s have some fun with statistics!
Faction by faction

Vs. NR vs. Imp vs. Reb vs. Vong vs. Rep vs. OR
NR X 2-2 0-1 1-1 4-5 2-1
Imp 2-2 X 0-4 1-0 2-0 2-0
Rebel 1-0 4-0 X 1-0
Vong 1-1 0-1 X 0-1
Rep 5-4 0-2 0-1 1-0 X 1-1
OR 1-2 0-2 1-1 X

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